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Gully Boy: 5 reasons you should watch Ranveer Singh – Alia Bhatt’s film right away

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy is a masterpiece and here is why you should watch it immediately!

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In Gully Boy, everything in the film happens parallel to the railway tracks that you pass every day. This is the world you are familiar with or at least know about. Director Zoya Akhtar has successfully done away with the tag of only making films around the rich, and made a never-to-fade mark with Gully Boy. RAP – or Rhythm & Poetry, is a point and pace that the film completely obeys. It happens very rarely that a film is larger than it appears, and you are fascinated by the world that the makers have created for you. We give you five reasons to dress up right away and rush to the nearest theatres to watch Gully Boy.

Acting:  Ranveer, in his last outings Simmba and Padmaavat, was loud, active, and always dance-ready. Zoya’s Ranveer is a complete opposite. Ranveer as Murad is patient, has thehrav on his face. He lets his eyes do the talking. Even when he breaks into dancing and singing, it’s in Murad’s style, not Ranveer’s. And Alia Bhatt is a revelation – Safeena is a girl who tries to live life on her own terms without her parents knowing about it. She loves Murad to the extent where she can even kill for him, without a second thought. Alia Bhatt plays the role with finesse. If Ranveer brings the patience, Alia drops the punk, and balances everything. Special mention for Siddhant Chaturvedi who plays MC Sher. He is lit!

Cinematography:  Some things are best unpolished. This film is an example. The tone isn’t polished, it’s raw and fresh. It lets you into its world. Drone shots by cinematographer Jay Oza of the Bombay 70 landscape blow life into it. Raps are fast but the cinematography is slow and steady, the camera takes its own time to move and absorbs you to an extent where you feel part of the experience. Yes, Ranveer does break the fourth wall once for a song sequence, but doesn’t break the link which is commendable.

Screenplay and Writing: The film talks about someone striving to achieve a dream, and struggling for it, but he isn’t leaving everything behind. Murad and Safeena, both don’t leave academics, they appear for exams and do well, unlike other films where protagonists generally leave everything behind in their struggle. Zoya in her last two ventures (Lust Stories, Gully Boy) has cracked a code via which she makes silences speak. No dialogues, just the eyes… goose flesh! It doesn’t start by setting base, it begins assuming you know what you have signed up for and it is well executed this time. Zoya and Reema Kagti shape the story in a way that you step into Murad’s shoes, you are him and live his moments. Writer Vijay Maurya, who also plays Murad’s uncle in the film, has penned downright authentic dialogues for this script. The dialogues ARE the language of the film.

Songs: The lyrics of the first song said Asli Hip-Hop Se Milaye Hindustan ko, and it does. The music album already has a separate fan-base. No obvious agenda of making a bold commentary on society, its taboos or current state, it’s just telling a story, and 54 musicians coming together makes it is worthwhile. Javed Akhtar’s soothing poetry and the beats and commentary from the ensemble rappers are a treat to our senses. Well written lyrics blended with right beats are on loop.

Scenes and Detailing: Did you really think Zoya wouldn’t sprinkle her magic here? She does, and how! A scene has Sky (Kalki Koechlin), Murad and a group of friends drawing graffiti on the walls and writing honest messages on posters and hoardings. It’s Zoya taking the world and paint it red. A moving effect was Murad travelling in local trains looking at people doing their monotonous jobs with dead faces, and himself turning into one while a poem plays in the background. Murad measuring the size of Sky’s bathroom and comparing it to his house, was a clever take, and so real. The detailing is on point at all times. Be it Ranveer’s body with no abs, and displaying hairy armpits, or Alia’s clothes being as simple as the story merited. Set in the slums, and shot in real slums and not made-up sets, enhances the authenticity.

Watching Gully Boy is a must for the Asli hip-hop, and for an Indian filmmaker taking the notch a few levels higher.








Ajay Devgn is a consistent money spinner at the Box Office – here’s proof

After taking a look at Ajay Devgn’s last 10 releases and their Box Office figures, we can tell you that he is a consistent money-spinner

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Ajay Devgn has been in the film industry for over two decades and even today he is as entertaining as he was when he started his journey back in 1991. However, in the past few years, the talented actor has established himself as a bankable star. He is someone who can easily carry a film on his shoulders and get cash registers ringing. No wonder, he is one the busiest actors in Bollywood today. From working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali to teaming up with Rohit Shetty, Devgn has worked with various filmmakers and has also proved his versatility as an actor. In a nutshell, he is a complete package.

In fact, Ajay’s fan base has also increased lately because of the projects that he has been doing. His latest release Total Dhamaal arrived in the theatres yesterday, February 22, and got off to a good start. The comic caper, which co-stars Madhuri Dixit Nene, Anil Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi and few others, ended up earning Rs 16. 50 crore on day 1 which we think is mighty impressive.

While we are sure Total Dhamaal will continue to draw the audience at the cinema halls, over the years Ajay have delivered many blockbusters. In fact, Golmaal Again, which came out in 2017, is his highest grosser in India till date. Apart from Golmaal Again, check out how his last 10 films did at the box office and you’ll know why Ajay is considered a force to reckon with in Bollywood.

Coming back to Total Dhamaal, it’s the third film in the successful Dhamaal franchise directed by Indra Kumar. And next, Ajay will be seen in the historical drama Taanaji: The Unsung Warrior. Directed by Om Raut, the film has already gone on floors and also stars Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Kajol in pivotal roles. The film is scheduled to release this year on November 22. So are you guys excited for Ajay’s next? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Imtiaz Ali’s Highway completes 5 years and Veera – Mahabir still rule our hearts

As Highway completes 5 years, we revisit and cherish the world created by Imtiaz Ali, Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda

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Have you ever dreamt of living in mountains? Ever felt home away from home? Veera did, but her journey till the realisation was a long one. Blowing life in every aspect of the frame with storytelling is an art and director Imtiaz Ali is a master at it. It was February 21, this same day when Highway released five years back in 2014. It’s been five years and Veera and Mahabir are still with us.

Quick recap, Veera (Alia Bhatt) a young bride-to-be gets kidnapped by a criminal Mahabir (Randeep Hooda) when she goes on a long drive one night with her fiancé whom she doesn’t love. Mahabir keeps on travelling with Veera from location to location as to not get tracked. In the journey far from being afraid of her kidnappers, Veera explores an adventurous and liberating life.


Both of them have gone through a lot in their lives. Veera is a city girl, rich, beautiful, seems like what problem can someone have who has every luxury in the world. They say family is the place we are safest in, Veera was sexually abused when she was a little girl by her uncle. Her parents didn’t listen to her. Even living around her family and blood relations, everyone in her home was a stranger to her. It was claustrophobic for her to breathe in there. The film begins with her coming out for a drive because she wants to breathe. She is getting married to a guy she doesn’t love just to get away from the strangers that call themselves her family. The trauma and the whirlpool made her go inside her cocoon.


Mahabir grew up in a rural set up and under a very cruel father. He has seen his father pushing his mother to sleep with his bosses. He has seen domestic violence, and also had a violent childhood himself. Eventually he craves for fondness and love in his life. To not be overpowered by emotions he portrays himself as rude.

Veera and Mahabir are those two pieces of a puzzle that complete each other. Their story is not a conventional love story, rather they fill the voids in each other’s life. Mahabir becomes the protector and a father figure which Veera always felt was absent in her life. On the other hand Veera fills in his world with care and love. They join and become one.


Though Veera gets a chance to run away and lands up into a barren white dessert when she realises that’s her life back at home, empty,  and runs back to the kidnappers. That’s when Stockholm syndrome enters. Yes, the movie is based around a syndrome. Stockholm syndrome is when a hostage develops good feelings for his/her kidnapper or just accepts the way as to survive. Highway in a subtle way is the execution of Stockholm syndrome. That is the power of Imtiaz Ali’s storytelling, he discusses many problems in his films without naming them even once. Highway talks about child abuse, domestic violence, kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome, and though you won’t find a single mention but the point is proved and you have already loved it.


When she tells Mahabir “Me Chahati Hoon Ye Raasta Kabhi Khatam Na Ho” her eyes say she has finally found home. Home is a feeling that she never got with her family. She opens up to her kidnapper, cries, dances, talks to herself and realises it is him who has bought the real Veera out and the cocoon no longer exist. When they finally fulfilled Veera’s dream to have a home in mountains, it was no longer a film but emotion. Every Mahabir needs a Veera and every Veera deserves a Mahabir.

It’s been five years but still I don’t want to give out the end and spoil the story for anyone who has not seen it. Go relive the journey.

Everything with this film was on point, acting, music, cinematography. The mountains came alive, the paddy fields danced and story touched our hearts.


Imtiaz Ali gave us a story that will stay with us forever. This isn’t just a film but Veera and Mahabir’s journey through the sarso ke khet, snow clad mountains, their life, her dream and also a dreamland where we would love to live in.

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Pulwama latest news! Total Dhamaal and Sonchiriya’s box office collection will be affected by snubbing Pakistan?

The box office collections of Ajay Devgn’s Total Dhamaal and Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sonchiriya will be affected due to their decision to pull out of Pakistani cinemas!

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Total Dhamaal and Sonchiriya's box office collections will be affected after they decided to not have a Pakistan release

We revealed to you exclusively how and why Ajay Devgn’s Total Dhamaal and Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sonchiriya will not be releasing in Pakistan post the Pulwama attack that rocked the nation on February 14. Ajay made sure his comic, franchise film will not hit the screens in Pakistan. Sonchiriya producer Ronnie Screwvala has taken the same stand. With that, both the movie have one less region of release. In fact, from our analysis, Pakistan has been a major territory of box office collections. On an average, 10 per cent of each film’s worldwide box office collection comes from Pakistan. So will Total Dhamaal and Sonchiriya‘s box office collection be affected by snubbing Pakistan?

A trade source from Pakistan reveals to us exclusively, “This is a difficult question to answer. But to put down a perspective, let me give you an example. A big budget, multi-starrer does around Rs 25 crores (Pakistani Rupees) or more. Currently, Sanju and Sultan are the highest Bollywood grossers in Pakistan. Both of these films have collected more than Rs 40 crores (Pakistani Rupees) at the box office. Dhoom 3, Simmba, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK and several other recent releases have earned more than Rs 20 crore (Pakistani Rupees). Big cast movies like Zero, Thugs of Hindostan, Baaghi 2 make Rs 15 – 20 crore (Pakistani Rupees) over here on an average.”

So clearly, each and every big release does make more than Rs 10 – 25 crore at the Pakistani box office. And that’s the bear minimum loss that Total Dhamaal and Sonchiriya will face. While it is a massive amount, we are sure the makers have taken the right decision. It might be a wrong business decision, but the perfect decision in the current scheme of things. The nation comes first and this is a small cost in front of the lives of 40 CRPF jawans that we lost in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. What do you have to say about this development? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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