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OTT platform enters theatrical distribution

Theatre owners should feel happy if this becomes a trend




In what can be a major shift in the industry, an OTT platform NET5 is releasing some of their films theatrically across India not only in English but also in Indian Languages,

When asked Balwanth Singh, COO of the company quoted “ We are primarily focusing on English and Foreign Language movies for our platform and some of the movies we acquire need a big screen experience and we want the audience first to enjoy the movie on a big screen, also a theatrical release creates much visibility for the film than merely having it on the platform, Cinema screens creates actor into stars and and we respect that,

We have our first movie “Legacy of Lies” releasing shortly followed by Antilife, a Bruce Willis starrer and we will have 2 releases every month. Theatre owners should feel happy if this becomes a trend, then there will be no dearth of content for big screens or small screens, and pave way for co existence,