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Friends forever: Pankaj Bhalla and Jasmin Bhasin

Pankaj Bhalla and Jasmin Bhasin have been friends since 10 years



Pankaj Bhalla-Jasmin Bhasin
Pankaj Bhalla and Jasmin Bhasin

A handful of friends can be really helpful if they are genuine. Jasmin Bhasin who is currently inside the Bigg Boss house and playing strongly is lucky to have a number of genuine friends in her life. One of them is Pankaj Bhalla who knows Jasmin for a decade now. Pankaj and Jasmin met each other through a common friend and they instantly clicked as if they already had a connection.

Pankaj who was celebrating his birthday on 20th October in Delhi tells us, “We have been friends for 10 years now and the most fascinating part is that we literally grew up together. I really missed her during my birthday because I haven’t celebrated my birthday without her since years. She has made every effort to make me feel special on my day.”

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Speaking about her Bigg Boss stint Pankaj adds, “She is playing marvelously, in fact, she’s not even playing, this is what she is. It is going to be a tough journey but as Salman Sir (Salman Khan) had mentioned last week that Jasmin is playing real and people get to see her real personality, this will take her far in this show. She has a small circle of friends and right now we all are so proud the way she has handled everything with dignity and strength inside the Big Boss House. Also Mia, her beloved pet, we have literally brought up Mia together and our bonding has strengthened since the day she came in our lives. Jasmin is a family to me and I am also in touch with her parents .  She has amazingly evolved as a person but has not let go of her simplicity and honesty, the qualities for what  I love her the most. I am just looking forward to seeing her coming out with the Trophy.”

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