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Avantika Khattri speaks up on doing a film on the LGBTQ community

For All That You Are actress Avantika Khattri speaks about working in digital space and the challenges that she faces in an exclusive interview



Avantika Khattri; Source: Instagram

Digital space in India is booming with great content, while there are good relevant stories being told without any filter, the LGBTQ community has also got a voice through the medium. Actress Avantika Khattri who recently worked on a short film – a revenge drama titled For All That You Are was seen playing a lesbian in it. And the film has been critically acclaimed as well. While talking to CineBlitz the actress spoke about the film, how the current portrayal of the LGBTQ community is well deserved and what she finds challenging.

What is the process you follow before taking up a film?

I read the script as many times as possible to understand the character and what its back story is. Because the character in question right now, was in a very convoluted headspace and in a self-destructive phase. So, performing the character, keeping in mind where she is coming from and then also directing the film was a challenge for me. So, I won’t say it was a cakewalk.

In your last film, you played an LGBTQ character, what are the nuances that go behind understanding a character completely?

There is not a point I can tell you where I click with a character. It’s just that you are preparing for that part; you get into that zone and understand what all the character has gone through in his or her life. All this results into a person forming in your imagination and you embody it. Talking about my last film, I was directing it as well, so honestly acting wasn’t that difficult but directing was.

Why was directing it difficult?

Firstly, I was not supposed to direct this film, I was approached to play the protagonist. But as you know there is a long journey between the script and the execution and a lot can happen. The project was about to get stalled due to some unfortunate circumstances. It was then I took over the reins and decided I’m going to make this project and that is how I became a director, nothing was planned.

Do you think the digital space is a boon for films like these?

Yes of course, due to the boom in the digital space many filmmakers are now coming up with sensible content. No interference of censorship has given us a great platform to tell stories as they are supposed to be. Also, you don’t need a big name always to sell your content.

Do you feel these days more and more filmmakers and actors are taking the risk to tell the stories about the LGBTQ community and not using them just as comic relief? 

I will say it’s well deserved. There is so much happening around us, I recently read in a newspaper that a boy ended his life because he was bullied for being gay. So, they need to have the right to come out and talk about it. If films or any form of content is normalising the conversation in a society then nothing better.

Now that you have played a certain type of role, do you fear of getting stereotyped?

I will be okay to do similar part once again only if it has its uniqueness and relevance. What this role has done for me is, it gave people an idea that I can also do serious films and not just comedy.

What’s next?

I have been developing a travel series and have shot in Italy for it. I am developing a few short films for which I’m in talks with the studios.



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