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Sagar Agrawal, CEO, Boxoffice Technologies introduces



Sagar Agrawal, CEO, Boxoffice Technologies

For content creators, independent filmmakers and other creative entities, a new Indian startup is all set to provide a platform – – where they can set the ticket prices for the films they upload and where they can get a lion’s share of the revenues. This new platform is the brainchild of Sagar Agrawal, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Boxoffice Technologies, the company creating In a chat with Cine Blitz, the dynamic young businessman explains how will work.

How would you describe the platform

Sagar Agrawal: Boxoffice Technologies is creating a unified solution called (pronounced as hall 4) to address the various problems that plague the content creator and viewer. Halliv is a technology platform that provides equal opportunity for content creators, increases the access of preferred content for viewers, and improves the affordability for both stakeholders. It operates as a personalized content platform that keeps the content creator and viewer first, ensuring that both stakeholders get the highest value for their money.

Through our solution, creators are able to set their own prices, get valuable metadata of their work and retain the rights to their work, ensuring a source of revenue for themselves and their future generations, enabling the artists to focus on their work. Halliv also prioritizes the equitable distribution of regional content to increase access for audiences and opportunity for creators at a national and global scale.

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What kind of content do you wish to attract to your platform? 

Sagar Agrawal: We are content agnostic. We believe that no matter how regional the content or how international the content, we have the technology that will only help expand its reach so we invite the whole world to join our community.

What did your research reveal regarding viewership patterns? 

Sagar Agrawal: Some of the interesting patterns that I have seen emerge is that viewers do care about the content and the artist that makes the content that caters to their needs. At a reasonable price point viewers are willing to spend to be entertained but not pay an exceedingly lot just to be mildly amused. Also the viewer now has immense power on how they shape any industry. Gone are the days when consumers were held at the behest of big companies. So it is better to build a symbiotic community with all the partners, especially in this industry and that is what we are trying to do.

What makes different from others like Bookmyshow or YouTube or Amazon Prime? 

Sagar Agrawal: We are able to give creators access to our patented PPE (pay per eyeball) technology that gives creators of any kind, shape, size or colour the highly coveted boxoffice sales – Unlocking a revenue model that generates better value in terms of monetary returns and more. But the key difference between us and them is that we are out to build an inclusive and equal ecosystem for creators and viewers.

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For young filmmakers, independent content creators, and aspiring artists, what are the advantages of showcasing their work on

Sagar Agrawal: There are many advantages of being a part of – The three key advantages are the ticketed sales so that off a mere 1000 views at Rs. 50 a ticket (affordable prices!) the artist has made 50,000 rupees which is unheard of right now. Secondly they have access to DATA, which as everyone out there knows, is king. Data is the one important detail that can help drive you to get bigger and better. Thirdly they get to retain their rights to all their work. Many artists had to lose their rights to famous works because they didn’t have access to a platform like this. One excellent example of this would the great Rocky franchise that once belonged to its creator Sylvester Stallone. This is just one of the many examples out there.

Are their content guidelines for submitting films?

Sagar Agrawal: There are very few guidelines for any work to be submitted because we believe in the freedom of the artist right to express. The basics like its production quality and the content should be compliant with the laws, for e.g. not inciting violence; or racist or obscene material. Also having a certain runtime according to the category.

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Would you accept short films too?

Sagar Agrawal: That’s a great question so yeah we do accept short films; it’s just that we ask them to club four or more together as a limited series so that the runtime exceeds 40 minutes so that it becomes a worthwhile experience for the viewer.

Who are the key people involved in this project?

Sagar Agrawal: Well, there is me, Sagar Agrawal, where I have a wide variety of experiences. Starting with sales and marketing for a startup to becoming an embedded engineer, even as I was writing my first book. Then I was head of sales and marketing for an EV startup called Grevol. And now here I am running my own business! My partner is Ashish Mohan from IIT Kharagpur who is the acting CTO. He has had a variety of senior engineering positions across various companies.

At what stage are you now, and what’s your roadmap for 2024? 

Sagar Agrawal: Well, we are at the pre-launch stage and getting ready to close our window of the first lot of starting artists who we will begin to market and launch.

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