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“I would like to direct and produce movies for Indian Cinema”, says Tarun Khanna

In conversation with Tarun Khanna, the actor talks about his character, the bond he shares with the actors and his upcoming projects.



Tarun Khanna

A prominent name in the television industry, well-known actor Tarun Khanna has proven his mettle time and again with his acting skills. With varied performances, Tarun has carved a place in the hearts of the viewers and, with his recent stint in Sony Entertainment Television’s, Vighnaharta Ganesh, he has managed to keep the audiences hooked with his portrayal of Tulsidas. In conversation with Tarun Khanna, he talks about his character, the bond he shares with the actors and his upcoming projects. Here are some excerpts from his candid conversation:

1. The story of ‘Tulsidas’ is highly revered, what is your take on it?

Goswami Tulsidas is a very revered figure in the Indian know history culture and literature space. But surprisingly, very a very few people know about his story and Vighnaharta Ganesh is a great way of letting viewers know the real story about him.

2. How much did you know about ‘Tulsidas’? Is there any special preparation you had to do for your character?

I was aware of Goswami Tulsidas but it is through this show that I got to know in-depth details about him and his life. I studied his life story through written materials available on him and made my notes accordingly. It helped me mold my character portrayal and I hope viewers take note.

3. Tell us something about your character and the track?

The track highlights the journey of a man starting from his childhood. The track highlights his childhood, family life to how he became a man and then he got married and what effect he had on his psyche. Also, through his adult life, the track covers what inspired him to renounce the world and become this renowned poet who also wrote many religious scriptures and the Ramcharitmanas which helped take the story of Lord Rama to the common people.

4. Vighnaharta Ganesh is a show that imparts profound wisdom. What has been your biggest takeaway from this track?

It is important to believe in yourself and the strength that you hold. The responsibility of portraying such a high magnitude character as Goswami Tulsidas is a big responsibility in itself. Hence, I decided to take it up as a challenge and also, because I have a lot of experience playing such characters. In the ongoing track, viewers will witness how the story of Tulsidas has been fascinating right from his birth. I am aware of my role and the heaviness it comes with, playing the part has been an inspiring experience. There is so much to learn about his deeds that it enlightens my knowledge about Lord  Ganesha even more.

5. You’ve extensively worked in the mythological genre. How is this role different from anything that you’ve done before?

The role of Tulsidas Goswami is poles apart and very different from my previous roles. When it comes to mythological shows, I have portrayed roles of various Gods namely Lord Shiva and Lord Ravan who bring out a certain persona and distinction. Chanakya was one character who was a regular individual but had an extraordinary brain. This is the first time I am playing  a very soft and sensitive character. I am normally not known for playing soft characters so this definitely was a pleasant challenge for me.

6. What are your future plans?

It’s a conscious effort to be a part of one show at a time. I don’t pursue anything else as it takes a toll on what’s on hand. I plan to act more and more and entertain people and if given an opportunity I would like to tell my own stories and would like to direct and produce movies for Indian Cinema.