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Is Adah Sharma single or committed? Find out!

In an exclusive conversation, Adah Sharma reveals about her choices, personal life and her arduous action-scene practices!



Adah Sharma exclusive

From performing action scenes to playing a serious role, Adah Sharma has done it all. One can blindly say that Adah is a complete package, full of fun, full of life. Her Instagram posts say quite a lot about her fun side (as if you didn’t know that already!). Anyway, Adah will soon be seen in an upcoming short film Moh, about which she shares some exclusive fun stories with us (read on). She even reveals her relationship status, and hey, all you young lads out there, take note. Adah will be also be starring in the film Commando 3 and a Telugu film Kalki.

You are working in Hindi and South films, right? How has it been for you?

Currently, I am shooting for Commando 3 and Kalki, which is a period film in Telugu. It’s fun and crazy because when I am shooting for Commando 3, my director tells me to do all these action scenes, and then I move over to Kalki, where I wear long sarees and have long hair, basically a delicate look.

With Commando 3, what different would you be doing in terms of action?

In part 2, I was a cop, so what I could do in real life, I couldn’t do it in the film. But now I can do it and they have justified it in this film. I am still playing Bhavna Reddy, thanks to the audiences because I am one of the very fortunate actresses to has been retained for the sequel of a film. I am happy I am doing an action franchise, and one of the biggest action franchises in the country. I have been doing Malkhamb and a lot of other gymnastics, and I share it on my Instagram. Learning fighting sequences is like a dance. And while doing that, I broke my finger once too. I smashed it between a car door while we were in London.

Is Moh the first web content that has been offered to you? Also, why did you agree to choose this particular one?

A lot of interesting stuff is now made on the web. I don’t discriminate with the platform, because for me, it’s the concept and my role in the content that matters. This one is a huge performance-oriented role for a girl. I was emotionally touched when I read it. I have lost my dad in real life, so I know how one feels when someone loses a parent. I connected to the character and I wanted to tell this story. It is suited for all ages and all sorts of people.
How was your experience of working with Vidyut Jammwal again?

He is a really good friend. Plus, he is one of the top martial artists in the country, so it feels good to share screen space with him. He does everything so well that it pushes me also to do well. We have an interesting chemistry that even audiences have enjoyed. He is a really funny guy too. We talk rubbish all the time and have loads of fun. That is something not many know about him. Maybe he should do a comedy film.

Your Instagram has a lot of goofy stuff! What makes you put up all these funny things?

I am exactly the way I am on Instagram and not the one that I portray in films. I do pick up serious films and roles, but Instagram shows the real me. There is no policing there and I don’t care what people think because there are people who will like me and there are those who won’t matter. As an actor, I love entertaining people. And with Instagram, I have the opportunity to do just that as there are 2.2 million people who are waiting for me to put up my crazy posts.

What has been your biggest Moh in terms of an actor?

My biggest Moh is to have me in all of the other movies too. I think big, I want everyone to have me on their hit list as number one (smiles).

What is your relationship status?

I am single na, otherwise, how will people have my Moh. I would really like to find someone though. I have even told my mum to find me, someone. I also tell everyone the same because I don’t have the time to find someone for myself.

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