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Jhinal Belani: “To play a character with a ten year emotional journey in Vickida No Varghodo was very challenging for me as an actress”



Jhinal Belani

JHINAL BELANI tells JYOTHI VENKATESH in this exclusive and intimate chatathon for Cineblitz that she is not at all ready to do kissing scenes as she is very shy and introverted. For the uninitiated, pretty and smart Jhinal is not only an actor but also a writer, producer, screenplay, and dialogue writer all rolled into one.

Jhinal Belani made her TV debut with the TV show Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, which aired on Doordarshan, and later went on to make her silver screen debut with the Gujarati movie Polam Pol in 2016. Jinal has also been a part of the Rishi Kapoor starrer Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi directed by Sanjay Chhel. Her last release was Order Order Out Of Order, directed by Dhwani Gautam. In her latest film Vickida No Varghodo, Jhinal Belani plays a key role as one of the three leading ladies opposite superstar Malhar Thakar.

Jhinal Belani

What role are you playing in the film Vickida No Varghodo?

I play an interesting role of a young school girl called Radhika who meets Vicki while she is studying with him in her school and falls in love with him at that age when she is just around 15.  It’s so nostalgic to play that part and relive school life and experience the innocence of first love.  I am playing Vicky’s, first love. I was born and brought up in Mumbai and always want my movies to get promoted in my hometown. What happens when she meets Vicki after a gap of ten years what exactly the crux of the subject of the film Vickida No Varghodo is?

How challenging was it for you to play the character of Radhika? How did you get into the skin of the character of Radhika in Vickida No Varghodo in the first place?

It was not at all a very easy task to get into the character of Radhika in the film. It was very challenging for me to play the character with a ten-year journey as an actress.

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How was the director duo Vineet Kanojia and Rahul Bhole, who have both not only written and edited the film Vickida No Varghodo but also edited the same?

Both Vineet Kanojia and Rahul Bhole are extremely sorted out as the same team has been successfully whipping up four films in recent times, one after the other.

Tell me something about your venture as a director recently?

I tried hands-on directing a movie called ‘Bhagwan Bachave’. I was quite fortunate that I could complete the film without any hiccups and also wrap it up a few months ago. It is a multi-starrer comedy drama starring Bhaumik Sampat, Muni Jha, Bhavini Jani, Ojas Rawal, Hemang Dave, Mehul Buch, Raunak Kamdar, Anuraaj Prapanna etc.

Jhinal Belani

How would you describe your latest film Vickida No Varghodo?

Vickida No Varghodo is not just a family entertainer but it’s a hilarious joy ride. The film’s title Vickida No Varghodo is apt because this film is all about marriage, Baarat, and a lot of family drama. You can rightly say that the golden era of Gujarati film is back now, as producers, actors, and directors want to do something new and creative in the movie they make.

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Can you explain in more detail?

The right producer always knows the right investment in talent, script, and hence the final product is outstanding. I think everybody is putting so much effort here. We now can see so many good movies coming like Nadi Dosh, Vickida No Varghodo, etc. What’s more, it is heartening to note that the audience too is coming back to theatres to watch Gujarati cinema.

You played the leading lady in the TV show Har Mard Ka Dard. Is it true that you turned down director Parmeet Sethi’s request to do a kissing scene with your leading man Faisal Rashid?

Yes. I was asked to be part of a kissing scene with my leading man Faisal Rashid. However, I politely convinced director Parmeet Sethi that he did his best to persuade me to do the scene because not only am I very shy in real life but also we were not informed about the scene when the narration happened when Parmeet sir told us about the scene. It required Faisal and me to kiss in the bathroom, something which I wasn’t comfortable with.

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Did the makers of the show alter the screenplay finally?

I didn’t relent even after Parmeet sir tried explaining the scene to me. On my part, I too explained why the scene wasn’t required. This is a family show, and I didn’t want the audience to have a perception that we were getting in a different direction with the story. Finally, I was happy that they altered the screenplay.

You acted in the Hindi film Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi. How many films have you been a part of in Gujarati? How many films have you written?

Vickida No Varghodo is my seventh film in Gujarati though I have also been part of a Hindi film called Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi with Rishi Kapoor and Payal Ghosh. After Vickida No Varghoda, my next release in Gujarati will be Bhagwan Bachaye. As far as my films as a writer are concerned, I have to my credit as many as three films.

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