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Manav Kaul: I can’t imagine anyone who can perform as beautifully as Alia Bhatt

Ahead of Albert Pinto Ko Ghussa Kyun Aata Hain’s release, Manav Kaul talks about his film choices and reveals the one actress he would like to work in the near future



Manav Kaul

Before playing the adorable character of Ashok in Tumhari Sulu, he was seen essaying the role of a cruel politician in Kai Po Che! Yes, we are talking about Manav Kaul who definitely has many different shades to him as an actor. He loves theatre and also accepts that it isn’t a norm to be an actor. While Kaul is all set to woo the audience once again with his new film Albert Pinto Ko Ghussa Kyun Aata Hain? which is releasing tomorrow, April 12, in a candid chat with CineBlitz he talks about his craft, the choices he makes and an actress from the current lot he would like to work with.

Tell us something about your role in Albert Pinto?

Albert Pinto is a cult classic film by Said Mirza which came out in 1986. Back then, Naseeruddin Shah had done the film and I am fortunate enough that the makers asked me to do this role. It is a different take on the same anger idea. The names of the characters are the same. But the situation and everything else is very different. It is one of the most experimental, bizarre and exciting film that has come to me. And we all have worked for free. Saurabh Shukla, Nandita Das and I have worked for free because the script is so stunning and Soumitra Ranade wanted to direct this film. So we all jumped in and said let’s just do it.

Manav Kaul 2

You have been compared to Naseeruddin Shah. What are thoughts on the same?

I think first of all there should not be any comparison. Naseer sir is Naseer sir; he is a star and a person I always look up to. He has done such roles that I can’t even imagine to touch. But at the same time, it is very rare that this kind of subject and this kind of film people are making and you get to play Albert Pinto which was my absolute favourite character. So the comparison is going to happen. I have played the part with absolute respect and utmost rawness. And it is all directors’ film; he is the captain of the ship.

Considering it’s an old classic, how did you make it relevant for today’s audience?

If you ask me, Albert Pinto is more relevant today than it was that time. Of course, it was received well that time but the kind of social change we are going through, the kind of anger that the youth has, it is very evident that everyone is angry about something or the other and we thought it is the right time to make this kind of a film.

What were the challenges in playing this part?

The challenge, first of all, was that this is a very edgy and raw character. So you cannot put your experience to it and call it yours. So I played it like as raw as I can and I was just following the director’s idea because his idea about Albert Pinto was way too stronger than I was conceding it. So I thought let’s just surrender and play according to him. It is a pleasure to perform the part and while performing I started understanding the character, so it was the other way round for the first time.

How much has theatre helped you in this process?

See, theatre is also performing art and I haven’t done theatre because one day I will perform in a film. I did theatre because I love it and still do it. Both have their own challenges. It is actually the live experience which works both ways, so you have to be experienced, you have to be well travelled, well read. And at the end of the day, everything shows. It helped a lot at the same time I don’t endorse that if you have done theatre only then you are a good actor. You do painting because you love it, the same works here.

Manav Kaul 3

What kind of parts do you enjoy playing the most?

I love doing everything that I have never done before. So every new thing that comes my way, I love it and I grab it. I don’t do anything that I have done before. So I stay away from it. That is why I take longer breaks because people offer you the same stuff again and again and I don’t want to do that.

You have played a villain and a good man as well. Which side do you like being on?

I think I love both sides very much. That is why I have played a terrorist to a Hindu fundamentalist. Because I love that, every character has its unique quality. I want to play a bandwidth of roles because I want to show as an actor how versatile I can be.

You have played a second lead many times. Do you then make a conscious effort to make yourself noticed?

No, it is actually the script and the co-actor. Wherever I have said yes to a project it is because it is written so well that you don’t have to make an effort that people will notice you. It is the writing that pushes you.

Manav Kaul 4If given a chance, which mainstream actress would you like to work with?

Hands down Alia Bhatt, right now I cannot imagine anyone who can perform as beautiful as Alia does on screen.

Manav Kaul 1

You are very engaging and interactive on social media. How important is it for you?

I write a lot on Instagram, it is kind of general routine about my travelling or anything. I just share as if I am giving it out in the universe, whoever catches it, catches it. It is a very interactive interaction that you have with anyone who is reading it. It also becomes my diary as I travel a lot. Many a time, I look back and then realise that I do travel a lot.