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Ronit Roy: I want to play James Bond

In an exclusive interview, Ronit Roy shares with us his wise thoughts on acting and the ongoing social media pressure and reveals a lot more about himself



After being around for 27 years in the industry, Ronit Roy has his own theory of being an actor and performing onscreen. Earlier, he was an editor and later he joined the world of acting in 1991. Despite all these years of experience, he still hasn’t lost his charm and he enjoys being the fun quotient on the sets. In this exclusive interview with CineBlitz, the Udaan actor shares his views on the consequences of social media, working with Mona Singh and Gurdeep Kohli in his ongoing web series Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai and a lot more. Find out what he has to say.

Apart from working in a web series, which series are you hooked on?

There are many, but I want to watch Punch Beat once I get free as it is also homegrown. I am looking forward to watching Sacred Games too. I mostly watch global shows because I enjoy watching them and as they are easily available. Binge watching for me is also a process of my education and I like to see what other actors are doing. I find it very exciting.

Are you a spontaneous actor or do you enjoy prepping for your roles?

I started acting in 1991 with Jaan Tere Naam which was my debut film that got released a year after that. So it’s been 27 years as an actor and with so many years of experience, you pretty much know how to do your job. But with every new piece of work, it is a new journey. A character is written by a writer and further to enhance it, actors prep for it. I haven’t been to any acting course hence I don’t know the process. I have my own process which I have learned from years of reading biographies of actors and watching others perform.

Do you feel angry when something like Pulwama attack happens, but you can’t express due to the consequences of social media?

Social media is like a bottle of alcohol, every bottle of alcohol urges you to drink responsibly. I have nothing against anyone and I can just speak for myself and every celebrity has their own voice. My guru has taught me that you can’t judge anyone when you are not in their place. But if you still do then you should have the complete information about what has happened and then have the intellect to judge it. Some reactions are instantaneous, like if you are angry you write it, but if you are an influencer, you need to act wisely. This works in general for any situation.

How was it working with Mona Singh and Gurdeep Kohli?

Mona is a fabulous person and actor to work with and so is Gurdeep. I am a little more attached to Mona because I have worked more with her. Somehow, our energies match and she is a light-hearted woman who’s easy to talk to. It’s a boon to have a co-actor like Mona Singh because working with her is so easy. Gurdeep is a fantastic actor and I am extremely proud to be cast with both the ladies.

As the series is a little intense, is the aura on the sets that intense?

If I am on the sets, it’s always fun. Life is a very serious matter but I don’t take life seriously. I have some wisecracks which some enjoy while some don’t. I feel bad for the ones who don’t enjoy it. I don’t believe in living in the dark, I am a bright person and I like my co-stars to be the same.

Which other projects do you have lined up?

I have shot a series called Hostages which will be premiering soon. I also did a film called Arjun Patiala with Diljit Dosanjh and Kriti Sanon, which is slated for release this year. Currently, I am shooting Shamshera with YRF. A few other projects are in the pipeline too but since they are in the initial stages, it’s too early to talk about them.

After being in the industry for 27 years, is there any character you still crave to play?

I do but I will never get it. I want to play James Bond.