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Vivaan Arora who did TV shows like Khushiyon Kii Gullak Aashi shows like unplugged!

The actor opens up about the forced break he had to take from acting to support his family



Vivaan Arora

1. what are the TV shows you have done?

I did Khushiyon Kii Gullak Aashi, SuperCops vs Supervillains, Savdhaan India. Circumstances were not in my hand.  I had to take a forced break.

2. Why did you went back to your hometown Ludhiana leaving Mumbai?

No, I didn’t quit but yes I took a break because in 2017 when I came to know that my father is facing loss in business, the situation went to bankruptcy, so I took a break and went to my home town  Ludhiana from Mumbai. It was a tough decision but necessary.

3. Please narrate your story as to how you went back to support your family business.

No, actually our business was in partnership so before 2017 also it was showing a loss, my dad didn’t bother much about it but after 2017 many losses started happening in the clothes business. After that, we got doubt and checked everything so we got to know that there was so many things happening. Partner was not giving money and all bank installment were pending all bank notice were coming then I got to know that all this happened so I got to go to support him, I gave all my savings to bank and after that, I stayed there and handled it. We started again and now within 4 years, I have reached that same company to a good position. I am financially stable and I can go back to my career and start pursuing it. Our Family business is of clothes, we manufacture the cloth of t-shirts. And very very soon we’re planning to launch a garment brand.

4. After four years, how did you think of coming back to the industry?

After 4 years now as my mind is relaxed that now everything is all good, so if I get any offers I’ll do it. The desire to be in front of the camera was always there. So I am looking out for the right role be it daily soap or OTT or a reality show.

5. What kind of roles are you looking out for?

To be honest I love to play negative roles. You can give a good performance you can try different things, but in positive you have to keep doing one thing daily, we didn’t get to show creativity.

6. Did you miss acting in the last 4 years?

I missed it very much but in the last four years, I was so busy that I had to give all my time to my business and in between some offers too came of web series but I refused as  I wanted to focus on one thing at a time. Pandemic has changed the way we look at life and career. It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. We value our relationships and family more.

7. How did you get your first break in acting?

My first break in acting was with Mukesh Khanna ji. It was a chavanprash ad. I got rejected many times before this. It was a good experience for a newcomer. The first break is very important for an actor be it an ad or anything else.

8. Did you take any formal training in acting?

I did theatre for 3-4 years in Mumbai only. The theatre experience really helped me to understand acting as a craft better. One must be a good human being but at the same time, one needs to be able to emote well.

9. You have done 3 Punjabi films Aish Kar Lai, Ek Wari Haan Karde and Dramebaaz kalakar, Why didn’t you do more Punjabi films after that?

I did 2 Punjabi movies, I did shows till 2015 but after that I got movie offers so I did that. After that I got busy and was not able to pursue acting.  I like serious cinema, so my preference would be thriller-type movie. I am from Ludhiana and Punjabi industry is quite big in Punjab. Be it music videos or films Punjabi entertainment industry is quite huge.

10. If not an actor what would you have been?

If not an actor obviously an entrepreneur, a businessman. My mind is very quick in those things and also my calculations are very strong.