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Why Charrul Malik changed the spelling of her name?

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan actress Charrul Malik has revealed why she changed the spelling of her name from Charul to Charrul.



Charrul Malik

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan actress Charrul Malik has revealed why she changed the spelling of her name from Charul to Charrul. “It happened last year, around April or May during COVID times as we had a lot of time to work on ourselves. There is a numerologist whom I went to see and the first thing he asked me to do is add double R in my name, so I did it,” she said.

She believes in numerology. “I believe in all good things, jo positive cheeze sunne milti hai main unn sabme believe karti hun, be it astrology, numerology or anything. So that’s the key I like it when someone teaches me good positive things. Positive cheeze jo batai jaati hain main instantly adapt karleti hun,” she said.

She is also a part of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain as Rusa. “The experience is wonderful, it feels very good. My track isn’t too much, but whenever my scene is there people watch it and acknowledge me now. That’s the best part and now people also relate, yeh pehele new anchor thi aur ab actress hai.”

“It’s a dream for people to work with Edit 2 and with Sanjay Ji and Binaiferr Ji so it’s my dream come true. I never thought that I’d get to play a role in both these shows, so it’s a wonderful feeling and it’s fun during shoot. All the actors are very nice and I have known most of them from earlier so there is already a comfort zone. Rusa is very happy,” she added.

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Over the years, she has observed a lot of changes in the industry. “The thing that made changes the most was Coronavirus. Opportunities were less, but as time is passing by the opportunities are increasing again. I think now we are on the recovery path,” she said.

The biggest change that she has noticed is that newcomers are getting more chances. “I think it’s a blessing in disguise for those who really want to become an actor, so it’s the right time to knock on the door kyuki opportunity to ayegi nahi aapke pas khud chalke, aapko hi door knock karna padega,” she said.

As for living in the new normal, she said, “I feel it’s great, but we still need to take enough precautions and follow the dos and don’ts as a lot of people are not being careful, but overall living in the new normal is pretty okay in comparison to the last few months. Now most people are fully vaccinated and soon will get a booster as well.”

“The fact that we used to party a lot but now if we go out, you feel guilty of why you are doing this. It’s morally inside us which is good.” The pandemic has also taught her a few things. “We have learnt to do so many things. I have turned an actor from an anchor. My switch was very seamless and I was good as an anchor, there was no speed breaker and I feel I’m very lucky. We have learnt to be strong inside out. I also learnt that I should be more thankful to the people who are close to me, and have more gratitude towards people who are mine and the ones who are considered to be close to me,” she said.

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Apart from makers of fiction shows, she has caught attention of producers of reality shows. “Last year, I got an offer from Bigg Boss makers. I had a contract that’s why I was not allowed to take it up. I even had a video call with Endemol, but since because of the contract with another channel, I couldn’t do it. If I get a chance again, I will definitely do it,” she said.

She feels that everything should be welcomed. “If you get a chance to do something where you think you can fit in then you should definitely do it. Now when I watch Bigg Boss in see simple people also play well, so why not me? And I don’t have the NO word in my dictionary. I never say no to work if it’s good and respectful. I should be able to carry it and should be able to do justice with it. No ka toh sawal hi nahi uthta, saare kaam acche hote hai. Bigg Boss has made so many people’s lives. This is now the beginning for my acting career, so if I get a chance I will do it, the more the merrier,” she said.

She is also interested in participating in a stunt-based show like Khatron Ke Khiladi. “Yes, I’m 100% super fit as well for Khatron Ke Khiladi. I feel that because my name is already there in Limca book of records for the only anchor in the world who interviewed Deepika Padukone and Neil Nitin Mukesh while skating and it was live. I was on skates for an hour.”

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“Me and Nia went to Switzerland 3 years back where we did canyon swing. It is a very dangerous jump, where when you jump and go down you come back up in the exact speed you went down with and it is not like bungee jumping, and it happens again and again the same way up and down. I want to be ahead in everything I do. In fact in 2014, I covered KKK in south Africa and I was able to understand it all very closely, and I used to think, ‘yeh toh main bhi kar sakti hu’ even though it’s easy to say than doing it but for all this we need inner strength and everything is related to your mind, so if your mind is strong and if you have the willpower you can do anything, sky is the limit then,” she added.

Talking about working with producers Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli, she said, “It is a blessing. It’s so much fun to work with them, we don’t get to interact much with Sanjay ji but Binaiferr ji is very friendly. She is just a call away. She gives very good inputs and she is the reason I got my chance here in acting and my seamless switch was because of her, as usually one has to give so many auditions whereas I never gave one for the shows, so I started straight away. I’m very thankful that my producers trusted me with Rusa, and they are a blessing and are like my family. They are masters in their field, no one can beat them in the comedy genre.”

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She is enjoying living in the moment. “I don’t think much about the future. I’ve never done anything with lots of planning, even when I switched from mainstream news to entertainment industry it was an overnight switch. I was really blank at that time about what to do, but because I had confidence because of what I used to do in media I was able to manage this role.

“And seriously I don’t believe in planning, I believe to live in the present. I might always be prepared for tomorrow, but never plan anything as such. I’ve done law, but I became a part of media for which I never did a course. Now I’m acting for which I never did any course, so I never plan anything as such but definitely try to stay positive and think positive. I’m sure 5 years from now, I’ll be a happy, satisfied and a lucky person because it’s all about opportunities and being thankful to your people.”