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Why filmmaker B. Subhash feels that Hrithik Roshan is the perfect choice for ‘Disco Dancer’ sequel?

The filmmaker wants to start the sequel to his mega-hit film Disco Dancer and he thinks Hrithik Roshan will be the perfect choice to play the lead



From L to R: B. Subhash, Hrithik Roshan, Mithun Chakraborty

By Chaitanya  Padukone

Veteran ‘showman’ film-maker B. Subhash ( aka Babbar Subhash) globally known a string of  iconic Bollywood movies like ‘Disco Dancer’ , ‘Adventures of Tarzan’, ‘Love Love Love,’ and ‘Divine Lovers’ has this cherished dream. That by end of 2022 he should start the ‘sequel’ of his legendary blockbuster musical mega-hit ‘Disco Dancer’ (1982). Which Indian actor according to star-maker ‘Subhash,  could ideally step into the dancing shoes of agile Mithun Chakraborty, for the sequel.

“Frankly speaking, I feel that Hrithik Roshan whom I consider a complete dedicated ‘performer’ like Mithun-da, would be the right and perfect choice for  sequel  ‘Disco Dancer-2’. In fact I had already briefed Rakesh Roshan-jee regarding this  and am waiting for his go-ahead. I have not yet discussed the subject with his super-star-son Hrithik”, revealed Subhash who spoke to me on phone just last week.

B Subhash with Kim, Mithun C, Chandrashekhar at Disco Dancer muhurat

The unassuming music-savvy producer-director B. Subhash was specially invited in the recent past, by the Hainan Provincial People’s Congress of China for being formally honored and felicitated at the film-fest for his ‘Disco Dancer’ movie  and its pulsating songs. Prior to that  in the late ‘80s, B, Subhash was awarded by the Government of China– the prestigious ‘Gold Award’ for the sensational song “Jimmy Jimmy” from the movie Disco Dancer as the best song of the decade.

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Interestingly, at the (Chinese) Hainan film-fest  Subhash met up with  super-actor Aamir Khan ( he was also honored there)  whom he had directed in his romantic movie ‘Love Love Love’. After showman Raj Kapoor and Mithun-da, Aamir Khan is now considered  the latest craze among the Chinese fans, especially for his movies like ‘PK’ and ‘Dangal’. It is a known fact that  Disco Dancer’ has emerged one of the highest grossing Indian movie in the overseas market.

B Subhash with Parvati Khan & Bappi Lahiri–Jimmy Jiimy song recording

When asked to recall, as what was the ‘khaas baat’ about the cult-song ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ which even now is a  frenzied craze among  both the old and young music-lovers of China, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and several other countries, Subhash explains, “Initially, when we recorded the ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ solo-song in talented Parvati Khan’s voice, initially I felt I was not getting the right vibes and feel, hence Bappi-da and I decided to use the ‘double-voice’ recording technique. That enhanced the impact of Parvati’s vibrant voice. Then of course Kim Yashpal’s amazing dancing and lip-sync and Mithun-da’s charismatic presence in the song -visuals was the terrific icing on the song-track-cake. All I can say, that the international  glory for this song-track is all God’s divine blessings. Because we never expected that this song would be elevated to  such phenomenal heights of  global fame,” smiles Subhash who is amazed to know that even a popular multi-cuisine Indo-Georgian restaurant in Tbilisi  (inaugurated by Rajiv (Chimpu) Kapoor) dedicated to the memorable movies of Raj Kapoor is called ‘Jimmy Jimmy’!

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B Subhash with Mithun Chakraborty

Star-maker Subhash who has given a big-break to  over 27 new-comer talents to Bollywood is also  thrilled to read  that the co-founder of ‘whatsapp’ — multi-billionaire Mr. Jan Koum mentioned in a media-interview about watching Disco Dancer  during his childhood over  20 times and that he grew up,  avidly watching the cult-movie.  Asked about his rather bold-dare-bare romantic scenes involving Hemant Birje and Kimi Katkar in ‘Adventures of Tarzan, ‘ , he counters with his take.

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“ The scenes did not appear contrived. Instead, the visuals went with the  flow  and were justified with requirements of the Tarzan’s  character in the given-situation, as he encounters and discovers a young human-girl  for the first time. The Censors liked the movie and gave it a ‘U’ Certificate without cuts. Even the family-audiences fully  enjoyed my musical landmark  film ‘Tarzan’, which was shot so beautifully by Radhu Karmakar ( he was the National Award-winning regular cinematographer for  Raj Kapoor—RK-banner movies) , “ explains Subhash.

( The writer of this article-interview Chaitanya Padukone is an eminent senior film journalist & author of memoirs book R D BurMania )