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Zaira Wasim: I don’t agree with the idea of people looking up to me or my journey

As Zaira Wasim decides to quit Bollywood, here is a throwback interview of the actress who inspired many like her to dream big



Zaira- Wasim
Zaira Wasim (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

Dangal Girl Zaira Wasim who charmed everyone with just two films (including Secret Superstar) was gearing up for her third release The Sky Is Pink, with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar. However, in a shocking turn of events, the girl declared on social media today (June 30) that she is quitting the industry. Yes, in a 2000 word letter Zaira explained that even though she fits in the film world, she didn’t belong here and acting distant her from her religion. So, after a battle within the actress is now disassociating herself from the industry. And like everyone even we were shocked to find this out, so we dug up an old interview of Zaira where the girl spoke about life around her, her family, the new found stardom and lot more. Reading this throwback conversation will only make you wonder what conspired behind the girl making this decision. Read on…

You have worked with Aamir Khan in your first two films and I heard you want to be like him too?

He as an actor is so passionate and dedicated towards his work, and is definitely a perfectionist, so yes, I look up to him unequivocally.

Is acting becoming an addiction for you?

Acting for me serves as an escape from reality, and when I hear the word ‘action!’ on set, while I’m in front of a lens, the feeling is liberating.

Escape from reality?

Yes, it is. Also, as I’m not a brilliant actor, I cannot always get under the skin of a character and play pretend.  I act it is my own feeling I bring out my own emotions I just cannot pretend.

Your mother travels with you but what was your father’s reaction?

Although my parents don’t make it evident in front of me and give me compliments, they are very proud of me. These days, they go out showing almost everybody my videos and keeping them updated as to what I’m up to these days.

How much has the environment around you changed?

It’s almost the same, except for the fact that when I head out, people shower me with truckloads of love and affection, which is very overwhelming.

A lot of Kashmiri youngsters want to be like you so what do you want to say to them?

I don’t agree with the idea of people looking up to me or my journey. I want them to experience their own share of life, and walk their own path. They would be delusional if they would try to do what I did because everybody is different and the dice will not fall on the same side for everybody. It’s great to see people with aspirations, and it gives me a significant amount of joy to know that I have sparked a flame of confidence in people, but I want them to have their own ways of achieving their goals, and not look up to mine.

Which part of your life do you want people to know now that you are already a celebrity?

There is nothing as such that I find necessary for people to know about me. I’m reserved, and at the same time I’m an open book. There are some things that I’ll not share about me, and somethings that I will. Also, I would never want people to cut out a sorry image about me.

You scored a whopping 90% in your board results, what about education and how will you juggle between acting and the same?

Education is always going to be my first priority before everything else. I have taken up Arts, and I will balance it with acting just the way I’ve been doing until now. I have been oscillating between Jammu, Mumbai, and Srinagar. I know there are people that support and cooperate with me, and they have to do the same because they don’t have a choice!

 Don’t you want to go abroad and study acting?

I don’t have an intention of studying acting, I plan on letting things be just the way they are, and I will perhaps let experience be my teacher.

Shoojit Sircar is against children acting in films, what do you have to say to that?

I reckon it is up to the parents to decide if it is good or bad for their children to act. Also, there are so many super talented kids out there that deserve a platform.

You seem like a headstrong person?

I’m actually very sensitive, and most often I tend to empathise with the people around me. My biggest fear is that of hurting them, and I put them before me. If at all I end up hurting somebody, I apologise a million times, until I don’t have any more apologies to give.

What do you have to say to those who are spreading hate?

All I want to do is ask them why they’re spreading hate, and what it is that they really get out of it.

We respect Zaira’s decision and wish her luck for the future, but we will even miss the brilliant actress that she was. For more updates from Bollywood, stay tuned to CineBlitz.