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Zee TV actors react to Maharashtra Government’s decision to stop shooting of serials in view of the pandemic

Shooting of films and TV serials were stopped with immediate effect from April 15, 2021 in Maharashtra



Zee TV actors react to Maharashtra Government's decision to stop shooting of serials in view of the pandemic

Pratibha Ranta who plays Chahat in Qurbaan Hua said, “We are back in the same situation like last year and it is really grave. As the CM said, we have to break the chain and I hope this chain breaks and things get better soon. Although, the restrictions are just for 15 days at the moment, I remember last time, when shooting was stopped, it had a major impact. Hence, the whole television industry is planning to figure a temporary shoot location outside of Maharashtra, so that we can continue entertaining our audience and help them stay positive and hopeful. Having said that, I would like to say that we all should take appropriate precautions and wear masks whenever we step out, sanitize ourselves and our surroundings from time to time and stay indoors as much as possible because after all precaution is better than cure. Stay safe!”

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Raghav Tiwari who plays the role of Aditya in Hamariwali Good News revealed, “It is quite unfortunate that we have to stop the shooting of movies and serials, however, we all know how several actors, crew members and family members of stars have tested positive quite recently. The second wave of COVID-19 is dangerous, and we’ve seen a boom in the number of cases suddenly. No one is safe. So, I guess this was a necessary step and I feel we all should support the decision made by the government for our health and safety and abide by all the rules and regulations that have been set. We need to control this pandemic. If we continue to be negligent, then it can spiral out of control. So rather than thinking about the small losses that we may face at the moment, we should think about the positives of the future. Let’s all follow the rules and regulations, promote the drive and help put an end to the pandemic. While I’ll miss shooting for Hamariwali Good News, I feel health is wealth and these are necessary steps that I surely welcome.”

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Pooja Banerjee who plays the role of Rhea in Kumkum Bhagya revealed, “It’s disheartening to hear that shooting for films and serials will come to a halt. While I know we need to break the chain and I totally support the government’s decision, I feel we also need to take care of our finances and people who are dependent upon us. There are several daily wage earners who are dependent on the Entertainment Industry. I personally would take up something else outside Mumbai if I get something, obviously I’ll take all the necessary precautions, but won’t be able to sit at home.”

Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi who plays the role of Kuldeep in Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti revealed, “I welcome the decision of the government and understand that all the measures announced were needed to break the chain of transmission of the COVID-19. The situation in Maharashtra is grave and I hope everything gets fine soon. I would request everyone to take all the necessary precautions and stay indoors unless absolutely necessary to step out. Take care, stay safe.”

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Sanjay Gagnani who plays the role of Prithvi in Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya revealed, “We all have been going through a very tough and challenging time since a year now. We all witnessed how badly people across India and the world suffered during the last lockdown and after several months, at the start of the year, we saw a ray of new hope with the vaccines coming out, hoping that all will be well soon, and we would never witness another lockdown again. But the second wave of COVID-19 has washed away not just hopes of many, but a lot of lives too. The scenario has really become uncontrollable and hence, the administration had no other option but to impose these restrictions across Maharashtra to break the chain of the virus once again and I welcome it as I feel these are absolutely necessary measures. Once again, the city that never sleeps, would be partially asleep. Shootings are going be stalled in their current state and life would come to a halt once again for a lot of us. However, these are really tough and challenging times. I’m scared, not just for myself but everyone around as everyone is suffering. Having said that, I believe our state administration has taken this decision after consulting experts and I will completely abide by it. While I will miss shooting for Kundali Bhagya and wish we wouldn’t have had to go through another lockdown, I support the decision of the government as I believe whatever has been decided is in the favour of the citizens of the state and the country. I believe the number of COVID cases can only go down if this chain is broken, which would be possible only through strict restrictions that have been imposed. By now, everyone knows what precautions have to be taken to be safe. So, I would urge everyone to take all the necessary precautions, follow guidelines and not to lose hope. Life is a battle and change is inevitable. There will be a time when COVID and lockdowns would be a thing of the past. As of now, we all should be united to help each other and be there for each other to tackle these difficult times.”

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Tannaz Irani who plays the role of Maharani Rajeshwari in Apna Time Bhi Aayega said, “On a very selfless note, I just want to say that I feel really bad for the channels, the production houses and our crew members who survive on daily wages. This was literally my first reaction after hearing that the shoot of Apna Time Bhi Aayega and other serials will come to a halt. It feels like it was just yesterday when things had started getting better, and suddenly the rug has been taken off from beneath their feet. People are going helter skelter, trying to find alternate locations to shoot. Every show wants to shoot out of town in locations like Goa and Jaipur and I am sure this will be really costly for the producers too. As far as I am personally concerned, I have personally gone through COVID and I feel these were absolutely necessary steps and I full support the decision of the government in light of the growing cases and everyone’s health and safety. I  will try to make the most of everything with plenty of time on my hand, I will enjoy it with my kids now. In fact, when I am sitting at home alone, my mind becomes really very creative and that’s how me and Bhakhtyar come up with most of our unique ideas for reels, especially that of our Parsi couple. So, we are hoping to encash on this lockdown and make people laugh. We have got tons of messages from people across the world appreciating our reels and telling us how it got their mind off the pandemic. Me and Bhakhtyar are all in to help people bring this change in their mindset.”

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Preyal Shah who plays Kiara in Apna Time Bhi Aayega said, “We have been through this in 2020 and this year again, we are in the same place. Honestly, it’s a Deja Vu feeling for me, but I feel considering the current scenario these are the best measures that the government could have taken to break the chain of transmission. While we might have to be indoors for the next 15 days, I consider myself lucky enough to have my whole family with me here in Mumbai itself and I feel blessed that I’ll get to spend some time with them once again during this period. I’d request everyone to please be safe and stay indoors because this pandemic has already created a lot of paranoia amongst people, and it’s time we take it seriously and value our lives.”

Megha Ray who plays the role of Rani in Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega said, “I believe the Maharashtra Government’s decision definitely has a big impact on the Entertainment Industry. However, I also believe that it is the need of the hour to break the chain, especially after looking at how rapidly the virus has spread to every nook and corner of the state. It is a necessary inconvenience that we have to bear for a larger cause and while I did feel that a majority of the crew members who earn on a per day basis might be financially hit, I believe there is a hope for them as many production houses have been looking for alternatives to continue the shoot in some way and minimise the impact on the show as well as the team associated with it. The idea is to head to safer locations to shoot and create a bio bubble that would help minimise the risk that comes in from being exposed. Let’s see what is in store for us!”