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11 bizarrely intriguing gadgets for women

We list some really unusually bizarre yet interesting tech products for women

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Technology has evolved massively over the past century. A couple of decades ago, people were dreaming of a handheld device which would play movies and music at the press of a button. Today, the smartphone not only does that, but several other things too! The technological boom has enabled people to push the envelope. Developers and researchers across the world have broken ground and forayed into several new innovations.

Amidst all this, a recent survey had revealed that the primary buyers in today’s day and age are women. We all know women love to shop, and tech developers have been creating products specifically for women. Tech creators have made some really intriguing and interesting gadgets for females over the past few years. But that’s not it! We also have some really unorthodox technology and products being put out in the market. Some are really expensive, while some are outright weird. We list some really expensive and unusually bizarre tech products for women.

# Dry Water-Jet Massager

Price: Rs 26 lakh


Dry Waterjet Massager

We all know how stressful life can get, and what better way to relax than getting a fulfilling massage at your home itself? Yes, this is now possible courtesy portable massage instruments. Massage chairs were already being bought by women, but now, a specially designed dry water-jet massager has been developed by Madisson. Using the principles of shiatsu, the product gives you a precise full-body water-jet massage. And the best part is that you don’t get even slightly wet. The capsule shape massager also has a 7-inch LCD TV with a media player so that you can watch your favourite movie while getting a massage. Doesn’t that sound cool?

# Brikk Lux Watch Omni

Price: Rs 85 lakh


Brikk Lux Watch Omni

This super expensive watch is a luxuriously customised Apple smartwatch. While there is no technological innovation on this, the price tag of Rs 85 lakh enables it to make it to our list. Apart from the basic operations of the Apple watch, the Brikk Lux Watch Omni has an 18-carat gold case with studded diamonds on it. The strap is also made of diamonds. The watch was made specially made with, the uber-rich ladies who love bling in mind.

# Armill Bracelet

Price: Rs 1.05 crore


Armill Bracelet

A smart jewellery piece crafted by the British jewellery brand Christophe & Co, along with Italian design company Pininfarina, Armill is essentially a deluxe bracelet. Though smart jewellery has just begun rolling out, there’s been a lot of technological progress on this front. And while Armill’s bracelet was created with upper-class women in mind, we are sure that everyone will want to own one. Apart from its stunning looks, the bracelet is made of a carbon fiber frame. It also has an exterior comprising ceramic, 18K gold, and gemstones that will take your breath away.

Despite good technology, the smart bracelet is not your regular wearable kind. It doesn’t track your steps, calories, sleep, or even tell the time. However, it does give access to the Christophe & Co companion app, which gives you a 24 x 7 personal assistant to provide you with any kind of assistance that you require. It also gives you access to Christophe & Co events, along with an opportunity to buy some more exclusive products. The Armill smart bracelet is aimed at the supremely moneyed, as the top model will set you back by Rs 1.05 crore.

# Somnox Robotic Pillow

Price: Rs 5,000/-


Somnox Robotic Pillow

This cool robotic pillow not only gives you a soft, smooth surface to rest your head on, but it also helps you fall asleep. How? Well, the pillow has a robotic voice that hums to you while you sleep. It comforts you and sets the mood as well. In fact, a special robotic pillow made for women has been a hit. Though a similar device hit the market a couple of years back, the Rs 5000/- price tag for a pillow will prompt you to pick it up without giving it a thought!

# I-glam Smart Jewellery

Price: TBA


I-glam Smart Jewellery

It is a huge task for women to find matching jewellery all the time. But there’s no hassle now! IGlam’s colour changing smart jewellery changes the whole game. The LED-powered device is run by a smartphone app, which enables women to match the accessory according to their outfit perfectly. While the price is not revealed yet, we hear it will be expensive for sure.

# Solar Bikini

Price: Rs 1 lakh


Solar Bikini

A lot of women across the globe, love soaking up the sun on the beaches. Sporting bikinis, they aim at perfecting their tan. But what if you wanted to listen to music while getting tan or while chilling on the beach, and your phone runs out of battery? Well, developers have come up with a solar bikini for this! Yes, 40 thin photovoltaic strips are connected by conductive thread to make this bikini, and it looks really cool. All the threads end up at a USB port, which helps you charge your device. This totally bizarre and unorthodox gadget-cum-outfit, with its Rs 1 lakh price tag will make your eyes pop out!

# Livia

Price: Rs 15,000/-



Every month, many women going through their menstrual cycle experience immense pain. We’ve seen our female friends and colleagues pop pills to reduce the pain, but what if there was a technological solution to reduce it? Well, that’s what a few researchers thought about, and ended up creating Livia. It is a small tech device that is used to send electrical impulses to your body and it gives instant pain relief for menstrual cramps. Available for Rs 15000/-, this product has found many eager takers.

# Nail Bot

Price: Rs 10,000/-


Nail Bot

This female product is really outlandish, yet innovative. Everyone knows how much women love their nails. They maintain them, polish them and paint them with unfailing regularity. But wait till you hear about this new device! Nail bot is a smartphone nail art printer. Basically, you can upload any kind of image on your phone, connect it to nail bot, put in your nails and the image gets printed on them  Pretty cool, right? For Rs 10,000/-, you can print multiple images on your nail any number of times.

# Sex Robot

Price: Rs 7 lakh


Henry The Sex Robot

Henry, the first sex robot for women, was launched recently and has created a huge buzz. In the past few decades, women across the world who like to engage in some wild sexual activities, have chosen to buy sex toys to satisfy their needs. But with a sex robot coming into the picture, their wildest fantasies can now become a reality. Women can engage in any kind of love-making session with the silicone robot. And with a customisable penis size along with a hot bod, this sex robot has been an instant hit. Not only is it unorthodox and unique, it is very dear too. You’ll have to cough up Rs 7 lakh to bring Henry into your life. For those who can, we think it just might be worth it.

# Pepper Robot

Price: Rs 1.20 lakh


Pepper Robot

For those wondering what a pepper robot will do, be informed that this is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and human emotions. In a world full of humans who still struggle to understand you, here is a robot which will connect to your emotions. This special robot is designed for having conversation with humans, and can double as friends, lonely hearts. The downside is that it’s not easily available, and can only be purchased directly from the manufacturers (SoftBank Robotics). But the day is not far when they will be easily available to the ladies. This 29.2 kilo robot costs about Rs 1,20,938/- upfront, and an additional Rs 9,533/- a month for 36 months for maintenance, Well, we told you, it’s the closest thing you can get to a real emotional partner. And they certainly don’t come cheap!

# Boyfriend Cuddle Pillow

Price: Rs 2,500/-


Boyfriend Pillow

If you are feeling low or alone at any point in time and want someone to cuddle you, no worries. It’s the most common human need — the need for touch and embrace. If you’re not in a relationship, or are single, this Boyfriend snuggle pillow will take away your loneliness and give you sound sleep. It is specially shaped like a male body with a hand you can hold on to. The look of this pillow will make you believe that you are cuddling your boyfriend, and who doesn’t want that every night? You can find this amazing snuggling boyfriend pillow online on Amazon at varying price ranges.


Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha logo triggered the netizens over #DelhiAirPollution

The internet broke down when Laal Singh Chaddha’s logo came out! Netizens all over the world were excited to see the unique logo of Laal Singh Chaddha.

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Aamir Khan

The internet broke down when Laal Singh Chaddha’s logo came out! Netizens all over the world were excited to see the unique logo of Laal Singh Chaddha. Now the logo is again making around but this for different reasons.

Owing to the air quality of Delhi from worse to the “severe” category, netizens have modified the Laal Singh Chaddha logo in such a way that it replicates the Delhi Air Pollution and the video is going viral with the hashtag of #DelhiAirPollution.

Let’s look at some of the tweets:

Not only this but the one line from the logo has also modified to “Kya Pata Hum mein pollution hai ya pollution mein hum’. Originally the line says, “Hum mein kahani hai ya kahani mein hum’.

Considering this serious issue, admirers of Aamir Khan have definitely given a creative touch to the original logo and taken a thoughtful jibe. These days many pictures of Aamir Khan with the Laal Singh Chaddha getup is getting viral as the actor started shooting for the same.

Written by Atul Kulkarni, the film is helmed by Advait Chandan and will be produced by Viacom18 Studios and Aamir Khan Productions. The movie is slated to hit the theatres during Christmas 2020, next year.
Stay tuned to CineBlitz for more news and updates from the world of entertainment.

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Getting rid of Acne: Dr Vaishali Shah says go ‘The Smart Way’!

Dr. Vaishali Shah gives us the real reason why we get acne and suggests the right solutions

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Dr Vaishali Shah

Dr. Vaishali Shah is a dietician, cosmetologist and  expert in skin treatments. She is armed with the latest technologies related to microdermabrasion,  laser for skin and hair, Thermage for anti-ageing,  acne treatments, scar reduction, skin whitening with Gluta, facelifting and toning, face contouring, skin peels, Ayurveda treatment and hair treatment.

She also specialises in weight management programs like HIFU, U-lipo,  laser fat reduction , cool sculpting, cellulite therapy, breast enhancement, tummy tuck, body toning and firming and body detox. Here, she answers all our queries related to acne.

1. What are the main causes of acne in women?

Acne is mainly known as a teenagers problem but more and more people today suffer from adult acne. During teenage years, acne is developed on the T-zone area like forehead, nose and chin  whereas adults majorly get acne on the U-zone area i.e. side of the cheeks, jaws, chin and neck.  Some of the factors / causes which result in acne especially in women are:

  • Excess oil production
  • Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells
  • Bacteria
  • Hormonal changes during puberty
  • Hormone changes as an adult. The menstrual cycle is one of the most common acne triggers
  • Excessive usage of cosmetics
  • Greasy food
  • Lack of hygiene

Women often experience fluctuating hormonal changes during periods. Another reason could be stress – when a person is in stress, the body tends to produce more androgens. Other reasons for acne in adulthood could be family history, even the cosmetic product we use could create a problem of acne.


Dr Vaishali Shah treating acne

2. What are the treatment options for acne ?

The non-prescription way to treat acne is as follows:

  • Soap and water could help reduce acne
  • Cleansers could be a better method for removing acne – they mostly contain benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid : this tends to help to correct the abnormal shedding of cells. For milder acne salicylic acid helps to resolve or prevent the acne problems
  • Alcohol and acetone
  • Herbal, organic and natural medication

The prescription treatment for acne would be:

  • Antibiotics can be used directly on the skin or can be taken orally which tends to lower the bacteria causing acne and prevent inflammation
  • Azelaic acid which comes in the form of gel or cream with anti inflammatory properties

3. How are pimples related to the monthly menstrual cycle?

Period acne differs from other acne as the pimple breakouts are on the lower half of your face, jawline and neck. Around the mid-cycle, the progesterone rises and causes  sebaceous glands in our skin to produce more sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that will get collected in skin pores, resulting in the skin becoming oily. The oil is the place where most of the bacteria grow.

4. How are acne problems related to hormonal changes?

Whether it’s that first zit as a teenager or the imbalance of your hormones, at one point in life we have all struggled with acne. Acne is a skin condition that occurs when pores become clogged by dead skin cells resulting in accumulation of sebum (aka : oil). Bacteria within the pores can also contribute to pore blockage and inflamed blemishes that contain pus.

In most of the cases, it’s the fluctuation of hormones. Hormones stimulate the oil glands to produce more sebum blocking the pores. Bacteria can then grow within the pores, causing them to become inflamed and break out.

5. Can food allergies cause acne?

Yes, food allergies also cause acne in teenagers and adults. Swelling and inflammation of the skin is one of the symptoms of allergies; acne is simply another kind of inflammation. If you notice acne appearing after you eat a particular food, you may have a food allergy.

Processed and refined foods including white bread, biscuits and sweets have a high GI (glycaemic index), which means they cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. This triggers the production of hormones such as insulin, which we now believe can make acne worse.

6. How does exercise affect acne? Is it beneficial?

Exercise, yoga, meditation and breathing awareness are all great tools in controlling acne. In women and teenage girls, fat can convert ‘good hormones’ (oestrogens) into ‘bad hormones’ that have testosterone-like actions – a contributing factor to acne. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the risk of developing acne and reduce its severity.

Exercise not only helps to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight but it reduces insulin output, which can contribute to acne. Exercise can also help to reduce stress – another cause for acne breakouts. Additionally, you can sweat out impurities and excess oil – just make sure to cleanse and wash your skin properly post workout.

7. Does regular sex improve acne related problems?

Like other forms of exercise, sex increases blood flow to the skin, which will give you a brighter complexion. The more energy expended translates to better circulation and higher blood pressure, leading to increased hydration. You can prevent menstrual acne through the energy you use in sexual activity. It improves the quality of your skin and helps in some instances to fight acne.

Sex can help to balance your hormone levels, which may help in keeping your skin clear. It improves blood circulation, which helps to deliver oxygen to your skin. There is a positive impact on your immune system which may help in fighting inflammation and infection caused by acne bacteria in your clogged pores.

8. What options are available for treating scars left by acne?

Chemical Peels: This is a body treatment technique that uses a chemical solution to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. which eventually improves and smoothens the texture of the skin, often it’s done on the facial skin.

Jet Facial: Jet Facial reaches the inner layers of skin for instant and far superior results. It cleanses with oxygen and saline, exfoliates, boosts lymphatic drainage and provides extraction benefits. Thoroughly and deeply cleansed, skin is prepped into an optimal condition to receive further benefits from skin care.

Lasers For Scar Improvement: A scar is an unpleasant reminder of a healthy body process, created when your skin repairs a wound caused by an accident, infection, inflammation, or surgery. We use a high-powered laser to remove the top layer of skin that has been scarred. The laser also penetrates to the skin’s middle layers, tightening and smoothening the skin.

Carbon Dioxide Laser: Carbon Dioxide Laser is a treatment option for raised birthmarks, moles, scarring from acne and sun-damaged skin. There’s evidence that laser resurfacing is an effective non-surgical way of improving the appearance of acne scars and other skin conditions.

Microneedle Radiofrequency For Scars: Microneedle RF is one  of the most advanced medical technologies used for skin rejuvenation, tightening, body sculpting, and scar remodelling.  Deep or fine wrinkles, scars, blood vessels, discoloured red and brown skin tone can all be effectively treated by this treatment.

9. Tell us about the few interesting cases you successfully treated acne?

We have been treating many patients/clients for various skin, hair and weight loss related  issues. These are a few clients who took acne treatment from us and they shared their experience and feedback by revealing their before and after pictures.



Mariyam: I was referred to Dr Vaishali through my friend and as per her consultation she advised me to start with acne treatment and skin lightening. I used to visit her clinic, Slim Feel Beauty Care clinic located in South Mumbai (Napean Sea road) every month and within 3 months I could see remarkable results for my acne and acne scars. My skin has become soft, clear and the acne has reduced drastically. I would like to thank Dr Vaishali and the team for helping me in the journey.



Pooja: I met Dr Vaishali, she patiently heard my case and recommended me the required treatment for Acne. Since then my life has changed, I could see that my acne has almost disappeared. For better results for acne scars, she recommended me to do skin lightening treatment and now I have a clear skin which is glowing and looks fresh every time I step out of the house.



Nancy: Dr Vaishali Shah is an amazing cosmetologist. I went for Acne and hair treatment.  She is very polite and has helped me to get rid of acne and given me hairfall treatment. Within 2-3 months I could see the difference how my skin felt, my acne reduced with the treatment and my hair fall issue has also reduced. I’m extremely happy with the results and have recommended my friends who are facing the similar issue. She is the one who suggested the right treatment and post treatment care and now my skin feels happy and the acne scars have improved drastically.

Hope you have benefited from reading Dr Vaishali Shah’s interview and now know the treatment options available for acne and skin problems. Stay tuned to CineBlitz for more health and lifestyle related articles.

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Looking stylish and elegant! Sanya Malhotra steals the show in this ivory outfit

Sanya Malhotra recently stunned everyone with her classy outfit and we surely can’t take our eyes off her.

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Sanya Malhotra

Sanya Malhotra recently stunned everyone with her classy outfit and we surely can’t take our eyes off her. After looking at these pictures, you are all set to fall in love with her style statement. She is looking absolutely gorgeous! Sanya looks chic in this multicolored print blouse with balloon sleeves paired with flared palazzo’s. The actress completed her look with a pair of statement ring and sleek hair adding to it her peachy-pink makeup.



Apart from acing it at work with flair over her artistry, Sanya Malhotra is gaining attention for all the right reasons. The actress is impressing everyone with her bodacious dance moves and lovable personality.


The Dangal girl is known to be the director’s actor and is always appreciated for the choice of her roles. Sanya made her debut with Bollywood’s highest-grossing movie. Since then, all the actors and directors have been praising her for her talent. The actress will now be next seen in Anurag Basu’s upcoming film. For more updates from Bollywood stay tuned to CineBlitz.

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