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#InternationalYogaDay: Celebs on how yoga changed their lives, both mentally and physically

On International Yoga Day, today, celebs talk about the time they have started practising yoga and the positive changes they have experienced.



#InternationalYogaDay: Celebs on how yoga changed their lives, both mentally and physically

Yoga is a natural way of life that not only makes us healthy both within and without but also inspires us to move ahead in life. A few minutes of asanas every day can cure a lot of physical and mental issues, something that many in the world are following these days. People of all ages can practice yoga. Many celebrities too have been doing it for years. On International Yoga Day, today, celebs talk about the time they have started practising yoga and the positive changes they have experienced.

Anuj Sachdeva

Yoga is a natural way to inspire you in many ways. I started doing yoga alternate days before Covid. In 2018, I got introduced to it through my friend Mazhar, who is also an actor. When I started doing it, my main motive was to make my core strong at the same time I was looking for something that doesn’t make my body stiff. I wanted to be more flexible. So keeping that in mind I started doing yoga. It was really difficult in the start as I couldn’t stretch and bend. My concern was that my shoulder was very stiff because of which I couldn’t dance well as your body needs to be flexible to do that and as an actor I am supposed to dance on screen. So I thought yoga would be great. I have even got injuries while gymming. Then I thought yoga would be the best to start now. Later I tried to keep my routine regular at the time of Covid. I used to wake up by 7 am and start my yoga in the morning and then go for my regular exercise. It’s been 5 years since I started doing yoga. I am happy about it because it strikes a balance between your mental and physical health, makes you agile and flexible, and develops your core strength. It’s not just about six pack abs but also important to have more strength in your mind and body.

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Maninee De

I have been practising yoga since I was 17. I think it changed my entire life. It made me come into complete equilibrium. It just made me connect to universal forces, calmed me down, centered me. It also made me realise that yoga is not just physical exercise, it is the union of the body, mind and soul works at various levels and has multiple effects. It’s one of the most distressing things for me. I meditate and do yoga. When yoga comes into your life it just changes you from inside and outside. It’s not a physical exercise for me, it’s more of a soul thing for me. It nourishes me.

Nyrraa M Banerji

I have been doing yoga since childhood. But off late I have not been doing it. Pranayama is the best. As yoga helps you stretch every part of the body and pranayama helps in better breathing, let the oxygen supply spread throughout your body well and improves blood circulation.  Yoga helps to keep the body flexible and the skin supple.

Somy Ali


While I have been advised by many friends to try out yoga, my go-to is weight lifting and power walking. Lifting weights burns fat and builds muscle and simultaneously tones your body. This workout works best for me and I have been at it for the past year after my back surgery. Whatever form of fitness activity suits you, you should do that.

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Chitra Vakil Sharma

I believe that ‘Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years’. Personally, I have always been inclined toward practicing yoga but wasn’t able to do it because of my busy work schedule. I have started yoga in the last two years and have never felt better. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind, it helps manage stress and keeps me relaxed. Yoga is like a flame, when you light it up, the glow never fades away.  It teaches you how to listen to your body.

Balraj Syal

Yoga is a very powerful natural state. It has helped me a lot. Three years back when I was suffering from a knee injury, I had an issue with my toe and my back was badly injured too. I had only five weeks in my hand as I had to leave for Khatron Ke Khiladi. At that time Yoga helped me. I started doing hot yoga. For those five weeks I really worked hard. I had a great recovery, mentally I was really stable and confident. My body was behaving very nicely and it felt balanced from within. I think yoga played a very big part for me reaching the finale of Khatron ke Khiladi. So whenever I get time I have always utilized it in doing yoga. My wife Deepti Tuli is also doing yoga on a regular basis. My experience of doing yoga was amazing. During the covid time, my wife and I used to practice breathing exercises. I think we have done it for 7 to 8 months without taking any break. You get a sense of confidence that your body is strong and healthy. In the morning when you do pranayama after that the confidence which you get shows in your body language. And, your mind feels relaxed.

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Khushi Dubey

I think yoga is one of the best ways that you can keep your mind and soul healthy and fit. Usually, I do practice Surya Namaskar because it improves your stamina, focus and mental health. It also gives you flexibility. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has set an example that yoga is the key to fitness. I really feel that today’s younger generation should focus more towards yoga because it gives you mental peace, which is quite important especially during this era where you are surrounded by so many tough situations and undergoing so much pressure and stress. Yoga is one of the best things to promote physical as well as mental health. I believe that everybody should take out at least 30 mins of their time in the morning to practice yoga. The fact that everybody is really busy and people don’t get that much time is sad but their body does deserve 30 minutes of yoga.