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The Derma Co: Importance of sunscreen in your everyday skincare routine

Half the battle won when we get use the right sunscreen product as TDC offers a varied portfolio of sunscreen alternatives for every skin type, especially for the Indian climate.



The Derma Co sunscreen

Regardless of the seasons, sunscreen is an important step in a skincare routine, it’s a non-negotiable necessity. Yes, it is important even if you don’t step out or have continuous/direct sun exposure. Harsh UV rays are known to damage the skin barrier and accelerate the signs of aging. Ideally, sunscreen should be the last step in your routine, so it forms a barrier between the pollution and UV rays and your skin. That way skincare products can continue to care for your skin.

When indoors, it also helps shield your skin from blue light emitted by your gadgets, with the amount of time spent in front of screens, this seems like a requirement. Even though it seems tedious, it is also advisable to reapply sunscreen every 4 hours, especially if you’re out. Half the battle won when we get use the right sunscreen product as TDC offers a varied portfolio of sunscreen alternatives for every skin type, especially for the Indian climate.

1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel

1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel:

Aren’t we all screaming for the perfect broad-spectrum sunscreen? Cheers as your skin’s ultimate safeguard is finally here! Get the ideal sun protection with 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel that holds the power of SPF 50 & PA++++ formulation. What’s more? Guard your skin against blue light too without any greasy residual! It’s super lightweight, fragrance-free & dissolves like water. The effective combination of Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E helps fight sun damage, while also reducing fine lines, wrinkles & making your skin soft like butter.

Pure Zinc Matte Sunscreen Gel

Pure Zinc Matte Sunscreen Gel:

Sun damage, what’s that? Ban the tan with the sunscreen that lets you sparkle – The Derma Co’s one and only Pure Zinc Matte Sunscreen Gel! It is an SPF 30 PA++++ Gel formulation made with active UVA/UVB filters – 100% Natural Zinc Oxide and Titanium. This amazing sunscreen is extremely lightweight & feels like feathers bestowing a shine-free matte look even in humid weather. Go out for that brunch, or simply run the errands without damaging your precious skin. Get your perfect skin BFF today!

Ultra Matte Sunscreen Gel SPF 60

Ultra-Matte Sunscreen Gel:

Oil-free sunscreen without any white residue is a dream for many. So let’s make this dream come TRUE! Bring on the ultimate broad-spectrum protection of SPF 60 PA++++ with our one & only – Ultra Matte Sunscreen Gel! Get the smooth & matte look with this oil-free and lightweight skin hero that won’t even clog pores and let your skin breath the fresh air without any damage. We have carefully curated this wonderful elixir with ingredients that have been purposely chosen to act as active UVA/UVB filters. So groove & enjoy the sun without any skin damage TODAY!

Hyaluronic Tinted Sunscreen Gel for Broad Spectrum Protection

1% Hyaluronic Tinted Sunscreen Gel:

Protect & supercharge your skin every time you step out! The Derma Co brings you the perfect outdoor partner – 1% Hyaluronic Tinted Sunscreen Gel with SPF 60 PA++++ power-packed with 26% Zinc & 10% Titanium Oxide. It gives your skin a universal tint, enhances your skin tone & offers amazingly radiant skin! Crafted expertly to glide smoothly, this sunscreen can now be your skin’s favourite guard. There’s more! It’s fragrance-free and does not leave any white residue or oiliness behind. The best part? it has all the benefits of the moisture booster – 1% Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin radiant, moisturized, and well protected from the UVA & UVB ray.

So, this summer do not forget to hydrate and protect your skin!