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Sacred Games 2: Netflix has a special treat for fans keen to watch the hit show

Prior to the release of Sacred Games 2, Netflix has revealed its strategy to tap into the Indian markets



Still from Sacred Games 2 featuring Kalki Koechlin, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pankaj Tripathi

Netflix entered the Indian OTT scene a few years ago and has been producing a lot of original content as well. However, despite this and the fact that it has some incredible International content, the streaming platform has not been able to break into the Indian market completely. It is largely considered a premium product and boasts mainly of urban subscribers! To capture the Indian market and more subscribers, Netflix tried and tested a lot of things in the last couple of years. And looks like they’ve finally cracked it! In fact, prior to the release of Sacred Games 2, they have even implemented it! Well, it is a Rs 199 per month plan with which you can see any show on Netflix. But there are a few catches and here’s all you need to know:

The Rs 199 per month plan

Netflix’s Rs 199 mobile plan is a mobile or tablet-only monthly plan. So this means that you can only stream Netflix shows on your mobile or tablet, that too only on one screen. Even if you try screen mirroring or anything, it will not be played on your TV. The streaming resolution is also low, 480p only. But then, most of the consumption of data and content in India is on phones and on resolutions lesser than 480p. So you will get good quality videos and you can see all the premium Netflix shows, including Sacred Games 2, for just Rs 199 per month.

Other Price Changes

With the Rs 199 per month plan coming into play, the other Netflix plans have also changed. Apart from the mobile plan, Netflix is also offering a basic, a standard and a premium plan. The basic plan is Rs 499 per month plan, which allows you to stream on a single screen. But the screen can be a mobile, tablet, TV or laptop. Again, the resolution is 480p.

The standard plan is now priced at Rs 649 per month and it allows you to stream it on two screens of your choice. Here you get HD resolution streaming. The premium plan is priced now at Rs 799 per month. You can stream on four screens of your choice and in HD and Ultra HD resolutions.

With such an affordable plan of Rs 199 per month, we are sure Netflix will capture more subscribers from the tier II and tier III cities and town. The change in price of other plans is also a good move as they will now directly compete with Hotstar! And with Sacred Games 2 coming out, it will make it even more interesting. Clearly, they planned it well. We now need to see how big a leap Netflix can make through this new strategy!