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Tinder, Bumble, Wild – 10 widely used apps for romantic and sexual affairs

One-night stands, affairs and infidelity are growing through several dating applications and to give you a little more insight, we list the top 10 applications used for casual sex and infidelity!



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With smartphones and the World Wide Web growing and evolving at a rapid pace, the world has become a global village. In fact, social media and phone applications have helped a lot of people across the world to connect with each other. While some have used these mediums to make friends and increase their knowledge about life, others have used it to find means to fulfill their need for love. Several people have found love over the internet, and that constitutes the good part of it. But wait till you hear about the dark side! One-night stands, affairs and infidelity are growing through these channels now. Several applications have been created exclusively for them. To give you a little more insight, we list the top 10 applications used for casual sex and infidelity! So, if you spot any of these applications on your partner’s phone, you know what’s going on…

# Tinder

Tinder is the biggest and most popular dating application out there right now. But not just dating, people also use the app to hook up with random strangers. The rate of hookups through Tinder has gone up considerably, especially in 2018. In fact, a lot of married men and women log onto this dating/hook-up medium these days as well. It is very easy to use; the application is smooth and the interface is cool too. Just by swiping right or left, you can choose the people you want to meet in and around your locality. If the selection is mutual, it allows you to converse and meet with your match. With the proximity of matches, one-night stands are easy to score through this application, especially in foreign lands, where people are more open to this concept.

# Bumble

This new dating application has an engaging interface and is growing at a rapid pace. However, along with dating, users are using Bumble to hook up and initiate affairs too. Though in this application, only women interested in you can initiate the conversation, it is being widely used by men too, especially married ones! Authentic and verified users with ‘open-minds’ have enabled it to be a hot-spot for starting casual affairs.

# Ashley Madison

The Ashley Madison application is an open-minded dating community that allows you to have a discreet relationship of any kind. It is a clear-cut medium to have one-night stands, discreet sexual relationships as well as affairs. With millions of users, this is a breeding ground for infidelity, especially with a host of users to choose from, and the application’s user-friendly interface.

# Quack Quack

This dating application is being used for infidelity by a lot of people. The sleek user-interface matches people based on common interests It is being loved by many married men and women in India. It is quite easy to use, but finding a lot of good people around might be difficult, unless you don’t mind just about anyone for a one-night stand!

# Pure

Pure is an upfront medium to have sex with people around you. This application is being used not only by youngsters, but also by married men and women to satisfy their wildest fantasies. The easy-to-use application helps people set up a sex date. After two users mutually agree to a similar kind of sexual activity at a given place, the date is set. It also allows only a one-hour chat window, and that helps eliminate any ‘non-committed’ chats. This in turn makes it faster for men and women to start a sexual affair.

# Tingle

This application has been voted as one of the best ones to have an affair with someone of your choice when you travel. The teleport feature in Tingle allows users to initiate conversations and set up dates or hook-ups with people local to the area they are travelling to, days before they reach the destination. The application has millions of users across the globe, making it very easy for people to meet new guys and girls, and have casual flings whenever they travel.

# Wild

As the name suggests, Wild is a really crazy application. It will surely interest all the people wanting to have one night stands and affairs. You can view people anonymously. And through the filters, you can figure if both of you have the same thing on your mind. With that, a lot of people indulge in one-night stands and initiate short-term or long-term affairs of their choice.

# Tonight

The application allows you to tell people around you that you are free to go out or hook up on any given day. Each user can see all the people who are available to go out in their area. And if two users like each other and their idea of the night to follow, Tonight sets them up. This application again, rather than dating, is being used for one-night stands and affairs very well. It’s a magnet for the bored and the lonely, not to mention the risky and adventurous types too.

# CasualX

After reviewing your profile, CasualX allows you to have casual relationships with people around you. The secure application has allowed several men and women to have sexual relationships without any strings attached, and that too, very discreetly. Being a niche and selective app with quality people of all races and religions, this makes it easy for people to find good, like-minded individuals to have a non-committed relationship or sexual relationship with!

# Blendr

The app too is a highly popular one as it does not require a lot of your data. Just with a picture and a short description, users can look at and match with people around them. It is a no-strings attached application. And it is being used by several people to engage in casual affairs and sexual relationships. People also love its user-interface, making it a widely used app.

CineBlitz Verdict

After viewing and researching each of these 10 applications, we can tell you our favourites. Tinder is at the top of the pyramid because of the ease of meeting people and the variety of people you find there, also the volume! Buying Tinder Gold (it has better advantages) is a good option for a better hit ratio. Tingle is also really good, for a fun-filled adventure with someone new, especially when you are travelling. You not only can meet some like-minded people and set up dates before you reach the destination (something that other applications lack), but the user-interface is also really cool.

Bumble is fantastic too, but Pure and Wild have to be mentioned as two of the best infidelity applications out there. The fact that everyone on it is looking to hook up and you match with people having similar preferences, makes it easy to have a one-night stand or an affair (not that we support it). Special mention to Tonight, which is unique in its own way! And singles can have a field day (or night) with the help of these apps with no guilt about infidelity!

Disclaimer: We (Team CineBlitz) do not specifically support or endorse the use of any or all of these apps. You are adults. Make up your minds and be ready to face the consequences. Everything pleasurable comes with its own set of risks.