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5 reasons why Stephen King’s The Boogeyman is a must-watch for every horror fanatic

Adapted from Stephen King’s short story of the same name, this film promises endless jump scares and mind-boggling twists that will test your sanity.



The Boogeyman

Hurry up and fall asleep, or the Boogeyman will come for you! This isn’t just a threat made by John Wick, but also one that many parents around the world use with their fussy kids. This famous mythical creature is the subject of Western urban legends worldwide and is often invoked as a parental warning, known to prey on naughty children. Robert Savage’s upcoming horror thriller, The Boogeyman, effectively portrays the fear this urban legend has instilled in people’s minds. Adapted from Stephen King’s short story of the same name, this film promises endless jump scares and mind-boggling twists that will test your sanity. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss the thrill of The Boogeyman:

1. From the ultimate King of Horror

There isn’t a horror fan alive who hasn’t heard of author Stephen King, best known for his spine-chilling works like “It,” “Carrie,” “The Shining,” and many others. “Boogeyman” is another suspenseful horror thriller by King, packed with blood-curdling twists and thrills that have been brought to life in the film “The Boogeyman 2023.”

2. The plot will boggle your mind

“Boogeyman” is unique in that it goes beyond jump scares and delves into psychological thrills and perplexing plot twists. The story will keep you questioning your sanity as the boundaries between reality and nightmares become blurred. “The Boogeyman” is one of those films that keep you on edge for days, especially during the dark hours.

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3. Stuff out of urban legends

The terrifying protagonist of the film, the Boogeyman, is an urban legend that has captivated people long before Stephen King wrote about it. The name of this mythical creature has been used for centuries to discipline children or coax them into bed without any fuss.

4. The theme, music and visuals make it better

You must understand that it’s not only the presence of ghosts that makes a movie frightening. The true horror stems from a combination of visual and auditory elements, including dark themes and suspenseful background music. The trailer for “The Boogeyman” gives us a glimpse of the terror we will encounter and witness. We highly recommend watching it in a movie theater to fully immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere and spine-chilling thrills!

5. It is raked in positive reviews

What’s more? Even Stephen King himself enjoyed it! The film received rave reviews during its preview at Comic Con 2023. It captures the terrifying essence that has become synonymous with all of Stephen King’s stories, delivering a solid dose of fear and adrenaline. Originally slated for OTT distribution, the film will now thankfully be released in theaters, with Stephen King himself stating, “They’d be stupid to release this on streaming and not in cinemas.”