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9 moments at Ranveer Singh-Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy trailer launch that left us surprised

Teasing, joking, rapping and singing ruled high at the trailer launch of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy!



Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy trailer is finally out and we have to say it is epic. The engaging and inspiring plot, fantastic performances and the trendy raps have got us excited already. But the trailer launch event was also entertaining. In fact, there were 9 moments during the Gully Boy trailer launch event that left us surprised, read on to know more…

# Ranveer Singh’s impromptu rap: After making a stunning entry with a rap, Ranveer did impromptu raps for Ritesh Sidhwani, Alia Bhatt, Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar. What made it fun was that it wasn’t scripted and you could see him thinking, forming the lyrics and rapping like a pro.

# Ranveer raps a birthday song for Farhan: With Akhtar celebrating his birthday, the Gully Boy sang a birthday rap song for him especially, that had everyone cheering him on.

# Memory magic: While the makers showed us the Gully Boy trailer, we observed Ranveer and we have to say he could mouth every dialogue and rap to absolute perfection. He was enjoying the trailer and we loved seeing this side of him.

# Lulu & Tutu spray paint: By now everyone knows Alia and Ranveer call each other Lulu and Tutu sweetly. As a special surprise from Kalki Koechlin, spray paint bottles were handed to Alia and Ranveer, who used it to colour spray the words ‘Gully Boy’ on the backdrop placed on the stage. After completing it, Ranveer wrote Lulu and Tutu with a heart. Adorable, na?

# Epic album: If you were surprised with the rap songs in the trailer and Ranveer’s live performance, then wait till you hear the album. Zoya Akhtar revealed that the Gully Boy album will have 18 tracks. Some are songs, there’s background-score, two are poems, while one is a reprise. Now this one’s a treat for music-lovers, right?

# Character play: Zoya Akhtar made a string of interesting revelations at the trailer launch too. She mentioned how Gully Boy is not a biopic and Ranveer’s character is original and only some references have been taken from a few real life people. She further added that Kalki Koechlin plays someone from the music industry who affects all their lives personally as well as professionally. Alia revealed that she plays a medical student in the movie.

# Deepika’s take: When asked about DP’s reaction to the trailer, Ranveer mentioned that she hasn’t seen the trailer, but has watched the teaser. He further added that she loved it and is proud of him.

# Ranbir more special for Alia? When Bhatt Jr was asked how she feels working with two upcoming superstars like Ranbir and Ranveer, the actress revealed that both of them are fantastic actors and the only difference is that she is working with one on Brahmastra and the other on Gully Boy. However, Ranveer added that one is more special, while the other is less. Alia blushed, winked and smiled after the Gully Boy actor said this! Did Ranveer mean to say that RK is more special for Alia?

# No dhop-ing: Alia’s character tells that she will dhop (beat up) anyone if they get close to her boyfriend. But has she done it in real life? Well, doesn’t look like! Alia revealed that she is a non-violent person and hence she would not do it ever, but might dhop someone in her head. Ranveer added jokingly who would ever think of doing that to Alia.

Directed by Zoya Akhtar and produced by Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby Productions, Gully Boy is set to release on Valentine’s Day (February 14). In the meantime, tell us what you thought about the Gully Boy trailer in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to Cine Blitz as we get you all the updates from the world of Bollywood right here.