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Celebrity popularity is gauged through the number of followers on social media: Piew Jana calls it unfair

Actress Piew Jana is known for her roles in shows like “Krishna Chali London” and “Zindagi Ki Mehek”



Actress Piew Jana

Known for her roles in shows like “Krishna Chali London” and “Zindagi Ki Mehek”, actress Piew Jana feels that though social media is a boon in today’s world, she admitted that an actor’s talent shouldn’t be measured with their fan following.

She said, “Just as an actor is gauged with the number of hit films he or she had in their respective careers, similarly celebrity popularity is gauged through the number of followers one has on their social media accounts. This is so misleading in today’s world of debauchery, wherein a lot of people resort to false ways to increase their followers on social media just to gain public attention.”

‘For me, it’s all about the talent and the humility that a celebrity carries on-screen and off-screen that matters and not the mammoth number of followers on social media,” she added.

She asserted that the social media world has become a home to a lot of fake people. She also feels that instead of pretending to be someone they are not, actors should focus more on their craft.

She said, “Nowadays, just to gain public attention, some people create fake media accounts of celebrities and post irresponsible content, and create chaos. This should be curtailed in today’s world, wherein a common man gets inspired more from celebrity social media accounts rather than from the teachers or professors from his or her educational institutions.”

“Rome was not built in a day, similarly, every person in this world has to work their socks out in this competitive world to carve a name for themselves. On the contrary, some unethical people choose shortcut ways to gain popularity in this social media-friendly world. If an actor showcases his or her brilliant acting skills on-screen, that itself is enough to garner recognition in the eyes of millions of fans. No point in faking ourselves in front of this transparent world,” Piew concluded.

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