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5 Celebrities Who Made a Controversial Statement & Apologised

Let’s find out those B-town names who courted controversy with what they said but later tried to make things right:



Salman Khan

By Nikita Saha

Everybody makes mistakes & celebrities are no different. Given that they are public figures, they ought to often weigh their words before making any statements openly, considering the scrutiny that they can eventually be put through. We have witnessed a fair share of sex scandals, hush-hush affairs ousted in the open, celebrity rivalries and feuds among the exes. In all instances, celebs have been their candid self and made such controversial statements that landed them in a soup! But there were a few whose conscience stirred and they thought it is best to let things settle down with an apology.

Let’s find out those B-town names who courted controversy with what they said but later tried to make things right:

1. Salman Khan

The poster child for controversies, Salman Khan landed in trouble for comparing himself to a ‘raped woman’ while promoting his biggie ‘Sultan’ during a press interaction in Mumbai. When one of the reporters asked him how he felt about the arduous training schedule that he would undergo for his wrestler drama, he commented that it literally left him feeling battered like a raped woman when he would walk out of the ring after shooting for nearly 6 long hours. Salman later regretted his words and said that he shouldn’t have made such a comment. Being apologetic about it, he even asked journalists not to use it.

2. Payal Ghosh


Actor Payal Ghosh, who had accused film-maker Anurag Kashyap of having raped her, had also dragged actor Richa Chadha in the controversy. Later, she felt sorry for having done this and tendered an unconditional apology to Chadha. Richa Chadha had moved the court to file a defamation suit against Ghosh for making a ‘false, indecent, derogatory and baseless’ statement and sought suitable damages. But settled it once the apology came in.

3. Yuvika Chaudhary


Yuvika Chaudhary got herself into hot waters with the net brigade who vented out their rage over the actress when she dropped a casteist slur in one of her vlogs. In the particular video, she is seen filming her husband Prince Narula while he’s getting his haircut. Soon, the hashtag ‘Arrest Yuvika Chaudhary’ started trending. She later took to internet to issue an apology saying that she wasn’t aware of the meaning of the particular term and now that she does, she regrets putting it out in the public.

4. Munmun Dutta


Actor Munmun Dutta of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma fame sparked off a controversy when she exclaimed that she didn’t want to look like a specific community member. As usual, twitterati went abuzz and didn’t spare her the backlash. Dutta quickly responded with an apology on her Instagram handle stating that she ‘did not use the word to intimidate, insult, humiliate or hurt anybody’s sentiments. Her language barrier left her misinformed about the real meaning of the word and once she learnt the real meaning, she took the part down. However, it seems like people weren’t really convinced with her apology!

5. Kapil Sharma

Comedian Kapil Sharma too, more often than not, remains mired in controversies and scandals. He invited trouble when he happened to crack a joke that included the name of a religious deity of the Kayastha community. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t sit too well with the members of the community who immediately demanded a public apology. He thereby took to twitter to apologise unconditionally and stated that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone as his work is all about making people happy.

Well, all we’ll say here is it sure does pay to pick one’s words carefully, especially when you are in the limelight around-the-clock!