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Deepika Padukone not only got rid of her RK tattoo post marriage with Ranveer Singh, but also another one – read details

Deepika Padukone starts afresh with Ranveer Singh by erasing RK tattoo, but will she get Ranveer’s name tattooed?



Tying the knot with Ranveer Singh was literally a fresh start for Deepika Padukone. We hear that the actress has gotten rid of her RK tattoo that she flaunted on the back of her neck post her marriage with Ranveer. For those who are unaware, Deepika had gotten the initials of Ranbir Kapoor’s name inked when she was dating him. The tattoo had become quite the talk of the town as it was an open declaration of love for Deepika who otherwise guards her private life rather fiercely. The tattoo had become quite a rage too and many had followed suit back then.

Earlier there was buzz of her modifying the tattoo so that the initials RK could not be made out. But now it seems that she has completely got the tattoo lasered off. However, looks like the RK tattoo isn’t the only one that the star had gotten erased from her body. Her foot tattoo too seemed to have been removed. The star flaunted a floral vine tattoo with her initials DP around her foot and looks like she has gotten rid of that too. Interestingly both her tattoos had been done around the same time.

In all these years even post her break-up with Ranbir, DP had never shied away from flaunting her tattoo and except for her film scene requirements, hardly ever bothered to cover it up. But now, post marriage, perhaps she’s not keen on having any reminders of her ex-boyfriend. What would now be interesting to watch is whether she would get Ranveer’s name inked or not? What do you think, would she? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.