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Diana Penty revealed her new hair care routine and her go-to ‘hair-oil’ for flawless, glossy hai

The actress still resorts to natural and vegan products for her hair. 



Diana Penty at Cannes 2019
Diana Penty

When it comes to hair care, having a routine that perfectly works for you is a must. Bollywood’s diva Diana Penty, popularly known as ‘Meera’, recently posted a video on her Instagram about her hair care routine, and it is trending online with more than 39K views. In the video, Diana talks about her newfound hair care regime that helps maintain her healthy and luscious mane.

In her latest Instagram post, Diana revealed her favorite hair care product ‘Oil Shots’ from Brillare. The actress still resorts to natural and vegan products for her hair.

Penty mentioned that she discovered these Hair Fall Oil Shots while scrolling through her Instagram feed and immediately fell in love with the cute little vials and the ingredients of the product. The product is a perfect blend of onion oil, coffee oil, and basil with no added minerals, chemicals, or preservatives. She admits that the 100% natural and non-diluted ingredients make the oil shots super powerful. She asserted that applying a vial of Hair Fall Control Oil Shots every alternate night reduces hair fall.

Well, we are going to try these new shots in the market, ‘Oil Shots’; after all, ‘Nothing is better than a good hair day.’

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