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Eijaz Khan on what keeps his romantic bonding with stunning partner Pavitra Punia ‘rock-steady’!

Among the ‘engaging’ exceptions are former Bigg Boss-14 contestants, macho-man actor Eijaz Khan and his girlfriend-fiancee, vivacious style-icon TV celeb actress Pavitra Punia.



Eijaz Khan with Pavitra Punia

By Chaitanya Padukone

Ever since the super-popular Bigg Boss show (anchored by charismatic mega-star Salman Khan) started, the reality TV show has played ‘cupid catalyst’ and bonded together so many of its warring contestants. Quite often, the friendships (with some longer-lasting exceptions) have mostly fizzled out, once the show has concluded. Raat gayi—baat gayi? as they usually comment in showbiz.

Among the ‘engaging’ exceptions are former Bigg Boss-14 contestants, macho-man actor Eijaz Khan and his girlfriend-fiancee, vivacious style-icon TV celeb actress Pavitra Punia. Their steady romantic bonding has not only stood the test of time but seems to be going stronger day by day. As was evident. when both lovey-dovey partners Eijaz and Pavitra were partying together. At the recent late-night star-studded private celebration party co-hosted by sensational music-videos director and entrepreneur Aziz Zee (former Bollywood actor) and his dynamic wife Sanober Herekar Aziz (CEO –of SK Music Works).


Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia – style icons

The special occasion was to usher in buddy Aziz Zee’s birthday that midnight. Besides Eijaz and Pavitra, the celebs turn-out included dance-guru Terence Lewis, Deepshikha Nagpal, Rakesh Paul, Shakir Sheikh, Sandhya Shetty, Aakshi Khari, Tushar Jules, Sonakshi Singh, Suresh Thomas, singer Sakshi Holkar, Shivendra Saniyol and of course Shweta Khanduri. Discloses Aziz, “Both Eijaz-bhai and Pavitra are my close friends since past so many years. In fact, Eijaz has also featured in my directed music video ‘Kuchh Galat Hai’, which was shot in the locales of Ladakh, along with rock-star singer Bhoomi Trivedi”, shares Aziz, who has launched his own Dubai-based music company Royal Falcon, which will collaborate with top international singers-performers to convene live concerts and also bring out videos.


Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia with Bday boy Aziz Zee (centre)

Meanwhile versatile star-actor Eijaz, who has discreetly wrapped up shooting for a couple of big banner film projects including a Netflix assignment, both expected to release this year, is ‘tight-lipped’ about the details, in complying with the secrecy legal protocol.

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On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Eijaz shares his candid views exclusively with Cine Blitz. Says the rugged, debonair Khan, “There was a time in the past when I used to hate Valentine’s Day. Used to be kidding with my friends that we should line up and shoot all the teddy bears (laughs).  Guess, now I have softened up. Whichever festivals celebrate love, should always be encouraged, especially in today’s times. Sometimes love doesn’t win. But then Valentine’s may be celebrated with not just your lover, but also with all your loved ones, like your parents and even pets at home. But Pavitra gets excited about Valentine’s Day, so I love celebrating it with her,” he shrugs.


Film-journalist Chaitanya Padukone with Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia

What is it that Eijaz ‘madly loves’ about his romantic-partner Pavitra? Reacts the Ex-Bigg Boss 14 contestant. “Besides being a dedicated homemaker who loves furnishing and deep-cleaning, instead of just chilling at home during leisure time, Pavitra also loves cooking for me. As a child, I could never get to enjoy the privilege of relishing homemade food from my mother. Later on, there was always a hired help. Every time, Pavitra returns home after a hard day’s hectic shoot schedule, she religiously cooks food for me. Which is so endearing and I can never repay that. Always polished, well-groomed, and style-savvy, Pavitra takes good care of herself. And she loves doing that. And I too love this quality of hers,” signs off Eijaz whose popular Hotstar series show ‘City of Dreams’-Season 3, will also start streaming this year.

(The writer Chaitanya Padukone is an eminent award-winning senior entertainment journalist-author)