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Filmmaker Anand Gandhi reveals how the idea of creating ‘Ok Computer’ was born

OK Computer boasts a talented star cast- Radhika Apte, Vijay Varma, Jackie Shroff and Rasika Duggal



Anand Gandhi

film-maker Anand Gandhi has finally  released the trailer of his first dark comedy sci- fi thriller titled Ok Computer, for the Indian audience. While the trailer is earning tons of rave reviews, what’s more intriguing for the viewers is the man behind producing the project- Anand Gandhi has finally revealed on how the idea of OK Computer was born!

Sharing his thoughts with an ardent fan, Anand shared, “Gary Kasparov (Russian Chess Grandmaster) lost again Deep Blue (IBM Super Computer) at chess, and Gary Kasparov couldn’t believe that a computer can beat him at the game of chess! This was 1997! And Kasparov was absolutely unwilling to imagine at that point in history that computers can become so smart as to beat him at the game of Chess as he had been the greatest champion for so many years. He  couldn’t imagine  machines to function that surpass the scope of mirror calculations at that moment (and this was 1997).”

Watch the trailer of OK Computer:

“Now here’s a thought worth considering that we are closer to 2040 than we are to1997, which means that  we have witnessed, in the last couple of decades – the true potential of  computers and AI in our lives and how it has resulted in a  huge number of human enterprises being replaced by computing and AI. By 2040, not only we are going to see AI perform basic tasks for us – like in finance, administration, logistics but we are really going to see AI surpass human imagination.”

“We are going to see AI surpass human ingenuity, creativity and inventions.So, the question of course that’s been lingering around for about decade has been – how do we reconcile with this new intelligence that we are creating and how  are we going to continue improving it and I don’t think we are going to pause anymore because it does solves so many human problems.  It does make redistribution of resources possible, easier and faster. AI is going to provide us with pools of  longevity and wellness. But an important question here is what kind of legal frameworks are we going to create around this relationship between our organic species and this cloud based intelligence system that we have invented?”

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“And my friends and I have been meaning to take a shot at this question for all these years – for more than 6 -7 years now and last 5 years, my closest friends and the cofounders of Memesys – Pooja, Neil, Zain, khusboo and Vinay started working with me and we really started approaching this question with all the imagination and insights we could gather and while we  were at it, we were like Hey! Why don’t we have a ball and have as much fun as possible, why don’t we have a great laugh while we are at it; And that’s really where OK computer was born out of !”, He further added.

Sharing a special message with his ardent viewers, Anand Gandhi said, “You guys are really the stakeholders, we have really made this for you. This is a handcrafted piece of work. Pooja and Neil have worked day in and day out, have done sleepless nights for four years to make this happen. Me, Zain and all my friends at Memesys, we have worked incredibly hard to make this manifest! This has been really a labour of love! We really are very happy to bring this to you and we want you to consider this as your own!”

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“This is where we think we can have and create chapters of conversations and participate in the dialogue that we as members of this geography have not been actively a part of, and there has been fade insights that has come to us from many parts of the world are desires and attempts to make these conversations a true dialogue.”

“What I am trying to say is that we have seen our peers at the West share some great ideas and insights about AI, our future, what life and living would be like in the future and that’s  been very incredible, insightful and inspiring but we really do want to be a part of the dialogue, we want to speak back in that conversation and this is really an ice – breaker! Like my projects in the past, Like ‘Ship of Theseus’, ‘Tumbbad’, ‘SHASN’, this ‘OK Computer’ is also an ice breaker, it’s just the beginning of a conversation, it’s not the end of the conversation!”

Helmed by the makers of Ship of Theseus and Tumbbad- Pooja Shetty and Neil Pagedar and produced by Anand Gandhi, OK Computer boasts a talented star cast- Radhika Apte, Vijay Varma, Jackie Shroff and Rasika Duggal to name a few. The series is going to release on 26th March, 2021.