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From Adheera In KGF Chapter 2 to Kancha Cheena in Agneepath, here’s some of the best looks doomed by Sanjay Dutt for his roles

Here’s a look at the times where Sanjay Dutt’s looks from his film left the people impressed.



Sanjay Dutt's looks

Sanjay Dutt has been a part of Bollywood for three decades now. With each decade Sanjay Dutt’s roles showed him playing different characters with various looks. In his long and illustrious career the actor has donned some of the best looks for the characters he has played, be it a villian or a hero Sanjay Dutt has always justified his roles with his dedication to get into the skin of his character not just mentally but physically as well. Here’s a look at the times where Sanjay Dutt’s looks from his film left the people impressed.

KGF Chapter 2


Sanjay Dutt on his birthday treated the fans with yet another look from his upcoming film, ‘KGF 2’. The actor’s look is inspired by Vikings and in the new poster Sanjay Dutt looks a treat to watch. The versatile actor has taken on a never before seen avatar for the film and can be seen leading his troops with a sword and a cool pair of sunglasses as he looks fearless and bold. His dreadlocked hair and salt and pepper beard add to his intimidating look and the fans are surely excited to see Sanjay in this new avatar.


This character changed the way Sanjay Dutt was seen as an actor in the industry. As a major shock to people around the country, Agneepath’s remade version featured Sanjay Dutt taking on a more scary villian than the original one. Sanjay Dutt went completely bald for his role in the movie and also got his ear pierced and wore a thick circular earring in one of his ears, a look from him with that evil smile of his was enough to give someone the chills.The actor immortalised the role with his rendition of the character and it became an iconic character and look as he once again established the fact that he could pick up any role and nail it.

Bhuj: The Pride of India

There is something about Sanjay Dutt and his full grown moustache with beard look. The actor returns with one of his most iconic looks in the film ‘Bhuj’. His poster from the film showed the actor giving some serious fearless looks. The actor plays a army scout in the movie and his look itself is enough to exude the kind of vibe needed to play such kind of role.


Bollywood has seen a lot of actors playing historic characters but none as charming and dangerous at the same time like Sanjay Dutt from ‘Panipat’. The actor who played a villanous role in the movie was by far one of the best role that Sanjay had taken up and his performances and looks made his character even more realistic. The actor wore heavy fur coat and mutliple rings and a afghani head wear to get into the character, his full grown beard and scared face added to the fearful look of his and made him more intimidating as one of the strongest and toughest invader that the country had ever witnessed. It was the first time the actor was playing part in a historical period drama and his craft and skill as an actor was there for everyone to witness as he yet again aced in a totally new role for himself as an actor.



The importance of the movie in the career of Sanjay Dutt cannot be overstated. The performance from the actor in this film is still seen by many as one of industry’s all time best. Sanjay’s character from the film not only became iconic but till date the character is mimicked by a lot of fans and his dialogues from the film are still very much popular. Sanjay Dutt in kurta pajama with a huge Tikka on his forehead and gold chain in his neck is a image that has been etched into the memories of a lot of people across the country, ’50 tola sona’ dialogue with that look and attire of his has become iconic and as simple as it may seem nonone could have done it better. His walking style and his dialogue delivery in the film too got the approval of fans and with that Sanjay Dutt gave such a shape to his character that more than a couple of people have taken on the persona of his character and tried to recreate it in other movies and artforms. Little did Sanjay Dutt know what he had done with the character and that even decades later the fans would still be loving it.