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Gaurav Chopraa gets candid about Love Lust & Confusion

Gaurav Chopraa reveals how his screen character Rahil Khan is just like the real him

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What started as a cameo in the Viu Original Series’ Love Lust & Confusion has now been made into a full-fledged character, thanks to Gaurav Chopraa’s popularity as Rahil Khan. In an exclusive interview with CineBlitz, television’s tall, brooding heartthrob, and the reclusive telly star, tells us what drew him to the series and the character of Rahil Khan. He also reveals how the recently launched Season 2 is dramatically better made than Season 1

 You were playing a cameo in season 1. How did season 2 happen?

The producer Nehaa, of I Am Mango People, and her husband Pranjal, have done events and shows with me in the past. There was a rapport and some faith. Every time she and I have collaborated, it’s worked out really well. Her husband tells me I’m her lucky mascot, and every time something good is happening, she definitely calls me in. Like she did when they started Love Lust & Confusion – it’s the journey of this girl, and quite fluffy. The first season was bubble-gum romance, very millennial.

There’s a lot of sex and a lot of confusion. It was very new age and from the girl’s point-of-view, and quite rebellious in terms of breaking norms. Poroma Sarkar, a graphic designer and artist, has this boyfriend and he decides to go away for a year and she thinks that before marriage, he’s going to do whatever he can do now that he’s alone, and she should do that too. So she comes from Kolkata to Mumbai. She has this journal which is a list of the kind of people she would want to be with. So she starts exploring that, and sets out to meet those kinds of people. In that, she meets this guy Rahil. There were two reasons I said yes to the cameo. One, Nehaa was producing it and we have this history of having done 10 things together and everything being successful. It’s always great to work with someone when whatever you’ve done together has been successful. So you look forward to further successful collaborations. And two, Rahil Khan was very interesting. In the first season though, it was a glorified guest appearance.

Tell us more about Rahil Khan.

Rahil Khan is very interesting. He’s somewhere in his late 20s, on the verge of becoming the Vice President of this corporate organisation, realised the futility of this race and figures that this materialistic competitive gamble is not his thing. And he just lets go of all of that. He buys a resort on a beach and makes it a backpackers’ joint, with people from all over the world coming to his joint. And he discovers Rumi (the 13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic) and his philosophies. Rumi becomes the mentor, philosopher and guide that he sought because his philosophies resonated with him. So he follows Rumi, and his resort is called Rumi On Rent. It’s got little Rumi sayings all over the place…

So how much of Gaurav Chopraa do we get to see in season 2?

In season 1, I was introduced in one episode and that was one episode out of 13, for me. In it, she comes to his resort and instantly falls in love with him. He really likes her too, and they have a strong chemistry. She stays with him, and he hears all about her adventures and misadventures. Despite having a fiancé, Rahil is the only guy with whom she shares her journal. And it’s a beautiful scene in bed where she shares her journal with him. He understands. He’s very evolved with his emotions. You always sense that there’s something about his past that has hurt him and he’s learnt from that. He tells her, ‘You need to go and do your thing. And if you have to come to me, you’ll come to me.’ She says ‘How can you not be jealous about me being with other people?’ And he says, ‘Because I’m your now. Now jealous nahin hota hai.’ That is where that had ended. The series is about a lot of people that she meets, and it was obvious she would end up with one of them. But when they did the research after the season got over, the name that cropped up was Rahil Khan – that she should actually be with. I personally feel it was because with her confused millennial craziness, Rahil seems to be the guy who will take care of her, sort her out. He’s the one that she would be stable with. That’s how the character is. He’s supposed to bring that sense of thehraav and sort things out. Except that now, season 2 is about Rahil, and there is drama in his life. The second season starts with Poroma Sarkar living in with Rahil for almost a year now. Which is a ‘Whhaaat?’ situation, because in the first season, I was done with episode 8, and by episode 13, she has proposed to people and drama has happened with everybody else in her life, and Rahil was nowhere in sight.

So they’ve had to flesh out your character in a deeper way? You’ve obviously made a comeback.

Yeah. So now he can’t be all perfect, I’m-giving-you-advice kind of guy. And he knows there is shit happening in his own life. There’s love, lust, and confusion happening in his own life. Season 2 starting with Rahil is itself a hint that when all the confusion in her life was going on, Rahil was the only one she felt she could go to, and the only person she felt stable with. So the second season primarily is of a more mature take. It is still love, lust, and confusion, but it is not so fluffy any more. It’s a little more mature than that, in the sense of gravitas, the intensity of the problem. Yet we’ve retained the flavour – it’s a young show, you can’t make this heavier. But it became extremely difficult to portray somebody who is this evolved, this cool, this honest and upfront when he is flawed. How do you show that? You’re maintaining that he’s still the same guy, and then saying that in this all-perfect zone, there are flaws and troubles and mistakes. And he’s trying to cope with all of that, which sometimes he is not able to. A lot of times, a perfect character becomes a nemesis to continue the drama. If you had to just say what he would say, the drama would end. So this season has been a huge challenge.

Are you happy with how it’s shaped up? The second episode is up today.

Yes. It’s a dramatically better made show than season 1. There’s a huge upscale that’s happened. The channel had a huge surprise hit with the first season. So when they were bringing back the second season, for them it was already on a pedestal, and they felt they had to match it. The flavour of the show will still be maintained, but this time, the story, the performance, the scenes, everything is a little up there, a little more meaningful, a little more controversial, a little more debatable even – which is what a Love Lust & Confusion should do. And I am so much like Rahil in real life, in the sense of his take on things. And Poroma’s being with me was just perfect. But it was not something that you can design or force. It turned out like that organically. At the end of this, there is obviously scope for a season 3.

How did Tara Alisha Berry’s (Poroma) youth match your gravitas in performance?  

I was Rahil and she was Poroma. Like it was very easy for me to be Rahil, with her it was for Poroma. She is spunky like that, spontaneous like that, and talks just like she would, at least in the character. In real life, she’s not as impulsive as Poroma is. But she’s still very upfront, she’s still almost blunt. She’s very confident in her space, a very individualistic person. So as the central character whose confusions and journey are the story, she’s a flawed character like that – there’s no perfection there. But she plays it with perfection in the sense that she is like that. And she justifies it too in her mind. Poroma is not a similar person to Rahil, she’s a contrast. She brings spunk into his life, he brings stability into hers. His sense of romance with her is like caregiver na. He takes care of her, he understands, and invariably it becomes difficult for him because he so understanding of her situation, but she can’t understand his. It’s a situation where he has to be mature enough for both people. But it was just perfect.

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