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THIS actor is getting hands-on with the edit of the film only to SAVE it

The film’s success is crucial for the actor’s career in Bollywood and he’s clearly not taking any chances



Having a successful film that mints money at the box office is very important for any actor to survive in this industry. While many manage to impress the audience and give super-hit films, some are still struggling to reach that level of success. Today, we are talking about one such actor who is hoping to finally hit the jackpot with his upcoming film. His next film is one of the highly-anticipated ones and he is banking a lot on this film’s success to get more projects in future.

To ensure the film does well, the actor is now even taking charge and looking at the edit of the film. While many actors are known to sit on the edit of the film only to cut roles of other actors and increase their own screen space, this actor has only taken charge to save the film. Well, we hope that it works for him.

Could you guess who the star is? Well, let us give you another hint. He belongs to the younger lot of actors. Who do you think this star is and what movie is he in? Let us know in the comments section. Also, stay tuned to CineBlitz for more news and updates.