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How Hrithik, John, Shahid, Farhan inspired Mrunal Thakur to make fitness a lifestyle

For Mrunal Thakur, fitness has been a top priority ever since the start of the lockdown.



Mrunal Thakur

For Mrunal Thakur, fitness has been a top priority ever since the start of the lockdown. Having worked with actors like John Abraham (Batla House), 2Hrithik Roshan (Super 30), Shahid Kapoor (Jersey) and Farhan Akhtar (Toofan), has realized the importance of holistic fitness over and above the requirements for a character or a movie. Each of these actors is effortlessly and confidently able to take on parts that require one to physically push boundaries because they are certain they will be able to pull it off.

Physical intensive roles are a draw too for Mrunal, because she believes as an actor she should be prepared for every role that comes her way regardless of how emotionally or physically taxing it might be.

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Mrunal said, “Fitness has always been important to me at a personal level. It started early on but ever since I entered the Hindi film industry, I realized that fitness was an integral life choice. I have always been paired with opposite actors who taught me so much. Fitness and health are virtues that are absolutely irreplaceable. Physical fitness ensures that you ever-ready for parts that come your way. And fitness cannot be achieved overnight; it’s a continuous process. In the post-pandemic era, one realizes the importance of being physically fit even more.”

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She adds “From my co-stars, I have realized the value of working out over crash diets. It is hard work that will eventually yield the best results. Farhan achieved a physique where his fat levels came down to a zero. Shahid moves effortlessly from one physically draining role to another; even becoming a cricketer in Jersey with such ease. Hrithik is easily the fittest man we have in Bollywood. I was truly inspired I eat balanced meals and work out regularly. I don’t believe in supplements but a more natural way of staying fit. Yoga is something I swear by and no matter how my schedule looks, I always make time for yoga and exercise. I used the lockdown to take a fitter approach to life and 9 months later, I can safely say I have done good!”