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“I love playing characters which are very close to our real lives”: Kaveri Priyam

Kaveri Priyam will soon be seen in Seema and Sudhir Sharma’s “Ziddi Dil Maane Na”.



Kaveri Priyam

Kaveri Priyam will soon be seen in Seema and Sudhir Sharma’s “Ziddi Dil Maane Na”. In a quick chat, she talks about the show, her character Dr. Monami Mahajan, the TV industry and much more. Read on:

1. You’re doing a show called ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’, the trailer of which was recently released. The response is good. How does it feel?

It feels amazing because finally the show is on floors, we have all been waiting for this for a really long time. We started with the prep work back in November when the pilot was shot. Since my audition, I was quite excited about the show, especially because of the title, which I have seen and loved while growing up. So I was thrilled and excited to be a part of this one.

2. Can you talk about your character?

Dr. Monami Mahajan comes from a very rich family. Her father is a doctor who owns a hospital of his own and he wants her to run it but she has some other plans. She wants to help people around because she knows that the sort of service which her father’s hospital provides cannot be afforded by everyone. She is empathetic, caring, helping, and she can do anything to help others. She gets scared, she gets nervous, she fumbles but she always stand with what’s right, and ultimately conquers her fear and goes on to achieve her dream.

3. What attracted you to the character? And how much do you relate to your charcater?

I love playing characters that are very close to our real lives so I connected basically to Dr. Monami’s nature. She is a very helpful person, sweet, kind and genuine sort of person. I somewhere feel the journey of Dr. Monami and mine is similar. Although I had my family’s support to come in this field but somewhere our insecurities are similar. Both Dr. Monami and I are trying to create our names in a completely different world but we both came, conquered our dreams and achieved them.

4. Did you do any preparation for the role?

Yes, we had a lot of script reading sessions apart from that Sudhir sir and Seema ma’am made us do this very amazing workshop under Joy Fernandes sir, who is an amazing actor. We got to learn some really new and cool stuff from him. Also there was so much to unlearn during the process because becoming a whole new character and leaving an old character behind is what we have to work a little bit more on to get into the skin of the present character. Apart from that this role demands physical strength which I am still working on so that when Dr. Monami has to do fight sequences then I am all ready for it in the show.

5. Pandemic has changed the way we look at career and life. Comment.

Pandemic has changed the way we look at everything in life in a great way. For me especially, the pandemic has been a lesson where I have learned to make the most of whatever opportunities I get and make the most of everyday and also give my best in whatever I do, because you never know if you will get the chance again or not. These days people have stopped living for the future and they have started living now in the present, that goes with my career and life as well.

6. What changes do you find in the industry over the years?

Well though I have been in the industry for three or four years now, I feel that the life of TV show has reduced and somewhere it’s sort of a challenge for everyone to make the show the best and number one. There are some shows which have been running for a really long time and they are an inspiration for us, so we have to make that happen as far as our show is concerned.

7. How’s it working with Sunshine Production (Seema and Sudhir Sharma).

It’s a wonderful experience working with them. They make us feel at home and at such ease. We have been given all sorts of facilities that an actor can ask for in order to work with full concentration and everything. They are 200 percent involved right from the very beginning. It has been simply great and I am really looking forward to working more and more.

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