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Junglee Trailer: 5 things about Vidyut Jammwal’s adventure film you cannot miss in the promo

Junglee Trailer: Vidyut Jammwal – Pooja Sawant – Asha Bhat’s promo will be out tomorrow (March 6), but before that we give you an exclusive sneak peek into it



junglee trailer vidyut jammwal pooja sawant asha bhatt

Vidyut Jammwal’s Junglee is in the making since a couple of years now and it is finally releasing. The family-adventure film is about Raj (Vidyut) and his elephant friend (Bhola). Raj meets Bhola at his father’s elephant reserve and they instantly connect. They grow older together, but Raj has to leave to pursue his studies. He returns as a vet and is welcomed by the people as well as the animals with open arms. However, what he encounters leaves him stunned! He sees a group of international poachers running a racket. He fights them, but will he be able to save Bhola and the others? Well that’s something you will see in the movie.

In the meantime, the makers of Junglee are all set to release the trailer tomorrow (March 6). But before that, we got a chance to see it. And we have to say it is majestic and captivating. So much so, that we were tempted to give you a sneak peek! We need to credit director Chuck Russel to present the movie on such a wonderful scale. With that, here’s presenting 5 exclusive insights, moments and things of the Junglee trailer you cannot miss!

# Raj and Bhola’s bond: To make any film look good, especially one which says a story of a man and an animal, the bond between them must be shown in a certain way. And you see it in Junglee. Raj and Bhola’s bond is such that it will melt your hearts. How they meet, how they look at each other, play with one another and protect each other, Raj and Bhola’s friendship will win your hearts. In fact, you’d want someone like Bhola in your life. Credit to Chuck Russel and his team for showing the bond so well, even through small emotions and reactions.

# Insane action sequences: We all know Vidyut Jammwal is one helluva action star. The moves and stunts he pulls off are quite insane. Full marks to the action director Parvez Shaikh and Vidyut himself, who has done a lot of additional action choreography. The Kalaripayattu that he has mastered and showcased in the movie is mesmerising.

# Pooja Sawant and Asha Bhat’s screen presence: While several movies and their trailers see actresses being used as props, Pooja Sawant and Asha Bhat’s screen presence is strong. Not only do they look fantastic, but their pivotal roles can be seen in the trailer itself. Their camaraderie with Vidyut is also a must-watch.

# Soundtrack: An adventure film needs a good soundtrack and background score to connect with the audience. And that’s what Junglee does! In fact, the background score in the Junglee trailer gets you hooked and captivates you! It actually takes the whole experience to another level. Credit to Sameer Uddin.

# Dialogues: The hard-hitting and realistic dialogues will actually connect with you. In fact, we loved Vidyut Jammwal and Atul Kulkarni’s lines in the trailer and how they are presented too. Atul’s dialogue delivery must be commended.

So these were our 5 highlights from the Junglee trailer! What do you think? And how excited are you for it? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to CineBlitz as we get you all the updates from the world of Bollywood right here.