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Audiences are all praise for Amazon Prime Video’s latest release’French Biriyani’ and here’s what they have to say!

The film is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and these reactions are proof, you must watch it!



The much-awaited Kannada film which truly became a Pan-India release with anticipation around it, French Biriyani finally released on Amazon Prime Video and the audiences are all praise for the film. The audiences have truly enjoyed everything the film has to offer- from all the fun elements, the talented cast and the unexpected jokes that come in between. A laugh riot in the true sense!

Here’s what the audiences are saying:

“#FrenchBiriyani is such delightful and perfect comedy of errors on screen 👌🏼




 it’s so hard to watch such light laughter filled good watch


“One of the best comedy entertainer in OTT platform with full meals of Biryani.

Congratulations to whole Team of #FrenchBiriyani for well deserved success & entertaining the peoples in this pandamic time.




“#FrenchBiriyani The humor was very very fresh and refreshing compared the the slapstick crap we see these days. Haven’t laughed so much in ages. Great work and look forward to more such!”

“This #FrenchBiriyani was thoroughly enjoyable.Watched it without reading any reviews and some scenes genuinely cracked me up. I’m laughing thinking about it even today 🤣 Surely


 would have written those dialogues. So thank you DS and the whole team for this full meals”

“#FrenchBiriyani – the movie will make you fall in love with #Bengaluru and #Kannada even more .. amidst cocid19 lockdowns/distancing etc norms – it will make yearn for the Bengaluru chaos – after the movie you may feel – French Biryani : aacha “pakaya” – but it’s worth a watch”

“#FrenchBiriyani is fun packed entertainer! We laughed throughout the movie.


 bro you nailed it, kudos!!”

“#FrenchBiriyani If ur 4m #Bengaluru u will instantly relate to majority of the dialogues and situations. It also delivers the messages about hypocrisy and racism up right and perfectly.


 and #SalYusuf were the best.  Do watch it #Laughriot.


Even just before the release of the film, the audiences also shared their excitement with the #FrenchBiriyaniOnPrime and took the internet by storm. The film has stood up to the expectations and exceeded it with its perfect comedy which the audience can’t seem to get enough of.

The team of the film has also been an ‘A-team’ because of the good sense of humour the director, Pannaga Bharana and the actors Sal Yusuf and Danish Sait shared on sets and in turn, the hilarious results are seen in their performances. The film also marks the debut of stand-up comedian Sal Yusuf.

Directed by Pannaga Bharana, French Biriyani is produced by Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar and Gurudath A Talwar under the banner of PRK productions.

The action comedy drama stars comedian Danish Sait as Asgar portraying the role of an autorickshaw driver in Bengaluru alongside Sal Yusuf as Simon. The film is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and these reactions are proof, you must watch it!

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