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International Yoga Day 2020: Dangal TV actors talk about yoga, it’s benefits and their favourite asana

Yoga has been a favourite of many celebrities who swear by the Indian exercise to stay in shape.



The health benefits of yoga have been known to all. From keeping one fit physically to providing mental peace to have radiant ever-glowing skin, Yoga has been a favourite of many celebrities who swear by the Indian exercise to stay in shape.

As the world gears up to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, Dangal TV’s actors share how practicing yoga has boosted their mind and body and encourage everyone to pick up the practise too.

Gurmeet Choudhary from Ramayan (2008) – Lord Ram:

With gyms inaccessible Yoga is the only way to keep yourself fit. I have been doing isha kriya twice daily along with chanting aum. Yoga for me is finding my inner peace. I have always been a fitness fanatic. During lockdown it’s important to keep fit mentally as well as physically. Hence I have taken to yoga extensively.

Rahul Sharma from Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi:

I have been doing yoga since the last 15-16 years. I learnt about Yoga through Baba Ramdev. I had never been very serious about it. But in the last 3 months, I have learnt a lot. I have not done any other kind of exercise other than Yoga. I am focusing on stretching, opening up more and balancing. I try to make myself a little uncomfortable in terms of the asanas to push myself to do better. Yoga helped me sail through these difficult times in the last few months.  My favourite asan is Chakraasan.

Aparna Dixit Pyar ki Lukka Chuppi:

I absolutely love yoga specially head stands are my fav thing. It soothes me! Gives me peace , teaches me balance physically and emotionally! I feel yoga is something that brings a positive change in you from inside. The more you practice it , it heals you strengthens you.I make sure to do breathing exercising! Yoga is like a calm amidst all the chaos around us.

Tarun Khanna from Devi Aadi Parashakti:

I was into Yoga since my childhood. I did a lot of Karate as well and a lot of Karate exercises include yoga asanas but are known from a different name. I practice yoga 1 hour every day in the morning. It is a part of my daily routine irrespective of where I am. I make sure I sit in Vajra aasan while I have my food. I love vajra aasaan, I have mastered Mayur aasan over the years and now I am practising bakaasan and will eventually look at doing a handstand. Yoga is very good for an actor as it helps in concentrating, internalizing the thoughts. I would recommend yoga to everyone.

Madhura Naik from Alif Laila

I practice very selected yoga. Meditation is a major part of my routine because I sleep lesser than the normal requirement.  I do practice Nidrayoga to fall asleep quite frequently. I also follow the practice of KARMA yoga hugely and strongly recommend to live by its rules which are six simple ways: Self-Serve- If I want to change the world, start at home; be genuine- bring your authentic self to the table, god has made each and every one of us unique and that is our very own superpower, don’t let it die; Respect nature- in today’s world we have started to take nature and it’s resources for granted, but don’t forget, while one of us is wasting water in long showers the other some of us have no water to drink in the same world we share; Contribute- Contribution does not only mean donating money, it could also mean giving a listening ear to someone who just wants to share their sorrows; Practice compassion- In this world of people who are constantly agitated and rude, a smile can make a huge difference and last but not the least POSITIVE ATTITUDE- practice being positive on a daily basis, trust me in this one it’s contagious 🙂

Vishal Karwal from Dwarkadheesh – Bhagwaan Shree Krishn:

I have been doing weight training from the last 14 years but according to me it is a very surface-level kind of fitness. It is amazing to keep yourself fit but it also makes you hyperactive. And on the other hand, yoga looks at fitness, flexibility and also inner growth. It helps you deal with diseases, good digestion and makes you calm from the inside. Even though I love doing weight training but if given an option I will always choose yoga. there might be days I might miss my training but I never miss my yoga sessions. I really want to do the headstand without the support of the hand. that would be an ultimate achievement.

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