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“Safety of our citizens was my primary thought”, shares Tiger Shroff

The actors talks about his film Baaghi 3 and pandemic crisis

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Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 3 was receiving a tremendous response at the box office but abruptly, stopped running on the screens due to the theatres shutting down as a preventive measure to curb the spread of Covid-19. The film charted a massive 102 crores at the box office and even on the last day, it minted a good collection of 6.5 crores.

Tiger Shroff has been riding high on the success of his recent release and also, on the love he has been receiving from the audience especially for his action skills. Always holding his own, Shroff’s films have done immensely well even at the box office, WAR (2019) and his last release Baaghi 3 as two back to back successes.

The third instalment of Baaghi franchise, Baaghi 3 opened to massive numbers but the current coronavirus situation saw the country take some unprecedented and preventive measures like shutting down movie theatres, which also affected the lifetime collections of the actor.

As the entire country is under a lockdown till April 14, Tiger tells us how he is utilitilising this time and shares, “I have been doing home workouts, spending time with my loved ones, and trying to use social media to help spread whatever awareness and genuine information that I can”.

Tiger Shroff has made his mark in the industry as ‘The Youngest Action Superstar’ and has given promising performances one after the other. Baaghi 3 opened phenomenally well at the box office and because the highest box office opener of 2020.

In just a short span of six years, Tiger already has a fleet of successful franchises to his credit which makes him highly bankable. However, talking about- pressure or no spressure? He says, “When people look up to you for the work you do, it is important to be mindful of your actions. If your conscience is in the right place then you wouldn’t have to constantly worry about being right. At the same time, these expectations from my fans are a motivation to keepworking harder”.

Baaghi 3 is the highest day one earner of the year so far but bore the brunt of the wide shutdown due to the pandemic. Telling us his reaction to this entire scenario, he shares how considering the crisis we are going through, it got enough love and for me, the safety of his fans was a bigger priority.

“I feel blessed and grateful that the film was accepted and loved by the masses and audiences,” Shroff tells us. “Considering we were and still are going through a world crisis, our audiences came out in large numbers until the theatres shut down. That really got me overwhelmed with their love for our film, but honestly at that point, for me, the safety of our citizens was my primary thought. I couldn’t think or process anything of the film’s box office because the virus was spreading all over and the film in my head had already taken a back seat as it was important that people stayed indoors and were safe”.

However, he also adds, “I am half disappointed because our hardwork couldn’t reach its potential. However, I am satisfied because the bigger picture is the safety of our people and the government has made amazing decisions to follow that through. Let’s see, once the situation settles, perhaps we may re- release.”

Over the years, Tiger has created a niche for himself as the youngest action star. The actor is also the only actor from his generation to have a franchise under his belt. The third and latest installment of Baaghi sees Tiger perform action unlike ever seen before in Bollywood.

Tiger is currently basking in the success of Baaghi 3 and is all set to shoot for his next film Heropanti 2 releasing on 16th July 2021.


Digangana of Veera fame shoots an ad with Akshay Kumar

The Bigg Boss inmate shot Dollar wear the change commercial just before the lockdown was announced

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By Chaitanya  Padukone

Popular TV star Digangana Suryavanshi, who has this a unique record of  two of her debut Hindi movies namely ‘Jalebi’ and ‘FryDay’ releasing on the same day, seemed to be in an upbeat euphoric mood.

Despite the ongoing stay-at-home confinement’  That’s because the ‘Dollar-wear-the-change’ ad-commercial which she shot with megastar Akshay Kumar is now out and is being widely appreciated by viewers.   Shares the Mahesh Bhatt-discovery  Digangana, speaking exclusively to CineBlitz, “Working with Akshay Kumar Sir was truly amazing. Fortunately, we had shot this ad film a few days before the lockdown. And what’s really amusing and amazing to me is that in the ad I am referred to as the ‘Princess’, which also happens to be the name that my fans fondly gave me. So, there’s that special element to it.”

She further says, “ In fact it’s my first ad film, and I’m so glad that it was with none other than Akshay Sir. Who is known for his consistent super-hit box-office success records,  that too experimenting with diverse contrasting lead roles,  What a charismatic presence. Yet he is so extremely grounded. I would love to work with him again, in a Hindi movie. Hopefully very soon. By sheer coincidence, Akshay Sir’s  upcoming action-thriller movie is titled ‘Sooryavanshi’, which also happens to be my family surname,” she smiles with a rosy blush on her cheeks.

Since optimistic Digangana  has experienced the ‘Bigg Boss-9’ spacious house and garden-area confinement a few years ago, she was apparently aware, as to how to creatively reconcile with a ‘lockdown’ situation. .Minus the volatile showdown conflicts, of course. Elaborates the style-savvy ‘Hippi’ actress, “Although the reason for social lockdown is absolutely unfortunate, I think it’s given us all a lot of time to introspect. I’ve always been a creative person, and since I’m getting time being offshoots right now, I Am investing my time in catching up with my hobbies. I haven’t had the time to paint for a long time, and now that I do, I’ve created quite a few classy artworks. Am exploring my musical side as well.”

The multi-talented Digangana has even written stories and song about Covid-19

She says, “I have expressed my outlook on the current situation. Spending lots of ‘quality-time’ conversing with both my parents at home and on cell-phone with my outstation relatives,” shares Digangana

The actress who has been working in South Indian  big-banner  regional movies  is now discreetly gearing up to also feature in her fourth Hindi movie with a top-male star very soon.

( The writer Chaitanya Padukone is an eminent Sr. film-journalist &  author of book R D Burmania )

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Ronit Roy: “I would like to thank my fans for the success and appreciation that I have received”

The sizzling third season is all set to release on the 6th of June on ALTBalaji and ZEE5

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Ronit Roy, who has been hugely appreciated for his stupendous performance in ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s highly-anticipated web show ‘Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain’ season 1 and 2, is eagerly awaiting the launch of the third season of the show premiering on 6th June on ALTBalaji and ZEE5 platforms.

Touted as the biggest relationship web series, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is based around a love entanglement between the three main characters of Rohit, Ananya, and Poonam portrayed by Ronit Roy, Mona Singh, and Gurdip Kohli respectively.

In the new season, Rohit will be seen adopting a carefree attitude in his life and becoming distant from all the other characters. After separating from Ananya, the show will see Rohit hit ground zero.

Talking about his experience of working on the three seasons of the show, Ronit says, “I would like to thank my fans for the success and appreciation that I have received for the first two seasons. Both the seasons rated ten times more than anything else that was on the internet at that point in time and I am really happy about that.”

“I still remember the first time when Ekta (Kapoor) narrated the basic plot, idea, and story, there was so much of enthusiasm in her and in between the narration how she beautifully points out the small quirks and traits about each character of the show. Eventually, I worked on that and incorporated it in my performance,” Ronit adds.

The sizzling third season is all set to release on the 6th of June, 12 noon on the ALTBalaji & ZEE5 OTT platforms!

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Know how Sanya Malhotra injured herself during the lockdown!

Sanya Malhotra hurt her finger while trying to make chutney and had to be rushed to the hospital for a surgery

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Sanya Malhotra recently shared a picture of her plastered finger, keeping everyone wondering what exactly had happened. A source close to Sanya revealed that it happened while Sanya was making chutney in a blender.

While Sanya was making chutney, the blender malfunctioned and the lid blew off and while trying to put the lid back on, her hand slipped into the jar and her finger of the left hand was sliced off and was hanging loose at one end.

Sanya was all alone and to keep her from fainting, she called a friend over and another friend rushed her to a suburban hospital where she was tested for Covid-19 first which was negative. The actress suffered two fractures, one dislocation, and two-three major cut on her fingers as she had to be rushed into surgery immediately.

As soon as Sanya was discharged from the hospital, her old roommate Harshita moved in with Sanya to help her heal.

While Sanya is aware that she is still better off compared to the grave sufferings of others in these tough times, Sanya has to give her finger time to heal fully. Besides, she would be better taken care of at home in Delhi, the source conveyed. Everyone hopes for Sanya‘s recovery as she must heal as soon as she can.

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