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Madhur Bhandarkar to make a film titled Main Hoon Chowkidaar – here’s proof!

After the success of the Chowkidar campaign by the Bharatiya Janata Party, Madhur Bhandarkar will make a film inspired by it titled Main Hoon Chowkidaar

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Madhur Bhandarkar. Pic courtesy: Facebook

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections with a big margin. Their Main Bhi Chowkidar campaign was a huge success and looks like several people, including filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar have been inspired by it. In fact, so much has been the impact that Madhur Bhandarkar also plans to make a film using the title Main Hoon Chowkidaar. Yes, the filmmaker has already registered the title and is working on the script currently.

A source reveals to us exclusively, “Madhur Bhandarkar had a lot of movie ideas in his mind. But after BJP’s win, he had an interesting story to make a film on. In fact, the political party’s slogan – Main Bhi Chowkidar caught his attention. And so, he registered Main Hoon Chowkidaar as his next film’s title. While he is still working on the story and premise, he will announce it soon.” Well, considering that Madhur Bhandarkar dishes out realistic cinema quite effortlessly, we wonder how the filmmaker will spin the movie around! But we are sure it will be an interesting watch. What do you guys think about this development? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!



For those of you who don’t know, PM Narendra Modi responding to a Congress jibe had mentioned that he is a chowkidar and he is the one protecting everyone. Rahul Gandhi and Congress members had then taking jibes at him calling him out as ‘chowkidar chor hai‘. But Modi spun this around and started a new campaign for BJP called Main Bhi Chowkidar. Each and every BJP member as well as supporter called themselves chowkidars. They even put it as a prefix to their names on Twitter. The campaign was a hit and they won the elections. This would make a good movie, right? Well, we will have to wait and watch what Madhur Bhandarkar does!

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Why were Mahie Gill, Soham Shah and team Fixerr attacked by four goons? Find out the real reason!

ALTBalaji’s Fixerr was being shot in Thane on June 19 when four goons broke into the sets and assaulted the team. But what was their motive? Read exclusive details!

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Team Fixerr after the attack. Pic courtesy: Instagram

We exclusively revealed to you how Soham Shah, Mahie Gill and team Fixerr were attacked by four goons on June 19. The ALTBalaji show was being shot in Thane, when the hooligans broke into the sets and ransacked their equipment. They even hit the team, so much so that the DoP had to get stitches and director Soham Shah had to consult a doctor. But why were they attacked? While things are still being ascertained, the director has shed some more light on the incident.

Talking to us exclusively, Soham Shah made a shocking revelation. He said, “This is what we’ve understood till now. There are two coordinators at the private property that we had booked, two location manager as we call them. There is this guy called Ranveer and there is another guy called Krishna and they used to work together earlier. Our production team had struck a deal with Ranveer and we had made all the payments and taken all the permissions from him as well as the police. We were shooting very peacefully, but then the attack happened. We now came to know that Krishna is actually his (Ranveer) rival. To show his power and monopoly, they attacked us. There saying is that if you want to shoot in Mira Road, Bhayander or Thane, you cannot do it without us. Pure hooligan mannerism!”

Well, if this is the case, every producer and artiste will be worried. Tomorrow anyone can be attacked! Our initial report about the attack and the fact that the police was allegedly favouring the goons had an impact too. The police has taken cognisance of the matter now and will investigate it further. In the meantime, stay tuned to CineBlitz for more exclusive Bollywood news, updates and gossip right here.

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Mahie Gill: I didn’t get hit by the goons just because I was an artist

After Soham Shah, Mahie Gill exclusively got in touch with us and narrating the entire scenario and it’s shocking

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Director Soham Shah of Kaal fame has been busy shooting for ALTBalaji’s new web series. The final sequences were being shot today (June 19) near Ghodbunder Road, Thane. However, the shoot was put on a halt by a few goons in the afternoon. What’s more, is that they were beaten up by these four hooligans, who even ransacked their equipment. While we exclusively told you about what Soham Shah had to say. Now, actress Mahie Gill, who was also present there, exclusively spoke to us regarding the entire scenario.

Mahie Gill narrated the incident saying, “Police is in fact with them, how can we complain? Goons were there and the police told them to do this, and take money from the producers, then only they would return our production stuff.” When we asked Mahie if the Goons took away their money she replied saying, “I don’t know how much money they took. I had to go from there with the DOP as he was bleeding a lot and got stitches on his head. I rushed him to the hospital, my staff was there, the hairdresser ran to the police to ask for help. Instead, the police told goons to hit us.”

Mahie was extremely shocked while narrating the incident and said, “We were shooting and I don’t know what triggered them, they didn’t talk or shout or spoke cuss words. They just came and attacked us. Sohum fainted and we all left later. My driver also got hit, they came to me as well but someone said she is an artist and they went away. This was like a film scene, no one could even take videos because all were attacked. Shame on the cops for supporting them.”

Stay tuned to CineBlitz to be updated on this front.

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Soham Shah beaten up by goons during ALTBalaji shoot; police supports the hooligans – deets inside

Soham Shah and his team were beaten up by a few goons as they shot in Thane, however, according to the director, the police didn’t help them but instead asked them for Rs 15 lakh

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Soham Shah. Pic courtesy: Instagram

Director Soham Shah, of Kaal fame, has been busy shooting for ALTBalaji’s new web series. The final sequences were being shot today near Ghodbunder Road, Thane (June 19) and the whole crew was in a chirpy mood. However, to their dismay, their shoot was halted by a few goons in the afternoon. What’s more is that they were beaten up by these four hooligans, who even ransacked their equipment. Did the police help them? No, in fact, they were supporting the goons! With Salman Khan and several stars shooting in that side of the town, these are worrying times and we wonder what action will be taken.

Soham Shah narrated the whole incident to us exclusively. He mentioned, “We were shooting for a web-series for ALTBalaji in Thane since a few days. Today was the last day and since morning, the shoot was going very well. Suddenly, around 4.30 – 5 pm, four people barged in. This was near Ghodbunder Road. It was a private property and we had taken all the proper permissions. I have all the receipts and everything. The permission was sorted from the police, the location manager as well as the private property. Our paper work was perfect, but these four people barged in and they started attacking us.”

Check out a video of the team narrating the whole incident right here:

After creating a ruckus, the goons started beating Soham Shah and his whole team. As the director further added, “They threw the whole unit out and started breaking vanity vans and camera filters. They created a ruckus! The goons beat people up with iron rods and wooden bamboos. They wanted us to get out of the premise and were abusing us continuously. Within 60 seconds, they drove us all out. One person hit me from behind with a wooden plank, I injured my shoulder. My DoP also got 10 stitches.”

Apparently, the police from the Kasarvadavli police station (Thane) also supported the goons. As Soham Shah further added, “The police also came and they told us to leave all our equipment there itself. They told us come to the court and pay Rs 15 lakh. The Police was on their side for no rhyme or reason. In fact, they even took money from our production team. They took a few people to the police station and beat them up too! The Police is part of this hooliganism.”

Check out an image of the property right here:


When we spoke to a police official at the Kasarvadavli police station, the officer played down Soham’s claims. He told us that they (the police) had gone to the set after a fight had broken out. But no official complaint has been lodged and hence, no action was taken. With the allegations Soham has made, we wonder what will happen next! We just hope that they get justice soon. Hopefully, their equipment will be released and the shoot is allowed to be completed. In the meantime, stay tuned to CineBlitz for more exclusive news, updates and gossip right here.

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