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Maushmi Udeshi: “I am active on a few live streaming apps which are all paid streaming platforms to connect with my fans”

Actress MAUSHMI UDESHI speaks to Senior Journalist Jyothi Venkatesh in an exclusive interview



Maushmi Udeshi

What is your role in Chhatrasal?

I play a short but a strong positive and sacrificing character of Mehbooba, a dancer in Mughal Darbar & a keep to the Moghul King Bahadur Khan in the latest historic Web series Chhatrasal on MX Player. I appear in Episodes 7th & 8th. Mehbooba falls in love at first sight with King Chhatrasal the moment she sees him & can’t bear to see the atrocities of the cruel King Bahadur Khan & helps King Chhatrasal by not revealing his real identity to King Bahadur Khan even though she spies and gets to know King Chhatrasal’s intentions when he disguises himself to become Senapati in King Bahadur Khan’s Kingdom to know his plans.

She even helps King Chhatrasal further by saving his life by letting him leave Bahadur Khan’s kingdom safely when he is injured after Bahadur Khan tried to kill him & she helps king Chhatrasal without expecting anything in return from him. My character gets killed by Bahadur Khan as soon as King Chhatrasal reaches his palace & is saved when he gets to know that I helped & saved Chhatrasal.

Which are the projects that you have to your credit till date?

My most popular English Short-Film ‘The Stolen Christmas’ is playing on Amazon Prime, Hot star & Kara Studios Youtube Channel ‘The Short Kuts’ with crores of Views. Then there is my very hot web series ‘The Host’ which is playing on Ullu App. My short film ‘Not Applicable’ on single mothers & their rights on YouTube fetched me good reviews & appreciation in the media for my acting skills.

How did you cope with the lockdown as well as the pandemic?

Since March 2020, I haven’t stepped out due to the scary Covid Situation as I have not been taking part in shoots since a year especially as I stay with my old parents and do not want to risk their lives by going out and shooting. I know a few actors and people in my area and many friends and relatives, who were Covid Positive, came out of it but some could never recover and died due to complications so I don’t want to take a risk by going out to shoot at all. Also at home I am too busy with making my own creative sensual Content for my Onlyfans and Escapenow web portal profile subscribers who pay me a fixed amt per month to see my hot creative content that I shoot myself. I enjoy shooting my own sensual content especially because I have the creative control and know exactly what and how much to show and what to hide.




Go on!

So I shoot, edit my own Videos/Pics and upload them on my Onlyfans & Escapenow Profiles for my subscribers. I don’t need anybody’s help to shoot my content and have been managing very well since a year now. My content is classy, creative, graceful, sensual, semi nude and extremely hot so I have so many subscribers already. God has been kind that I am able to make very good money sitting in the cool comfort of my home by using my creativity to the fullest. I realized that one should charge good money for what u don’t get time for & for what people are always after you to do so if there’s a huge demand of something then best way to do it is by charging money as this way we get enough motivation to do so.



There are lakhs of my fans and Online Friends and acquaintances who all want to stay in touch with me in a friendly way since years but it’s not possible for me to make time for so many of them so now whoever subscribes to my content on Onlyfans and Escapenow can start their never ending friendship with me and I make time to interact with them in the Inbox there and on social media platform inbox so that way they can get to know me Up, Close & Personal, and get to know the real Maushmi that I am. Many of my subscribers pay me to do 1 on 1 friendly video chats too and that way they get to talk to me and get my Mobile/Whatsapp no to stay in touch on friendly basis till they continue subscribing my content.

How do you avoid getting befriended by perverts posing as friends?

In 1 on 1 Video Chats they get to see my wild side because it’s like partying with me virtually. My funda is simple. Time is money & I cannot afford to waste for free so I make time for my Online friends and fans if they pay for my time plus out of these fans, Online friends, acquaintances many become my friends for life if we get along with each other mutually. You won’t believe there are so many from our entertainment Industry too who are my subscribers and they keep doing 1 on 1 Friendly Video Chats with me and now they are in my regular friends list.



They too never could know me in a friendly way because in my professional interactions I am quite strict and don’t mix the two unless we start shooting together and get friendly but never the other way round till I am paid for my time. This way many perverts who waste time in the Industry on the name of fake work are caught red handed and I don’t even share my hot pics/ videos to anybody till they pay to subscribe to my content as most of the men here on the name of fake hot web series shoots etc waste time asking for our bikini pics etc so all those kind of guys I am able to avoid this way and am very happy and proud of my decision as I get genuine subscribers to check my content.

Is it right ethically for you to charge your fans to go on a coffee or dinner date with them?

Now that I took my 1st jab of Vaccine a month back & the second Jab is scheduled for October 1st week, I will start taking up shoots & start meeting many of my fans over coffee or dinner but obviously all are paid public meetings to begin with and then you never know how further we both mutually want to take our friendship ahead. It’s very exciting for me too to connect with so many people from different walks of life plus also get paid for my interactions. I actually didn’t know that I had such a huge fan following among the masses as well as in this Entertainment Industry amongst the creative guys too. In this way everyone is happy as by paying a small subscription amount of 3500 bucks on my Onlyfans they get to see 190+ Hot Videos/ pics of mine & they get so many perks of knowing me in a friendly way which they are trying since years but were never successful as I am extremely professional and strict in my work related interactions.

What is the difference between the content in various porn portals and your sensual content?

I reach the top 5% content creators all over the world within 2 months of joining Onlyfans as a content creator & now I am in the top 4% on Onlyfans. Onlyfans may have had a bad name in India with some porn stars on it internationally with their vulgar sexual content but I have used it in my own beautiful way to create my own sensual creative content and to connect with my fans and online friends in a friendly way which was never possible before this with me. I am also active on a few live streaming apps which are all paid streaming platforms to connect with my fans and the masses.

When is your film Cinema Zindabad seeing the light of the day?

My New Movie ‘Cinema Zindabad’ will start streaming soon too on a popular OTT platform. I play the main positive female lead & it has Ranjeet playing my dad & Rajpal Yadav is there in a key character too in the film. You will see an extremely hot romantic song in this film which is the USP of this film. Directed by the new talented director Ajay Yadav, the film is all about actors and the technicians and their struggles.

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