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Mental Hai Kya controversy: Makers issue statement after Indian Psychiatric Society questions their title

Kangana Ranaut – Rajkummar Rao’s Mental Hai Kya ran into fresh trouble after the Indian Psychiatric Society pointed out that the film title sounded derogatory

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Mental hai kya

It was yesterday (April 19) that the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) wrote to the Central Board of Film Certification, Ministry of Information and Technology, as well as the Prime Minister’s office regarding the title of the film Mental Hai Kya. According to the IPS, the title comes under: ‘discriminative, stigmatising, degrading and inhuman in projecting mental disorders and persons.’ Today (April 20) the makers of the Rajkummar Rao and Kangana Ranaut starrer have issued a notice to try to clear the air around the project.

The new poster of the film Mental Hai Kya got a good response from the audience, but it didn’t go down well with the IPS. According to them, the title is derogatory to people fighting with mental health. The makers have issued a statement saying the film is based on fictional characters and does not intent to offend or discriminate against any one. The makers believe that the film will encourage people to embrace their individuality and distinctiveness. We also exclusively informed you that the IPS will be interacting with the media today regarding the same. The film is set to release on June 21. The complete statement is attached below:

“A day after the launch of the poster of the upcoming film Mental Hai Kya starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao in the lead, a certain section of the society has taken offense to it. They have felt that the title of the movie is discriminating against people who are battling mental issues.

 On the contrary, the makers of the film, believe that their movie – Mental Hai Kya will encourage people to embrace their individuality and distinctiveness.

Produced by Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Balaji Motion Pictures’, Mental Hai Kya starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao marks the coming together of some of the most talented and responsible media personalities, who in no way intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

The makers would like to maintain that Mental Hai Kya is a fictional thriller genre feature film meant to entertain audiences and it does not offend, discriminate or disregard any person. In fact the film is a mainstream entertainer which makes a larger point.”

Well, wonder what the IPS have to say about this now. Stay tuned to CineBlitz for more updates. 

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Kangana Ranaut – Aditya Pancholi Controversy: Court summons the actress and sister Rangoli Chandel

Aditya Pancholi has filed a defamation case against Kangana Ranaut and her manager-sister, Rangoli Chandel

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Aditya Pancholi and wife file a defamation case against Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel. Pic Credit- Instagram

Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel have landed in court trouble. The sisters were summoned by the court owing to the defamation case filed against them by actor Aditya Pancholi and his wife Zarina Wahab.

Two summons each were issued by Chief Metropolitan Magistrate SB Dighe against Kangana and Rangoli with regard to the four cases filed by Pancholi and his wife Zarina Wahab. The cases against Kangana are related to her interviews and statements made during a television show, while those against her sister are related to comments made on social media.

Pancholi’s lawyer Shreya Shrivastava said, “She (Kangana) had claimed that Aditya kept her under house arrest and she registered an FIR against him, but since no such FIR was ever registered, there is prima facie case that she defamed him.” She also said that Rangoli had defamed the actor and his wife by making allegations against them on social media.

The lawyer added that the next hearing will take place on July 26, while both the sisters are yet to comment or speak on the court summons.

Currently, the sisters have also been in the limelight due to the Roshan family feud between Sunaina Roshan and her family including brother Hrithik Roshan and father Rakesh Roshan. For more Bollywood news and updates, stay tuned with CineBlitz.

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Sunaina Roshan controversy: Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel makes another shocking revelation– find out

Rangoli Chandel revealed how Hrithik Roshan and family sedated Sunaina Roshan, check out her tweet here

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Rangoli Chandel and Kangana Ranaut; Ruhail Amin and Sunaina Roshan. Pic Source: Instagram

The Sunaina Roshan controversy is having a new development every now and then. While last we reported about her boyfriend Ruhail Amin speaking up against being called a terrorist by Sunaina’s father Rakesh Roshan and brother Hrithik Roshan, now Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel has made a new revelation.

Rangoli took to Twitter and said that the Roshans have not only been hitting, but even sedating Sunaina. “For past one month Sunaina called Kangana every single day, she spoke to me and cried all the time, since she spoke to the media her phone is off, she told me her family doesn’t only hit her but sedate her as well. Feeling helpless don’t know what to do,” Rangoli tweeted. Check out the tweet here:

Rangoli Chandel’s tweet on the Roshan controversy. Pic Source: Twitter

As reported earlier, Ruhail recently commented on the on-going dispute and said, “This is unfortunate. Labeling someone extremist just because he/she belongs to a certain religion is simply outrageous and needs to be condemned in strongest words.” The controversy seems to be never ending with all the upcoming developments. Let’s see what the Roshans have to comment on this. For more Bollywood news and updates, stay tuned with CineBlitz.

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Team Fixerr to meet Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis today regarding the brutal attack they faced

Soham Shah, Mahie Gill and Team Fixerr were shocked when four goons entered their set and attacked them on June 19

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Team Fixerr and Devendra Fadnavis

Soham Shah, Mahie Gill and team Fixerr were attacked by four notorious goons on June 19. The team of the ALTBalaji web-series was shooting its climax sequence in a private property located between Mira Road and Thane. While the morning shoot went smoothly, in the afternoon four goons entered and attacked the unit members. They broke the equipment and vanity vans and cleared out the whole set. Soham Shah was injured and his DoP also got six stitches. This has left the team reeling! And so, they plan to meet Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis with regards to the attack. In fact, they have even got an appointment for today morning (June 20) and we can’t wait to know what follows.

While talking about the attack and situation, Fixerr producer Sakett Saawhney seemed annoyed. As he mentioned, “I go to Mira Road with a unit of 100 people to shoot the climax of a webseries on a rainy day and this happens. Four men with iron rods just enter my sets and try to kill me! Are we in Jammu and Kashmir or a naxalite area that this happens? We are stepping out of the house to earn our bread and butter, that too in these rains. And these people just walk in and kill us? My director, Soham Shah, almost had a convulsion. He was hit on the back and he blacked out. My DoP got six stitches. If anyone would have died, what would we do?”

Check out the video explaining their attack right here:

Talking about the way forward, Sakett Saawhney told us about their scheduled meeting with the CM. As he added, “Ashoke Pandit, Federation of Western India Cine Employees, the Producers Association and everyone has come out and supported us. The police has also taken cognizance of the matter and are investigating it now. They are also now under pressure from the public. We are also meeting the CM, Devendra Fadnavis at the Vidhan Bhavan today (June 20). We have a meeting at 10.45 am. If he has agreed to meet us at such short notice that means he’s taken cognizance of the incident. Let’s see what happens now!”

But why didn’t they file a police complaint? Sakett Saawhney reveals, “We took a conscious decision of not filing a complaint. If we go to the cops, at the best, the culprits will be arrested and they will be out on bail tomorrow. For the next 5 – 6 years, we will be going to these court hearing at any random hour. Every time we will have to fly out for an outdoor shoot, we will have to submit our passports and ask for permission. We will be treated as those culprits. So we decided not to file a complaint, but put out this video. And with the help of a few guys and all of you, the video has gone viral and it has been noticed. ”

What do you guys think about these revelations? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to CineBlitz for more news and development with regards to this controversy around Fixerr right here.

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