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Farah Khan shares secret behind her ‘youthful look’ and ‘child-like’ nature at Chhota Bheem and Curse of Damyaan trailer launch

The live-action movie Chhota Bheem and The Curse of Damyaan will be releasing at theatres on May 31.



Farah Khan with Yagya Bhasin who plays Chhota Bheem

By Chaitanya Padukone

Acclaimed Bollywood director-choreographer-actress Farah Khan was in her usual witty elements as the ‘special guest of honour’ at the grand launch of the mytho-adventure trailer at Cinepolis of ‘live-action’ movie ‘Chhota Bheem and The Curse of Damyaan’, which is releasing in cinema theatres on May 31st. When Farah, known for her ‘child-like’ frank-blunt nature walked onto the stage, there was an appreciative hush-sighs from the audience since her face was glowing with her youthful looks. Later while speaking to the media she revealed. “Right from the beginning, my personality is like that. If someone reminds me of how ‘old’ I am, even I cannot believe it.  For a youthful look, you have to find joy every day in something or the other. Enjoy my life, and I don’t take stress,” disclosed outspoken Farah, who also mentioned that she could not bring along her 16-year-old triplets because they were having their ‘board exams’.


After the screening of the trailer Farah reacted, “It’s a fantastic trailer. After a long time, there comes a spectacular live-action children’s quality-film! Which Indian children can proudly watch as it showcases the immensely home-grown popular mytho-character, Chhota Bheem. It’s commendable that this fantastic movie is ‘made in India’ which will make Indian children realize that we can compete with shows like Harry Potter I have been watching it and my three kids have grown up on ‘Chhota Bheem’ and they are ardent fans, so I felt there was a sentimental connection”, said Farah Khan who felt that there was no need for her to make specific children’s films. “That’s because my family-entertainer movies are loved by kids, with amazing music, dances, and humour and zero adults-content. Which in turn is children-friendly,”, she clarified.


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On 31st May when Chhota Bheem and his Sena appear on cinema screens they are assuring audiences of an adventurous mytho-ride. The live-action movie brings our Indian Superhero Chhota Bheem and his Sena alive on the big screens for the first time. Previously Chhota Bheem has been one of the most popular children’s shows in our country and was highly appreciated when the animation movie was released in theatres 12 years ago.  With a massive fan base among kids, Chhota Bheem is also one of our indigenous superheroes conceived by creative genius director Rajiv Chilaka and now he brings this legendary character alive in this live-action movie for the audiences.

Charming actress Navneet Kaur Dhillon (in her glamorous costume) who plays the villain-ish Naagin Takshika said that she plays Damyaan Fauji ki Senapati. “If the kids hate me and get scared of me the movie would be a very successful hit,” she declared.

The tantalizing fast-paced trailer offers a glimpse of how Dholakpur is in a grave crisis and their hero Chhota Bheem and his Sena come to the rescue to save the village from supervillain Damyaan and its curse.


The Chhota Bheem live-action movie also stars Anupam Kher and Makrand Deshpande in striking roles along with Yagya Bhasin who plays the title role of ‘Chhota Bheem’. The movie also features Advik Jaiswal (Raju), Kabir Shaikh (Kalia), Daivik Dawar (Dholu), Divyam Dawar (Bholu), Aashriya Misra (Chutki) and Swarna Pandey (Indumati).

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According to the director Rajiv Chilaka, the live character Chhota Bheem will possibly help inspire young children who throw tantrums and refuse to eat— to change and start eating well, because strong Bheem eats well and is healthy.


Produced and directed by Rajiv Chilaka and Megha Chilaka (she has also acted in the movie) Chhota Bheem and The Curse of Damyaan is written by Niraj Vikram and co-produced by Srinivas Chilakalapudi along with Bharath Laxmipati, with brilliant background scores, themes and songs by innovative music-wizard Raghav Sachar and awesome cast-selection by amazing casting director Mukesh Chhabra.