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5 reasons to add Thor: Love and Thunder to your binge list

Thor: Love and Thunder makes the titular protagonist the first MCU hero with four solo films



Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder

This Disney+ Day, witnessed the God of Thunder on a journey of self-discovery as Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder is now available on Disney+ Hotstar in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and English. Thor: Love and Thunder is the record-breaking fourth installment featuring Marvel’s popular Norse Super Hero, and MCU veteran Chris Hemsworth returns to the title role of Thor, God of Thunder, in the movie and is joined by Oscar® winner Natalie Portman as Jane Foster/the Mighty Thor; Oscar winner Christian Bale as the villainous Gorr the God Butcher; Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie/King of New Asgard; Oscar winner Russell Crowe as Zeus, king of the gods and Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot, and Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket.

Directed by Taika Waititi from a screenplay by Waititi and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the film is an all-round entertainer with romance, comedy, and action soaked into every frame of the movie. If you have missed watching it in theaters or are wanting to re-watch it for its fabulous action, comedy and romance, here are five reasons why Thor: Love and Thunder should be on your binge list.

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1. Chris Hemsworth, our OG Avenger is back as Thor!

The last time Thor appeared in “Avengers: Endgame,” he was experiencing an existential crisis, having recently suffered a series of brutal blows.  In Thor: Love and Thunder, he is on an emotional journey to find himself, yet he takes on evil like the most powerful avenger and his outstanding comic timing is worth it!

2. Christian Bale is mind-blowing as Gorr, the God Butcher 

Gorr, the God Butcher, wages war on the gods, killing them one by one in a carefully plotted course headed straight for New Asgard. Thor has faced off against countless enemies — from Laufey, King of the Frost Giants, to his sister Hela, the Goddess of Death, to Thanos, the Mad Titan — but filmmakers have chosen to raise the stakes even higher in Thor: Love and Thunder with the entry of Christian Bale as the evil God and like everything Bale does, he crushed it!

3. Love takes center stage with Jane Foster’s entry 

Natalie Portman, who portrayed Jane Foster in 2011’s “Thor” and 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World,” returns to MCU with bigger twists and the eventual breakup of the ultimate love story of Jane and Thor’s relationship, allowing both Hemsworth and Portman to showcase their comedic chops.

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4. Tessa Thompson rules as King Valkyrie

As the last surviving Valkyrie, she reunites with Thor to take on the God Butcher. She brings the perfect comic timing to the mind-bending action in the film. Tessa’s character brings out the queer, making it a fantastic representation in the series.

5. 80s Rock and Score by Michael Giacchino and Nami Melumad Set the Stage

Thor: Love and Thunder simply rocks with songs from Guns N’ Roses and a score from Michael Giacchino and Nami Melumad. According to the Producer Brad Winderbaum, the movie is a metal album. The film’s soundtrack features a range of music hand-selected to highlight story shifts, and it includes more than one hit from Guns N’ Roses, the American hard rock band that Rolling Stone called “the most dangerous band in Los Angeles.”