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Celebrities to continue to wear masks!

The BMC announced that wearing a mask is not mandatory anymore! These celebrities tell us how this makes them feel!



Celebrities to continue to wear masks!

The BMC announced that wearing a mask is not mandatory anymore! These celebrities tell us how this makes them feel!

Pragati Mehra 

Besides when I am on shoots, I always wear a mask when I am out and about, even when stepping down in my building complex. In my opinion, citizens should keep wearing masks in public places as a duty toward the community.

Vijayendra Kumeria

I think it’s the right decision. The situation seems to be in control so I think we should now start taking small steps towards normal life. Having said that, personal safety and personal hygiene is everyone’s responsibility. I will definitely wear a mask when I am in a crowded environment. But yes, I am also happy about the fact that things are getting back to normal.

Ayush Anand

I believe if they have made a decision then they must have thought about it and it means that we are on the right track as far as containing the virus is concerned. Having said that, Covid is still not eradicated so I would continue to wear a mask at public places as I am shooting on a regular basis and don’t want to catch the virus and put myself and my co-actors and unit members at risk. But it’s such a relief that I would now drive without wearing a mask. That was very tough for me. Relieved in that sense.

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Hemant Chaddha 

Wearing a mask doesn’t bother me whatsoever, but most people will now wear it voluntarily. I see no harm in wearing a mask if it’s for my protection. With all mandates being lifted cases will go up but we have to learn to live with the virus. I feel by wearing a mask, I can keep myself and my loved ones safe so I will continue to wear it.

Ginnie Virdi 

I think corona ke Badal chatt chuke hai, so I think now we all need some fresh air to breathe. To wear a mask all the time is not good either. Humans need fresh air too.

Srishti Jain

This is such great news! Finally, I can breathe freely! This is a positive step away from the pandemic! I guess we can finally leave behind all the pain and suffering it caused to us as a human race. Let’s all also pray nothing like this ever happens again.

Dipna Patel 

I will still be wearing a mask. Mumbai is a populated city and I will be wearing it in public places. Of course, when it comes to my acting work and rehearsals/shows, I have to show my face. But even when masks were mandatory, many people weren’t wearing them so there wasn’t really a need, according to me, to announce that they don’t have to wear them at all. It’s good to see Mumbai back in action like it was in 2019 and we certainly don’t want another wave. Also, while stepping out, the pollution is so much in our city that anyway I used to wear a mask when travelling in a rickshaw or walking, even before the pandemic. So I don’t really mind wearing it.

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Sunidee Chauhan 

Yes, I will be wearing masks but on and off. People are relieved as mandatory masks will not be an issue from now on and no more fines/penalties will be levied. Wearing masks was a task, not being able to breathe properly, all that sweating, could not speak openly, eating was also a problem. But I think masks were for our own safety also. Anyway, I am now in the habit of wearing a mask and using sanitizers. I have OCD, so staying clean and hygienic comes naturally to me. Also, if we talk about young girls and women, they used to wear scarfs or dupatta whenever they went out to protect their skin from the sun and dust, so this mask was doing the same job for us.

Sudha Chandran 

It’s a very happy news that the government has announced this beautiful message, it’s the biggest gift of Gudi Padwa and Navratri. I am very delighted. But I would personally say that I would still continue to wear a mask especially when in crowded places because we are not very sure whether the pandemic has ended. There’s no concrete data that it has ended. So, we all have to be careful and precaution is always necessary, especially in crowded places. Social distancing is also very important. We should try to do this. It’s not just about the government but we, as citizens, should also contribute and help our government keep us safe from Covid because covid cases are still there. We as responsible citizens still follow the protocols.

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Namita Lal

I think masks have been a rather good thing in terms of the developments of hygiene, pollution and viruses that are around us. I have lived in specific countries, Singapore, China, Vietnam , Hong Kong where people wear masks when they’re not well or around the people who are not well. I think in the past two years, we’ve got used to masks. While I’m happy that it’s not mandatory, I would wear a mask at crowded places for sure. I will also wear it if I’m around people who are coughing, sniffing, sneezing. So I will carry a mask all the time. And they’re pretty fashionable too these days. I enjoy making a fashion statement with them.

Balraj Syal

If the government had taken this decision, then I think they would have given a lot of thought to it. Masks are not mandatory. I think it’s a welcome decision by the government. A lot of times, people do not want to wear masks at some places but have to wear it. Especially, when you’re driving with your family, out for a morning walk, jogging, you don’t want to wear masks. But earlier, it was mandatory. People go out to get fresh air in the morning, and then they were stuck behind a mask. Now, we have a choice, if you feel like wearing a mask in some situations, you can wear it. Like people who are not well, coughing, sneezing etc, they should definitely wear it for their safety and for the safety of the people around them. So basically, people should not take advantage of this decision by the government.

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Pranav Misshra

I will still be wearing a mask. I’m not looking at momentarily happiness. I’m aiming in the long run that this pandemic should end and we should not call the 4th wave from open hands by just not wearing masks. Because people still are getting Covid positive. Like I know few. So it isn’t the case that it stopped completely and I know the government has announced that masks are not mandatory but I still think we should all wear masks for our safety,  for our country’s safety and I think if we will stop wearing masks, we ourselves will fall into the 4th wave which shouldn’t happen. So we all should be safe at the moment. I will request all to keep wearing it and be safe.