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Deepika is stunning; Somy Ali, Charrul Malik and others react on the actress being trolled for Cannes look!

Deepika Padukone has been heavily trolled for her makeup at Cannes.



Deepika is stunning; Somy Ali, Namita Lal and others react on the actress being trolled for Cannes look!

Deepika Padukone has been heavily trolled for her makeup at Cannes. People have commented that she is looking very old and have even doled out hurtful words for the actress on social media. Here’s what these celebrities have to say about her look and the treatment meted out to her!

Namita Lal:

People just have to say something because logo ka kaam hai kehna. I don’t agree with it. When I saw her at Cannes, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She is just amazing and when she came in the suit, she looked just wow and so nicely she had transformed herself into a professional woman. We should be proud of her as it’s an honour that is difficult to achieve. She is the first Indian jury at Cannes. It’s extremely unfair to talk about her looks, instead we should be focussing about this amazing moment for India. We should be proud of her. I am not in that league where people troll me for makeup but if I face that one day, I would definitely feel bad.

Nivedita Basu:


Nivedita Basu

I heard that she is being trolled and, on the contrary, you would be surprised that I have been raving about her look. I don’t know what is the problem with people and their whole thought process of aging. It’s okay to age! And anyway I think she was looking stunning. There’s not a single outfit of hers that I didn’t like. I loved her makeup, in fact, I am going to try one of the looks for my party. I feel sad that people judge so quickly, not realizing the efforts that people put in. People just put them on the pedestal. Being a public figure, people do have comments but mentally I am very strong and I don’t get affected. Probably that’s the reason I have survived in this industry for almost 22 years. If I had let everything get affected then I couldn’t have been here. Everything can be tackled if you are mentally strong.

Somy Ali:


Let me begin by stating that it has been globally established that Deepika is stunning and drop-dead gorgeous. Hence, there is no argument there and for anyone to say otherwise is preposterous. As for her makeup and her attire at Cannes, it depicted a very vintage and beautiful vibe from the photos that I have seen. She looked statuesque and absolutely breathtaking. Simply gorgeous! I particularly liked her eye makeup as it took me back to the olden days and was so unique and pretty. Now the issue of the trolls; if they used even an iota of their energy of bad-mouthing people towards taking a stand against the injustices this world faces we would all be living happier lives. I really do not comprehend this mindset of being cruel as you hide behind a computer screen. There has to be a better method for you trolls to deal with their own insecurities than express such deep-rooted hatred towards people you would die to even be acknowledged by. Deepika will always and forever come out as a winner as not only did she look stunning, but she is way too classy to feed these starving for attention cruel souls.

Charrul Malik:

I did see what is going on social media. Deepika Padukone has been trolled a lot for her eye makeup. When you go on such a big platform, people expect you to give your best. I think Deepika could have done much better as she is so beautiful and we have seen her at Cannes earlier also, so due to that expectations also get high. Many times a celebrity becomes a competition for themselves and Deepika nowadays has become a competition to herself. Personally, I know Deepika, as I have done many interviews with her and my name, is there with her in Limca Book Of Records. She is very beautiful and stunning and while doing less makeup also, she stands out and looks very different. I am not saying that she is looking bad at Cannes, and such criticism is not good.

Every celebrity experiments and some experiments fail. Deepika could have looked better if she tried something else. I have not been trolled but yes people do tell me if I repeat a dress. They ask me if I don’t have a stylist? I used to delete such comments earlier but now I have stopped. I am comfortable repeating my clothes. Such pressure is there on celebrities to look the best, not to repeat the clothes and the look. If you experiment, you get trolled like Deepika. Deepika doesn’t need to get inspired by someone, she is an inspiration for herself. If we see the trolling in a positive way then it’s about the hopes that people have from Deepika. As always, being a celebrity you have to pay a price.