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Did you know the camera lens instantly broke when Angoori Bhabi gave her first shot?

Bhabiji Ghar Pai Hai recently completed eight years and 2000 episodes.



Shubhangi Atre

As &TV’s cult-comedy show, Bhabiji Ghar Pai Hai, recently completed eight years and 2000 episodes, we caught up with the show’s immensely popular, Angoori Bhabi, aka Shubhangi Atre, on her incredible journey with the show and in the industry. And here is what she had to share with us.

1. Congratulations on achieving a milestone of eight years!

Thank you so much. It is a special moment for all of us. I am grateful to the channel and our producers, Sanjay Kohi and Binaiffer Kohli, for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. I congratulate my lovely audience and fans for their constant love and support in making this show a huge success. I don’t believe it’s been so many years already! Seeing how the show continues to entertain its audience is wonderful. The show has given me recognition, love, fame, and memories to cherish forever. I feel extremely blessed and equally proud to be a part of the Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’s team. The team’s sheer dedication and hard work have reaped results.

2. Did you expect your journey to be this long?

Honestly yes. My journey as Angoori Bhabi started on a different note. The character was already quite popular amongst the audience. And stepping into an already-established character is challenging as well as rewarding. I had mixed emotions. I was excited to be a part of the show, which is loved by the audience and has an excellent star cast, but at the same time, I was responsible for living up to my viewers’ expectations. However, one thing I was sure of was to take the character of Angoori Bhabi notches higher and do my best to make it the most iconic, loved and memorable character. And I am glad that the audience accepted me with open arms. The audience’s love and affection made me believe I had created a distinct positioning for myself and my work.

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The memory of my first day and the first scene at the shoot is still fresh. As I gave the first take as Angoori, the camera lens broke. Initially, I was very embarrassed and stressed, and my reaction was, ‘Oh my God, what just happened?’But then the entire cast and crew applauded, which was a huge surprise. They said, ‘Camera ka lense toot ek accha shagun hai aur acchi shuruvaat hai, aap bhaut aagey tak jayengi!’ I was so relieved and felt so good about that gesture and statement. It truly made my day and is one of my fondest memory of my day at the shoot.

3. Any instances you would like to share when you felt proud to play this character?

There are several instances, so pinpointing one won’t be easy. But let me share a few with you. Choosing to essay Angoori’s character was a dream come true. I remember attending an award function where someone told me that legendary singer Asha Bhosle Ji, also present at the event, was looking for me. I met her, and she complimented me, saying, “I watch your show and love your portrayal of Angoori.’ She went on to add that ‘it seems that the character was tailor-made for me as I suit the role perfectly. There could be no better Angoori than me. And I am one of her favourite characters in the show.’ I was on cloud nine to hear such beautiful words from a legend and was completely amazed.

Speaking of another memorable moment, Jacky Shroff Ji had come to shoot with us for one of the tracks. So when we finished the shot, he came to me and told me that I ‘reminded him a lot of Madhuri Dixit, the commitment, the style and the professionalism.’ I am a huge Madhuri fan, and being compared to your favourite actor is the biggest compliment one can get. And that, too, coming from the original “hero” of the film industry, was no less than a dream. It made me so happy and emotional that I could not describe it.

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4. Which has been your favourite episode so far?

Many people are unaware, but Anokhe Lal Saxena, played by Saanand Verma, is one of my favourite characters in the show. I find his character quite amusing and unique. His expressions are priceless and quite funny. As an artist, I see it as a difficult role, and it is not easy to make the audience laugh. And I would love to play such a challenging and entertaining part. Although, I was fortunate enough to play the character in one of the tracks. I played lady Saxena and was named ‘Saxeni’ in one of our tracks; the track was full of fun and comedy, and I enjoyed shooting it with Saanand Ji. We were both shown doing crazy things and getting electric shocks, which was one of the most entertaining parts. I also received a lot of positive feedback from the audience, and it is still one of my favourites.

5. What is that one quality which is similar between Shubhangi and Angoori?

Just like Angoori. I also spend most of my time in the kitchen at home and have a very welcoming personality for others (laughs).

6. You spend most of your time on the sets. Apart from shooting, what do you enjoy the most?

Although I have a good relationship with everyone, I am quite close to Aasif Ji, Rohitashv Ji, and our director, mam Harshada with whom I am extremely close and share everything with her. We are a close-knit family and spend considerable time together. Our break times are always fun; we crack jokes and laugh heartily. We also pull each other’s legs during rehearsals. I think the bond everyone shares makes the vibe quite fun and easy. I can easily say there is never a dull moment on Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’s sets.