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Holi Hai! Celebrities recount childhood memories!

Sudhanshu Pandey, Ekta Sharma, Nikhil Nanda, Rishina Kandhari and others recount childhood memories of the festival of colors!



Rishina Kandhari

Sudhanshu Pandey

My childhood memory of Holi is not one every Holi used to be memorable because we used to play really wild Holi I used to live in Uttar Pradesh and we used to play really wild holy all over the place, running around all over the place where I used to live and there were innumerable kids. We used to go to each other’s place and dunk each other in water puddles and it used to be mad. And this year my plan is to go to a friend’s Holi party. Well, the definition of Holi in terms of going to places all over is to go to just one place and play only with friends and family.


One person that I’m looking forward to meeting is my friend who’s also hosting the Holi party and we haven’t spent quality time in a very, very long time. Thanks to the schedule that I have every day and also for two, or three years we didn’t do to COVID and Andy after the effects of that. So, this year my friend’s name is Bhavesh Desai.

I guess Holi cannot be played Dry and it is only important that people play Holi with a lot of responsibility and not waste water as much as they need to play Holi. And I will say that holy cannot be played without water and color properly and the rest of the year has 364 days left. We should be responsible for water wastage at our homes for washing utensils and all of that on a daily basis. We can save enough water. Let’s be responsible to be better.

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Ekta Sharma

I was born on Holi so I love the festival it’s a festival of colors, so my dad’s grandmother passed away on Holi and after many years I was born so my dad used to tell me I’m her reincarnation I love Holi as long as it’s played safely, I used to play Holi in my building with my childhood friends. This year I will be going with my friends to an event to play Holi.


It’s fun when we burn all our negativities in the fire during Holi. I would like to play Holi with my daughter as I have not played Holi with her for 3 years. I do meet her but not play Holi with her as she’s not with me and I’m fighting for her custody. Yes, I feel Holi should be played with organic colors and I’m totally against wasting water.

Nikhil Nanda


Holi has always been one of the most favorite festivals and what I always loved about Holi is the colors, you play with the colors of your life, your near and dear ones. I haven’t played Holi with my daughter for a long time, she’s been my favorite Holi co-partner now. I cannot as she is in the UK for her school and so she cannot be here. I am going to miss her. I think this is the most ridiculous thing that one could say that one day of Holi will waste water, this is only selective targeting of festivals. In fact, there are so many ways that lead to wastage and shortage of water, 98.7 % is caused by the fact that there is no water treatment and we don’t have rainwater harvesting in Mumbai, and the transportation of water is not reliable as there is leakage in pipelines. So, blaming Holi is very wrong, we should play Holi with the same enthusiasm it used to.

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Rishina Kandhari


My childhood is my cousins, pushing me into a well. We were around 7/8 years old and I was standing next to a well and they just dragged me into the well though there were adults around. All my cousins got beatings as well now that I think of it, I laugh a lot. I celebrate Holi with my friends and we enjoy a lot eating jalebi and fafda. The definition of Holi has definitely changed over the years because earlier we used to waste water now with all the ecological awareness, we have started playing dry Holi and flowers Holi. The definition has changed over the years. Given a choice I would love to play Holi with my cousin Priyanka who stays in Australia, it’s been more than 7/8 years since we haven’t met and it’s high time, I meet her and revive our childhood memory. Holi without a rain dance is incomplete, people will have a rain dance, we should try to wastewater less and also start education on the conservation of water. Banishing a rain dance totally is not possible and please use herbal colors for yourself and others also.



Childhood was more water and less color, pelting people with water balloons and mom getting complaints was a favorite memory. Luckily, my mother’s super fun so I never got yelled at. For me playing with my family and closest friends is my comfort and traditionally that’s why I do think my parents, mother-in-law, husband, and older son are not into the whole craziness, they do indulge in me. Yes, definitely any kind of wastage is bad and in keeping with the spirit of the festival, color and flower petals make a fun Holi.