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Life in times of Corona: Celeb share what they have learnt, positive changes in their lives

They also talk about three positive things they have started doing every day to happy:



With reeling under the threat of second wave, the pandemic is far from over. These difficult times have taken a toll on our existence and also affected our mental health. Everyone is trying their best to hold up. Celebrities have been trying to promote how we all should follow safety measures to deal with the virus and spreading awareness. Apart from all the difficulties, these times have made us compassionate, brought us together and given us enough time to introspect. Celebs share two things they have learnt or realised about life during these trying times. They also talk about three positive things they have started doing every day to happy:

Florian Hurel

Given our profession, we try to keep everyone motivated. However, being in a lockdown, it was difficult for us as well, but we are trying our best to stay happy. I encourage my team to stay positive and work on their skills to get better. I am starting a digital platform where people will be able to pick subjects they want to learn. So, I am trying to diversify and give platforms to others for better learning. I suggest the same to others. I also stay active and workout at home. As a fitness enthusiast I don’t waste my time, keep a check on diet and shape. I do my stretching at home by following FloFitBox online program.

Priyamvada Kant

I realised what my family and friends mean to me, how much we actually love one another and how all these small things we get worried about daily don’t matter in the long run. Mental peace and happiness is of utmost importance. So I decided to stay in touch with my loved ones more, have started meditating and maintaining a diary and writing about what I feel grateful for, like ten good things that happened that day.

Anupama Solanki

There are a lot of things that I have learnt during these trying times. Firstly, you should always thank God for having a roof over your head, have food on your plate, have work and the fact that your family is safe. And the second biggest learning is that life is unpredictable, so live in the present. So now I watch motivational or spiritual videos, do meditation and yoga and eat right to stay happy.

Nyra Banerjee

I feel having slowed down our fast paced lifestyle this pandemic has helped us work out on our personal issues, karmas, and gave us time to introspect. Having said that, it is very important to forgive and forget and move on. This is also something these trying times have taught us. I have become more compassionate and not let everything affect me. I have realised that life is uncertain and unpredictable. You never know what might happen next, so be ready to face all the challenges. Three positive things I do to stay happy are I have started writing my thank you letters, express gratitude to have work, food and shelter and thank those who have been kind to me.

Aarvika Gupta

Running behind name, fame, money and achievement are not what life is about but having family and friends with you means happiness. We should value every single person and little things in life. So I have started working on my craft, analysed where I was going wrong and taking care of myself and my loved ones. I don’t have any reason to stay unhappy and stay away from negative thoughts. I am trying to be happy in the moment, pamper myself and my dear ones, dance, practise yoga, write, sing, meditate, play with kids, indulge in gardening to stay happy.