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Third Wave Scare; Possible Lockdown in India: Celebs raise concern around the third wave

Celebrities talk about the present situation, impending lockdown and if they are prepared to deal with the third wave:



Celebs raise concern around the third wave

With the Omicron variant raging havoc again, things are only getting grim. Given the surge in COVID cases, Celebrities talk about the present situation, impending lockdown and if they are prepared to deal with the third wave:

Harshali Zine


More people die in road accidents but are they stopping people from driving? A lot more people have been dying from diabetes and heart diseases as well. Are they stopping the supply of fast food, soda, drinks and other carcinogenic food items, are they making exercising mandatory or teaching how to build an immune system so that the body naturally heals itself. How many times they would want people to inject synthetic chemicals in their bodies. Also if you tell people that their bodies are capable of healing itself naturally if they adopt a better lifestyle they don’t believe you.

People don’t want to change their lifestyle and want to be dependent on synthetic chemicals that are doing the opposite of building an immune system. Viruses were always there and will always be there and our bodies are capable of fighting it on its own if we adopt a better lifestyle. Whether lockdown is essential or not, I would say, if people want to be dependent upon the government to take care of them, then that’s what the government is doing,  taking care of them by imposing lockdown and making booster shots mandatory. I’m more than prepared. I am even prepared for zombie warfare, alien attack, asteroid strike etc.

Reyen Eyes

It’s sad but we have to be responsible and follow the guidelines. We have to meet our responsibilities as a citizen, so that neither our fellow citizens, nor the economy, nor we ourselves suffer the consequences. It’s difficult to prepare for another lockdown because I learn by going out and experiencing. But I am lucky that it doesn’t change my plans a lot. I will be working on my next album.

Salim Diwan


Nobody wants lockdown at this stage but still if the cases rise, likewise then lockdown is the way to control it. I have been at home for the last two days as I have a fever and cold. So I got myself tested and RT PCR and other blood tests, thankfully all the reports came perfect. It’s all negative but still my doctor has suggested me to stay at home.

Vaishalee Thakkar

What needs to be done for us and our fellow citizens must be done. We all should abide by the decision for our own betterment. One needs to follow the guidelines given by the government. We all have to together face the situation realistically.

Vijayendra Kumeria

Safety comes first. We all know that if the situation goes out of control then lockdown is the last resort. No one wants a lockdown but to avoid that we all will have to be cautious. I hope people who have started being too relaxed when it comes to precautionary measures should start taking things seriously to lower down the rate of rising cases. We all have to be responsible citizens. I am mentally trying to prepare myself for the lockdown but it’s the last thing that should happen.

Pragati Mehra


I am no authority to really speak on how to control this situation. Though from the past it’s been clear that complete or partial lockdown didn’t stop the spread the first or the second time. So lockdown really doesn’t achieve anything but only makes people resentful. We lack self-discipline and responsibility. As for me being prepared, yes I am ok to sit at home if a lockdown is imposed.

Angad Hasija

I pray that Lockdown does not happen because already people are going through a tough phase. People should get particular about the timings and take precautions. Imposing a lockdown would create problems. The entertainment industry has already suffered and is trying to be back on its feet. We have learned to live with pandemic and we surely will fight it out.

Sham Mashalkar

We actually don’t need a lockdown. Mostly now everybody is double vaccinated and herd immunity has developed. Imposing a lockdown will affect the nation’s immunity. In the first lockdown, many lower-class people suffered, in the second one the middle-class suffered, now if this lockdown is imposed then each and every individual will severely get affected. Lockdown is not the solution, everyone should wear masks and follow social distancing. Night curfews can be followed, parties and rallies can be stopped, but complete lockdown will do no good. Everyone should follow precautionary measures.

Hasan Zaidi

Nobody really is ready for a lockdown, it’s never a pleasant situation. I think it is not that fatal as everybody is going to get it again because it’s more like a flu, so probably the better idea is to develop antibodies. At times, I think it’s nature’s way of giving us a shot. For the people who are really suffering and their immunity is really down should take more care. In fact, everybody should take care of their health as well.  But in terms of the economics, where we are as a country, in terms of where we are as households, I think we all need to be vigilant but keep working. I’m really hoping it’s not a lockdown where one’s daily livelihood is really suppressed but apart from that i just want to wish everyone best of luck and let’s ride this wave like we’ve done with the other two waves.