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What does Independence Day mean to me today in 2021? Celebs answer

Vraddhi Sharma, Hemant Choudhary, Hema Sharma, Vikrant Rai, Madhushri talk about what independence day means to them



Vraddhi Sharma, Hemant Choudhary, Hema Sharma

Compiled by Jyothi Venkatesh



Independence is very important for all of us. In 1947 on 15th August India got independence, and from then onwards on 15th August we all celebrate Independence Day in our country India, as it is the biggest day for India and Indian citizens. I value Independence in my life a lot,  and the has drastically changed and everyone even females today want to stand on their feet and become independent and now  children no more want to depend on their parents for long and many of the wives also don’t want to depend on husband,  and want to work on their independent thought.Ii personally really appreciate such independence and I am very independent with my thoughts and life. I like to make my own decisions in my life and personally feel everyone has got his or her own thoughts and perception towards their life. Everyone has different perceptions and ideas and everyone should be appreciated if they set out to represent themselves as individuals. Lastly I would like to pay my tribute and salute all the freedom fighters who fought for our country for independence and it is only  because of them we are enjoying an independent country now .. Jai Hind!

HEMANT CHOUDHARY (Film, TV, Web Series Actor)


Independence means everything to me, as I mean my identity as an individual Indian is all because of the very word Independence only, our existence our Indian-ness is all because of that, and we are an independent nation and a proud Indian only because we are Independent. Let’s not forget the sacrifices of our great leaders, who have given their lives for our nation, as today we walk as a proud Indian only because of their immense sacrifices. I pray to the Almighty the dream of making India Sone Ki Chidiya (it used to be) comes true and our India again becomes Vishwaguru. This is my dream too and I have kept it in my heart.

There is a saying when we get things without any effort, we don’t appreciate it , and couldn’t understand its value, the same thing is happening today in our country , i won’t say most people of this country but unfortunately few people don’t value the importance of our hard earned independence from the jaw of British.My only humble request to my fellow Indians  is to please be a proud Indian like a proud Japanese , and be grateful to our freedom fighters, who fought the toughest battle to get independence of India, because of them we are standing tall as independent Indians. Jai Hind! Hai Bharat!

VIKRANT RAI (Film & Web Series Actor)


Coming from a military family background, I was born and brought up in a different environment unlike a civilian environment. Since childhood seeing our fathers and uncles and everybody around us in uniforms daily, we could think of nothing but to join the armed forces one day and serve our country. My father retired at the rank of Commander (Cdr) from the Indian Navy and my brother is currently a serving Commander and a pilot in the Indian Navy. But not everyone knows that I am the first person in my family to have cleared NDA exams after my school. And I went to Bengaluru to face the services selection board (SSB). Unlike my family my choice of force was Indian Army and later aimed to join the Para SF branch of Army. Despite clearing all the hurdles, fate had other plans and I ended up becoming an actor. Today what I see everywhere is that on every independence day people start playing patriotic songs loudly at their premises mostly from legendary actor Manoj Kumar movies and then continue with their daily life activities without understanding the real meaning of independence day.

Spitting on roads, urinating & defecating in the open anywhere on roads, throwing garbage and littering around, breaking signals with Indian flags mounted on their vehicles are some of those activities we Indians are famous for. I believe supreme sacrifice is sacrificing your life for your country. Our freedom fighters did not lay down their life for this kind of freedom and independence. I believe that as citizens of this country we must give our independence its true meaning by following the rules and laws of our country, by not littering, by not spitting, by not fighting among ourselves in the name of religion, because our land, sea and sky borders are secured by soldiers of all religion in Army, Navy and Air force. We must change our attitude. Then only we will be able to achieve the true meaning of our independence day. Simply playing patriotic songs on one day a year won’t do.

HEMA SHARMA (Film , TV & Web Series Actress)


August 15 is celebrated as the independence day of our country. Celebrated as a National day by the people of India to commemorate the Independence from Britain, we the people of India pay Healthy tribute to the great leaders whom India became free forever. It is celebrated to commemorate our war heroes like Mahatma Gandhi, Lala Lajpat Rai, Subhash Chandra Bose and many others. This year, in 2021 we are going to Celebrate 75th Independence Day. The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has sought Suggestions from people of his country regarding the subject of his speech.Every year on this Independence Day our government invites some people from other countries as the chief guest on the Independence Day .The celebrations are marked in New Delhi. On this day all the national, state and local government offices, post offices , banks, businesses organization, etc are closed. In states, Chief Ministers unfurl the flag and address the people.

The National flag is also hosted in many schools and colleges. The National Anthem is sung, speeches are given, and sweets are distributed among all. Many activities, songs, dance and play etc are performed by the teachers and students. The day also showcases the country’s social, political and economical developments to the world. In spite of the recent deadly Covid 19 pandemic, we as a Nation have stood one and have successfully been able to vaccinate more than 40 percent of the world’s second populous Nation.On a large scale we have been successful in the vaccination drive and have been able to make Vaccination in India. The recent Olympic Medal tally by our sportsmen has added to our feather one more cap by showing to the world our capabilities.The day is not just a ritual but we must endeavor to be patriotic like the people who fought for the freedom of our country. It becomes our duty to protect the freedom of our country and help the poor who are still not free from poverty, hunger and slavery. Freedom has brought cheers to each and every Indian

MADHUSHRI (Playback Singer)


For me freedom is the most important thing. It’s our privilege of being born in a free India. We are the largest democracy in the world today. We got our sweet freedom on 15th August. It’s the day to celebrate our freedom and also pay tribute to the freedom fighters, who lost their lives for setting India free. It’s our responsibility as proud citizens of our country to sincerely perform our duty and progress together for the growth and development. As a singer I believe music plays a very vital role , and hence it’s my duty to bring about peace and happiness in the world through my music .

Gaurav Singh


Independence Day reminds me that every thing can not be taken for granted. It’s a day to remember the freedom fighters who had shed blood for their motherland and gave us  the pleasure of freedom. It was our disunity between states that helped Britishers to expand in India and it was our unity to fight against British Raj that gave us our freedom. Independence Day is a reminder that we should unite as a country and rise above our political and religious differences. A day that gives every Indian a feeling of brotherhood and pride and to keep on  the love for India Alive. Jai Hind