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Aamir Khan and other actors flock to cinema upon reopening

Within 24 hours of the cinema reopening announcement by the Maharashtra Government, we saw the bombardment of announcements of release dates.



Aamir Khan

By Jyothi Venkatesh

The opening of cinemas in Maharashtra brought a cheer to the face of cinema lovers. This year, cinema operations came to a halt from April due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Hollywood releases gave the trade the much-needed oxygen that it was gasping for as moviegoers have started returning to the big screen. Within 24 hours of the cinema reopening announcement by the Maharashtra Government, we saw the bombardment of announcements of release dates. Our Bollywood, TV, and Web actors expressed excitement and flocked to the screens as it reopened, and here is what they said:

Aamir Khan

It is a matter of great happiness that the cinemas have finally opened in Maharashtra. All of us were waiting eagerly for this. There are a lot of big films lined up for release.  Wishing everybody great luck.

Ritvik Dhanjani

“What a beautiful feeling. I am completely overwhelmed. I still can’t process the fact that our cinemas have finally opened. We are back to Normal. We can come back to the theatres and watch a movie. It’s an overwhelming feeling. I am so happy.

Nandish Sandhu

It’s a great experience to be back at the cinemas. We were all waiting to come back to the theatres. I have come back after 1.5 years. The experience has just been so wonderful. Sometimes we take it for granted. You know like going to theatres. But we forget this whole experience. of watching the movie on the big screen is out of the world. And now after watching movies and shows at home on TV for a year and a half and now coming back to the theatres is a treat.

Preeti Jhangiani

There are amazing safety measures everywhere in the theatres. I am sure everyone will feel safe coming back to watch movies. It is a fantastic experience.

Aishwarya Sakhuja

Coming back to the movies is like a bag of mixed emotions. I feel as I was never away but seeing the movie on a big screen I realise that I am not used to it anymore. I am so glad that theatres are opening up, cinema is opening up, We will be able to see these movies on the big screen, where they deserve to be seen. Ecstatic.

Milap Zaveri

It is so good to be back to the movie. It is absolutely great. I was missing the smell of popcorns and the audi seat. I would request everybody to come to the theatres to watch the movies. It is absolutely safe. Theatres are following all the SoPs. Everything is wonderful.

Daisy Bopanna

So Suddenly the screen feels like nostalgia. It’s like something of the past. Complete nostalgia where we use to come to theatres to watch the movie. Its a lovely feeling actually.

Shreyas Puranik and Aishwarya Bhandari

Shreyas- I am so happy. To be out of our OTT platforms and home theatres. FInally good to be back.

Aishwarya – Yeah. and the great sound, The great cinematic experience. Now that the theatres have opened up I think everybody would want to come back to it. I am so glad to tell you all that it is all safe. People are taking good care. The theatres are following all the safety precautions.

Iqbal Khan

I am really happy because everything else in Mumbai was functioning except the theatres. I was really missing the magic of going and watching a movie on the big screen. It s a different experience.

Harshali Zine

I am watching a film in the theatres after more than 2 years. It is great. It’s like a whole new world. It is a beyond great experinece.

Abhilash Kumar

I had a crazy experience. We have all been waiting for the past 2 years for the theatres to open. I had an amazing time watching the movie. It is so much fun.

Aahana Kumra

I am very excited. This is my profession. It’s my job. I am so excited to be back. It is nice to watch a movie in a theatre, in a Dolby. Not watching it on a laptop sitting at home. It’s exciting. It has its own charm.
Welcome back to the cinema

Nidhi Uttam

It is actually thrilling. I had never imagined that theatres would open so soon. But I am so impressed by the way theatres have bounced back. Things are so sorted out here. I am so excited to go back to the screen and watch the films. It is going to be amazing.

Ankur Rathee

It’s a wonderful feeling. I am visiting a theatre after such a long time. It’s been 2.5 years. I loved it.

Sandeep Anand

Cinema is a totally different experience. Cinema is CInema, There is no substitute for it. No home theatres can be compared to the experience of watching a movie in a cinema hall. It is a complete experience in itself. I got so emotional while entering the cinema audi again. I have always been a cinema lover. Therefore I am in this field. Watching a cinema after such a long period. It is a delight for me.